Insurance Executive Peter Harris Explains How He Grew CBL Using Innovative Strategies

Peter Harris is an international businessman who resides in Auckland, New Zealand. He began his career working as a chartered accountant. In 1989, he became the finance director and shareholder of Boston Marks Group Ltd. After a four-year stint at General Capital Ltd. as its chief executive officer, he joined CBL in 1996. He was named CEO and managing director of the insurance firm in 2007.

Under his leadership, CBL became the largest insurance firm based in New Zealand. It had clients around the world, including Malaysia and France. Its financial health was rated as A-(Excellent) by the international rating frim AM Best. CBL was earning more than $400 million a year in 2018. Peter Harris was recognized with multiple accolades, such as the EY Awards naming him “Entrepreneur of the Year.”

In 2018, French insurers unfairly targeted CBL. Peter Harris explains this resulted in the Reserve Bank of New Zealand (RBNZ) investigating his company. RBNZ assigned an inexperienced liquidator to the case, which resulted in Peter Harris and his fellow shareholder Alistair Hutchison losing what they had built up over the years. Peter Harris has been working to make sure all of his company’s residual creditors and policyholders are taken care of.

Earlier in his career, Peter Harris realized that a great profit could be attained by taking on more risk than most banks. He saw the risks could be mitigated through innovations. This included surety solutions, guarantees, and credit enhancements. He put the plan into action in 1996 after buying an insurance company. It was a small business, but Peter Harris and his business partner saw enormous potential.

Peter Harris recalls that they realized they would need to expand internationally to be truly successful as New Zealand had a population of just four million people. They sought clients and opportunities overseas, including in Asia and Europe. This coincided with the rise of the internet and email making it far easier to do business on a global scale. He put the long-term good of the company over short-term results, a strategy that paid off in two years as the company became profitable and had tremendous growth.

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Growing The Oil Industry With GPB Global Resources

Boris Ivanov started the company GPB Global Resources with the hopes of being successful in the oil industry. He knows that the oil industry is something that is going to be around forever because people are always going to need oil to live. There are many oil fields all across the world that have yet to be discovered yet. Ivanov is hopeful with GPB Global Resources he will be able to find all of the oil fields that have not been discovered yet and discover them himself.

Ever since GPB has jumped into the business they have been working hard at expanding their business all across the world. They have been working at finding more and more oil fields that need exploring. GPB is one of the biggest oil exploration companies found across the world today.

When Boris Ivanov started the business he never dreamed that it would grow so quickly into such a huge success. He is very proud and excited of how far they have come. He knows that they will not be slowing down any time soon. That really the business is just getting started.

They are very excited about how many oil fields they will be able to find and discover. GPB Global Resources is a huge business that is only going to keep growing bigger. They know that the future is not promised and you cannot predict what is going to happen in the future, but they do know that they are going to keep progressing their business as far as they can go with it. GPB Global Resources is going to continue working hard for many more years to come. They cannot wait to see what the future has in store for their business and they know that they have a very bright future ahead of them.

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Andrey Andreev Insights on Pursuing New Ventures

Andrey Andreev, a Russian entrepreneur, has been key to building successful online dating apps, such as Badoo which is one of the largest dating sites. Andrey Andreev is the founder of Badoo. Badoo cuts across more than 190 countries with over 47 languages and 377 million users. 

Defining a path to success, according to Andrey Andreev, involves modeling opportunities essential for success. As a child, Andrey Andreev played with technology-related toys, thus developing an interest in this field as he interacted with technology from a young age. His passion did not stem from formal schooling rather than a passion for technology. Andrey Andreev dropped out of college and traveled to Europe, where he gained insights in online business as he was exposed to people from different walks of life (Successstory). 

Andrey Andreev Early Entrepreneurial Ventures

Although Andrey Andreev is known for his success currently, his first companies focus on other paths of success such as selling computers and related accessories. Unfortunately, these businesses did not succeed, but that did not kill his entrepreneurial spirit. Andrey Andreev later ventured into the creation of the first freemium dating site Mamba and Badoo.

