Ten Years Of EOS Lip Balms

It seems just like yesterday when EOS came onto the scene as a new skincare company. Evolution Of Smooth truly evolved the entire world of skincare. They have a focus on creating products that would essentially hydrate and smooth skin. Staying committed to something skin allowed the company to generate a profitable and big business for themselves. 

The celebration has begun for EOS’s ten year anniversary. What better way to celebrate than to create more products. They are dishing out dozens of new products to celebrate their ten year birthday. These products will be available until October. New lip balms will also be apart of this new ten year collection.

The lip balms from EOS has made the company legendary. Their lip balms are hydrating, always smelling great and will heal any type of lip issues. Their lip balms help treat cracked lips, dry lips or lips simply needing moisture. 

Making it ten years in the skincare industry is almost unheard of. But EOS is doing a fine job of this. They are excited that they have had loyal customers for an entire decade. Because of their loyalty they are offering thirty five total new products to the Evolution Of Smooth family. 

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EOS: Lip Care Game Changer

Evolution of Smooth lip care products aim at providing an efficient and consistently pleasurable experience. Sanjiv Mehrer, Jonathan Teller, and Craig Dubitsky created a company that went from start-up to the second best selling lip-care company in a little over seven years. Today the company is worth over $250 Million. EOS is keen on using hypoallergenic, dermatological tested and gluten free ingredients along with Shea butter, jojoba oil, and antioxidant vitamins.

Products are not tested on animals, and neither does EOS hire third parties to do the same on their behalf. Instead, to ensure the products are safe, rigorous testing is done by in-house scientists and more by independent labs. The founders did not want to create something that was only going to be around for a while. They wanted to create a product that world revolutionalize the industry hence the innovative designs. The little spheres have gained popularity among the millennial generation since they first appeared on Walmart shelves. The EOS aims at coming up with innovations so that clients may have a constant stream of new products on the shelves. Check out this site for more, blogwebpedia.com.


Appreciate Flavors of Smooth

EOS provides more flavor choices than a fro-yo point, each flavor consisting of a special blend of ingredients for different lip care needs. For broad spectrum protection and hydrating sunscreen, Active Protection Smooth Sphere comes in two refreshing citrus variants; Lemon and fresh grapefruit. The smooth organic spheres moisten and soften lips making them sensually smooth in fruity options such as tangy passion fruit and pomegranate raspberry. See youtube.com to view more.


Most Interesting Bit

If one is feeling a little naughty, they can enhance their lips with shimmer in sheer pink and pearl. Lips can also be nourished to softness one can see and feel in three exciting flavors; vanilla mint, coconut and blackberry nectar. The objective of Evolution of Smooth is to provide lip balm that makes one smile; they have more than delivered on that promise.


View https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C0avkr4IdtM for more great info.