John Goullet Blends Technology And Job Services Into One Company  

What many people look for today in the job market is assistance from a staffing company that has good connections in the area job market. A lot of jobs are no longer advertised through what would be considered traditional mediums. The local newspaper, local television, and local radio stations use to dominate the advertisement of new jobs in many cities. However, times have changed and the way many companies advertise new jobs has changed with the times.

One of the ways that many companies are publicizing new jobs is through staffing companies that provide a variety of job services. There are numerous reasons why companies advertise new jobs through staffing companies. A primary reason is because the companies can allow the staffing companies to handle the vast amount of the work related to filling the jobs. The staffing companies can do the initial testing, interviewing, background checks, and other tasks related to filling jobs.

Also, staffing companies can serve as the initial source of temporary hires for companies, which has become a trend in many business sectors. By using staffing companies as the initial source of temporary workers, companies can avoid the need to hire people on as permanent employees until the companies are sure that the temporary people will work out favorably. This reduces cost associated with employees such as insurance. John at Facebook .

In this new age of the job market, Diversant has taken a step to standout from the crowd in the staffing industry. John Goullet runs Diversant. A seasoned veteran in the business world, John Goullet has been a top-level executive for several decades. He is the founder and CEO of Info Technology where he guided the technology company to great success.

John Goullet brings a unique blend of experience, expertise, and talent to Diversant. He knows how to run a successful company, and he has vast experience in the technology industry. This combination is one of the primary reasons why Diversant core job services are centered on the IT industry. Diversant provides job services to IT professionals seeking jobs and IT companies that are attempting to find qualified IT professionals to hire.