How Kabbalah Can Help You Connect With Family and Friends

Want to make your connections with the world, the universe, with God, with religion and with other people deeper? Kabbalah is a tool that is being used by so many people around the world to help them do exactly that. It is a spiritual way of finding the deeper meaning and the soul that exists in everyone, everything and every action. Although Kabbalah focuses a lot on the spiritual, it doesn’t mean you should not be involved in physical life. It’s actually the opposite of what Kabbalah teaches. Kabbalah teaches you how to be involved in the physical world and yet find a deeper meaning in everything physical.

Kabbalah even teaches you not to abstain from worldly pleasures. This is unlike some other religious teachings. If you don’t abstain, according to Kabbalah, you can find a deeper meaning in your pleasures. For example, you can find a deeper meaning in food by connecting with your family over dinner. On the other hand, food should be to be healthy. It is not something that you should use in order to overindulge yourself too much. In fact, you can even find a deeper meaning in your clothes and in getting dressed every morning. You can find a deeper meaning in virtually everything.

One of the best places to learn Kabbalah is at the Kabbalah Centre. It is located in Los Angeles and provides classes in all sorts of Kabbalah works, including the famous Zohar. Rabbi Philip Berg directs the centre with his wife, Karen.

Knowing Hebrew is not required to start learning Kabbalah at the Kabbalah Centre. It is quite unique in that regard. The Kabbalah Centre does not believe that Kabbalah is a replacement for any religion, just that it supplements it. Many passages of the Bible have unique translations according to Kabbalah.

To know more visit Kabbalah Centre International – YouTube channel