His dating and social sites are focussed on meeting people and creating ties by connecting users, Andrey Andreev says that one of his aims is helping people find romantic partners and friends online. Badoo currently has Andre´s new campaign “honest dating” which focuses on being real. When you create a real connection, there is a high chance of building a lasting relationship and meaningful connection. 

Andrey Advises Entrepreneurs to Take Risks 

Andrey Andreev pursues new adventures as a businessperson, which has made his companies to monetize product range in businesses. What might have worked in the past in industry might not work for the current business as there are rapid changes in businesses over time? One ought to analyze business ventures before they take an investment to cushion against losses. Andrey Andreev says that for one to stay relevant in any business, they have to be flexible to any changes that occur in the business world. Business is all about taking risks, but the risks should be well calculated to avoid losses in the prospects of the business. 

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The Oxford Club Uses Networking to Find Choice Investments

The Oxford Club has one simple and yet profound mission and that is to help their members grow and protect wealth at a faster than average rate. This private network of investors and entrepreneurs all pull in the same direction and help each other out in the process. Most investors are happy when their returns equal the benchmark or something close to it. The excellent research products that club members have access to is often the catalyst that leads to outpacing the general markets.

One of the main avenues in which The Oxford Club gives its members an edge in their investments are the three-monthly newsletters that they produce. This enables them to access an expert’s market analysis and numerous trading ideas as well. Analyzing the health of current trends and spotlighting those beginning to emerge are also included as well as model portfolios.

Trading advisory services are also a big part of the comprehensive market research that The Oxford Club engages in. With these products, savvy traders who are also top-notch researchers highlight some of the best potential setups that could boost one’s portfolio. There are 12 of them and they each deal with different niches such as the options market.

The Oxford Club does more than just provide an expert’s point of view on trading and investing. Networking is encouraged and provides great opportunities for members to pool their collective knowledge and pick the brains of talented financial professionals. They regularly host conferences in desirable locations where members can vacation while they deepen their market knowledge and investing IQ.

The innovation behind the founding of The Oxford Club was their method of finding the greatest potential in the markets. The initial small circle of investors utilized their personal contacts as a primary means of finding strong market trends in their nascent stage. This is still employed today and features prominently in many of their publications.

The varying membership levels of The Oxford Club have something for everyone and each provides access to their expert research staff. Financial freedom may seem like an impossibility for many investors, however, The Oxford Club makes it a distinct possibility quicker than many realize.

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Wes Edens Propels Global Change with New Fortress Energy

Wes Edens Principal and Co-Chief Executive Officer of Fortress Investment Group is a successful businessman and shrewd investor and is propelling global change within the energy sector with the formation of New Fortress Energy.

New Fortress Energy is a subsidiary of Fortress Investment Group and was formed to provide technologically innovative approaches to create renewable clean energy and transition the world energy infrastructure into a cleaner and environmentally friendly industry. In fact, Wes Edens and New Fortress Energy have created a clean energy plant in Miami, Florida that produces energy from liquefied natural gas.Wes Edens has provided key intellectual and passionate guidance in establishing the business development and marketing of this new pioneer company within Fortress Investment Group.

Wes Edens has a passion for providing a legacy of pushing the world forward into a more environmentally friendly energy producer by providing alternatives to the current status quo in energy generation. Furthermore, Wes Edens has helped to pioneer a partnership with Jamaica to establish one of the natural gas plants within that nation and began producing clean renewable energy at a reduced cost for the country.

There are several opportunities for technological advancement within the renewable energy and clean energy sectors that is still under development and are advancing exponentially each year to create innovative solutions in energy production. Wes Edens has shown a track record of producing strong capital advancement in companies and has become one of the more respected and shrewd intellectual investors in the alternative asset category and develop an understanding of analytical and evaluation techniques to create opportunities to reap profitable returns on investment. Wes Edens was educated at Oregon State University where he received a Bachelor of Science in Finance and his Master’s in Business Administration as well.

He began his career at Lehman Brothers where he quickly transitioned into partner and managing director and sat on several committees that produced extremely high rates of return on his investment portfolios. In 1998 Wes Edens partnered with five other successful investors and founded the Fortress Investment Group and quickly became one of the leading alternative asset investment firms in the world. Fortress Investment Group specializes in alternative asset categories including private equity, real estate, infrastructure, credit, and other alternative investment vehicles.

