Talkspace Helps People Change Their Minds About Therapy

Talkspace is getting a lot of attention because it is an app that can truly change the culture of app technology. This cannot be said for many of the apps that are surfacing today. It is only every blue moon that an app comes along that totally revolutionizes what is happening with apps. Facebook was one of these types of apps. Everything else under the social media cloud is just another variation of what Facebook originally created.

For dating apps some people may say that Tinder was the app that revolutionize dating apps for the millennial generation.

Now that app therapy is the next new thing in app technology it appears that Talkspace is the pioneer that is going to get the credit for making people aware of the possibilities that come with text based therapy. When people consider what traditional therapy offers it may be difficult to even conceptualize how something like therapy through text messaging can even exist.

People that are extremely shy and unable to connect with counselors on a regular basis in person may see this as a great opportunity. All of those that may have never considered how they could talk to someone in person maybe a lot less apprehensive to do so with texting.

This is definitely what the founders of the Talkspace app are assuming. They believe that more people are going to be in tune with texting for therapy because text messages have become so much more common than actually talking to friends and family by phone.

People that are texting will usually find it is easy to send messages back and forth while doing other things. This concept of multitasking makes people much more inclined to consider this as a viable option for therapy that they may have bypassed otherwise.