Putin’s Plan To Save Russia

The EU finds itself in the midst of a number of crisis. These crisis, if met one at a time are very easy to deal with. The problem is that these are all confronting the EU at the same time and are beginning to become overwhelming. These are the observations of George Soros.
Migration of people from one country to another is posing the greatest issue to the European Union. As pleas go out to the countries of Europe for aid and economic relief, Russia appears to be stepping up to the plate. Putin has launched a number of offensive measures on ISIS in order to try to stop the terrorism and violence which is making people flee from their lands.

The question, as Soros asks it, is whether Putin is doing this to help the world or himself. Soros is an immigrant himself. He fled from Nazi occupied Hungary during world war 2. Having fled to England he chose to stay and get his degree in Economics at London University. Later relocating to the United States and becoming a very rich hedge fund manager.

Putin is facing bankruptcy. As oil prices drop and the debts of Russia nears 7% of their GDP, Putin has to do something to save face with his fellow countrymen. While his approval rating is exceedingly high right now, he has some promises to make good on to stay there.

Foreign debt is becoming mature this upcoming year, and that means payments will be due. What is more is that the many sanctions imposed upon him for his actions in the Ukraine are hurting the economy and the government coffers. If the EU happens to collapse, this will bring great relief for Putin and the Russian people.

Soros believes that a little help from Putin in causing the collapse of the EU is what is happening. If the EU collapses it is more than probable that the sanctions against Russia will be forgotten. Putin stands to gain monetarily through the many friends he has made if the EU falls into despair.

Putin has declared that he is solely trying to protect the people of Russia and the world by launching these many offensives. The problem is that while this is what he says, his actions prove a whole different set of facts. The areas he is bombing are areas that are heavy laden with civilians, women and children. He is doing little to eradicate the presence of ISIS.

He is also not readily accepting immigrants into Russia. This forces the immigrants to flood the other European countries causing them both economic hardship and overcrowding. There have been many issues with acts of violence where these immigrants have been crowded in together in small encampments. Is Putin really helping Europe, or just himself?