Securus Technologies Fighting to Protect Corrections Officers

Each time that I have to get suited up to head to work as a corrections officer in our local prison, I remind myself that these inmates are looking for any opportunity to hurt officers to gain favor within a gang or with their cellmates. This is a huge problem for me and my team of officers because we are already outnumbered severely, and now we have to be watching our backs in addition to all the other responsibilities that we have while we are working our shifts each day.


In an effort to try and gain an edge in a place where inmates have all the time in the world to try and game the system, we decided to turn to Securus Technologies for help. The company developed call monitoring systems that are being used in thousands of different jails around this country that scan inmate telephone calls and report instantly to officers. The big gain for my team is that we are no longer required to sit in the call center to try and decipher those inmate calls, we can get back to working the front lines while the LBS software is doing a better job scanning for any verbiage that we feel could lead to violent outburst.


Securus Technologies had been the key to my team locking down our facility, and this Dallas-based company and thousand employees are getting our backs every time we come to work now. If an inmate thinks that he can talk to his family about sneaking prescription drugs to the jail, we get an instant alert and make sure we are there that day to intercept the delivery. If an inmate has plans too make a weapon, start a fight, or give orders or get orders from gang members, we take action to stop any types of incidents that can result in someone getting hurt.


Securus Technologies Winner of Gold Stevie Award for Best Customer Service

One of the biggest and the most prominent companies in the correctional technology for the last three decades is Securus Technologies. The company provides a broad range of advanced products and services that ensure that the consumers in the prison industry have a lot of choices for their various requirements. The inmates may choose from the many different inmate communication services offered by the company.


Over the years, the services provided by the firm has gotten further refined and also more economical. Securus Technologies can dominate the industry mostly because of its focus on innovation and research. The company recently announced that it had invested over $600 million in developing advanced correctional products and services for inmate communication as well as for crime prevention.


The Chief Executive Officer at Securus Technologies has also announced in a press release recently that the existing, as well as the potential investors and customers, can visit the Technology Center of Securus Technologies based in Dallas. It would help the investors and customers to get an idea of the progress made by the company. Securus Technologies is one of the leading firms in the correctional industry, not only for its products and services but also for its customer service. There are many awards the company has won over the years and is also given the highest rating by the Better Business Bureau. The customer service of the company has also won the Gold Stevie Award.


Securus Technologies play a significant role in shaping the future of the correctional industry. For years, the company has played a vital role in devising new products and services for the inmates as well as the law enforcement officers, and it continues to do so with immense dedication, determination, and passion. It is what makes Securus Technologies a name to reckon with in the correctional industry.



How Securus Technologies Is Benefiting Both Its Users and Communities

Securus Technologies is a program of communications that one should not take for granted. It is offering a tremendous amount of opportunities for the parties who use it, which are inmates and their visitors. If you’re not quite sure about exactly what this wonderfully designed and engineered program is offering visitors, please don’t hesitate to visit the website, as it’s been designed to navigate within easily.


Securus Technologies offers visitors a form of communication in which they’re not required to physically visit the correctional facility where an inmate is confined in. Instead, they can simply communicate with them via methods of video conferencing from the comfort of their own living room, if that is where they prefer. This eliminates their needs of physically traveling to a correctional facility, as they can simply engage in a visitation session from the comfort of their own home.


If you are an inmate and would like to have your visitor visit you via methods of videoconferencing, then please feel free to refer them to the Securus Technologies website. The customer service representative are available to assist with any questions that you may have pertaining to both the visitor’s and your needs of utilizing the program.


If you’d like to learn more about Securus Technologies, there is a vast array of information which pertains to the program on its website. Be sure to see the menu in which correctional facilities that are currently offering the utilization of the program is listed. You may be happy to learn that the program is currently being offered at the correctional facility that you inmate is confined in today. It’s a program that has been engineered and created to serve both its users and the community, as it has also had a tremendous role of solving crimes due to law enforcement agencies having access to the conversations that take place within its communicative lines.


The Many Benefits Of Video Visitation By Securus

Securus Technologies is on a mission to let you know about video visitation. Video visitation is a technological innovation that allows prisoners to virtually visit with their families and friends. It works much like a video chat, but it would be shortsighted to equate this technology with a mirror video chat.


This technology allows prisons to set up an ergonomic schedule for visitation. Anybody trying to call an inmate can set up an account at the Securus website. The account is pretty simple and self-explanatory, allowing the user to request a video visitation time to their liking.


The requested time is then kicked to the prison. The prison either confirms, changes the time, or denies the video visitation. Either way, the user is notified virtually immediately. The video chat part of the service starts at the scheduled time when the user logs in to their Securus account.


The applications of this technology are far-reaching. This technology allows a family to bring an inmate into their lives intimately. Since the video chat can happen over any high-speed Internet connection using any capable electronic device, the video visit is portable. Families can bring inmate into their living rooms for children’s birthday parties, introduce an inmate to a new family pet, or allow an inmate to help a child with homework. This can all be done without leaving the comfort of the family’s home.


This technology is already connecting 160,000 people per month. Every year more people choose video visitation, and this year over 2 million people connected. The average cost of this technology is $2.72 per virtual visit.


This technology is leading the industry and making competitors jealous. Competitor companies are busy making up rumors about the technology, saying that families are forced to use it in lieu of physical visitation. The truth is families are choosing this technology over physical visitation.


Essential technologies to aid in reduction of inmate recidivism

The days of simply scheduling a visitation to physically visit a loved one that is incarcerated are changing for the better. Yes, a visit in person is still something that an inmate would still very much appreciate, but with the new technologies being used by many corrections facilities around the country it is now possible to do video visitation. I find it fascinating how technology is changing everything we do and also helps us to become more socially advanced as a society. 

Securus Technologies is the company that is pioneering this industry and helping to improve our jails and prison systems by introducing communication technologies. The leadership team at Securus works closely with correction facility admin to implement devices that allow inmates to communicate via the internet with their loved ones. These devices also help inmates schedule visitation, purchase items from the commissary, and check calendar dates for hearings and court proceedings. 

Recently Securus announced that their new video visitation App designed for Android and Apple devices had received over 65,000 downloads since release. This is obviously great news for their company, but I think it’s great news for the safety and order of our corrections facilities. Having technology like this will help inmates and their families to be in better communication. It’s not always possible for people to travel to visit their loved ones who may be placed in a facility far away. 

Rehabilitating our inmates and returning them to society to be productive members that give back is what our goal should be. Inmate communication technology can only help to reduce recidivism and help our corrections environments to be more friendly and organized. I think my opinion is being backed by the overwhelming acceptance of these technologies by the inmates, their families, and the officers that run these facilities. 

This free mobile App for video visitation can be downloaded on Google play or from the App store. It is a technology that helps families connect and enjoy special occasions together such as birthday’s, holiday’s, anniversary’s, and other important occurrences. Sometimes a phone call just doesn’t suffice and this type of technology can help our inmates stay focused on the important things like family that will ultimately decide their goals for the future.

Securus Techonologies is a completely separate entity than the Securus supplement and the Securus America website.