Fortress Investment Group creates opportunities for lucrative returns on investment by quickly evaluating opportunities within distressed and underperforming or non-performing assets and illiquid credit investments. By establishing a clear technical approach to evaluating asset classes, they have developed key insight and analytical skills to create lucrative investment decisions.

Fortress Investment Group has over $35 billion dollars in assets under management for its more than 1750 institutional and individual clients from around the globe. Wes Edens continues to provide leadership and analytical intellect to produce stable long-term growth for Fortress Investment Group and provide a blueprint to continue their unparalleled success into the future. With the New Fortress Energy creation, Wes Edens is propelling the world’s transition into clean and renewable energy sources and providing a more environmentally safe planet for future generations.

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Schneider: An Intro. Male Businessman and Philanthropist

Jeffrey Schneider is a male entrepreneur and philanthropist as well as the current founder and CEO of Ascendent Capital LLC. His company has raised around $1 billion to help in growth and has many years of experience in the realm of alternate investments. He has previously worked for Merrill Lynch, Smith Barney and Alex Brown. His many philanthropic organizational efforts have included donating money and services to organizations the likes of: Wonders and Worries, The Gazelle Foundation, The Cherokee Home for Children and God Loves, We Deliver.

Jeffry Schneider

In addition to founding ascendant capital in 2008 and running it for nine years straight as a top player, he has also founded: Alternative Investments in 2006, Paradigm Global Advisors in 2004 and Axiom Capital Management in 2002. He acquired numerous skills, resources, knowledge bases and expertise in all subject matters relating to equities funds, investments, securities markets of capital and even private placements. He devoted himself to these fields of expertise early on during his undergraduate days at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst.

Below is a preview of what LinkedIn members say about him.

Jeffrey Schneider, founder of Onyx capital is one of the most creative people I know. He exudes enthusiasm for the alternative investment space and a commitment to make high opportunity investments available outside of the realm of just the institutional investors.” ( pg. 1, bottom of page)

Vimeo Page and More
Jeffrey Schneider’s Vimeo page has 10 unique videos and 28 likes already, with more in time to come. He also owns a Twitter page and a LinkedIn page for the business. A U.S. brokerage firm, private market sectors and private banks are some of Mr. Schneider’s top specialties. In the last five years alone, Ascendant Capital, LLC has grown more than it ever has under Mr. Schneider’s leadership capabilities. Both he and his team have worked effortlessly to raise over $1 billion.

Schneider now works with over 50 brokers and over 200 investment advisors. They expect to raise up to $50 million every month in this new year alone. Here’s hoping.

A Side To Highland Capital You’ve Never Seen

If you mention the company Highland Capital Management to people, they’ll think of its reputation as a formidable investment advisement company. They are an active company, with close to $16 billion in assets. They represent entire public pension plans, foundations, endowments, fund of funds, governments, and high-net-worth individuals. They are successful at what they do, and many people make a lot of money with their advice. But there is another side to Highland Capital; they have a long-term commitment to caring about and investing in their community.


Highland Capital Believes in Local Investment

Highland Capital founded the Highland Dallas Foundation as their charitable giving arm. They believe in supporting their local communities and institutions. James Dondero and Mark Okada, the founders of Highland Capital Management, both have strong ties to the Dallas community and commit a great deal of their time and resources to local organizations.

Recently, Highland Capital teamed with the Dallas Foundation to manage Highland Foundation’s $3 million annual giving budget. Additionally, Highland Foundation issued a $1 million dollar challenge fund to benefit the Dallas-based The Family Place. The Family Place is Dallas’ leading organization for assistance to victims of family violence. The Highland Foundation will match 50% of all donations up to $1 million dollars. The goal is to help The Family Place build the Ann Moody Counseling Center, a one-stop source of support for victims of family violence.


Highland Capital Management

Highland Capital Management is a successful capital management firm specializing in collateralized loan obligations, credit hedge funds, long/short equities, and emerging markets. Found in 2005 by James Dondero and Mark Okada, the company has offices in Dallas, New York, Sao Paolo, Singapore, and Seoul.