Yeonmi Park Highlights Her Journey to Freedom Through her New Book

Recently, In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom, a book written by Yeonmi Park was released to the market. In many occasions, she has delivered speeches and talked about her life and the deteriorating situation in North Korea. The book captures this information and gives an in depth picture of her struggles. The book intimately reveals the destructive details of the stifled society that she grew in North Korea and the bitter situations she had to go through in her bid to escape.
She narrates that in many occasions she would go without food. Yeonmi Park believed that the country’s dictator could read her mind because that is what she was taught. She notes that her father was imprisoned and handed heavy punishment by the regime for his dealings in the black market. In the book, Yeonmi highlights that when she was escaping she was not after freedom. This is because at the time she did not know what freedom was. She only knew that together with her family, they had to escape or die from diseases and starvation.
The book highlights the oppression that the North Korean people face to date. It also tells of the painful and humiliating things Yeonmi Park and her Mother had to go through before enjoying their freedom. Additionally, the book shows how strong she is having survived all the pain in her quest for a better life.
Yeonmi Park and her family used to live in the Heysan region of North Korea before she escaped to South Korea. Yeonmi and her mother were able to cross the Chinese border through the help of Chinese human traffickers who later sold them to slavery. Her time in China was not pleasant either because she had no legal papers. This situation forced them to be on the run to avoid being caught by the authorities. Her father died in China and she could not give him a proper burial since they were not citizens. Yeonmi and her mother also lost contact with her sister, Eunmi, who had earlier crossed to China. Despite the hardship she went through, she was finally able to reach South Korea where she currently lives with her mother.
Yeonmi has become the voice of the oppressed not only in North Korea but across the world. Her story has served as an inspiration to many. Yeonmi is actively engaged as a human rights activist. She has attended many forums across the world where she has delivered emotional speeches. She continues to highlight the plight of the North Korean people to the rest of the world, a factor that has made her the most hated person by the current North Korean Regime. Yeonmi Park has been featured in various international media houses that include youngvoicesadvocates and VOA among others.