The New EOS Crystal Line is Here, Learn What is so Great About the New Line

EOS Lip Balm has always been a phenomenal product and they just made a huge announcement that will take their products to the next level. As of August 2017 they are launching a brand new product – EOS Crystal – across the world. Click and check more related stories.

Anyone that follows EOS, which stands for Evolution of Smooth, knows that they are highly selective about the products and flavors they launch. Prior to EOS Crystal launching they have launched two specific lines, EOS Visibly Soft is the first line and it is known for its extra soft and silky feel and its sweet swirly lines on the outside of the EOS orb. Following that, EOS launched a very well received EOS Active Protect line. This line was made for fun in the sun and gives users 80 minutes of SPF protection that is also sweat resistent – a staple for any girl’s summer beauty bag.

And now, here comes the latest and greatest from EOS – EOS Crystal, hop over to and browse products here.

Here’s what makes EOS Crystal so special: First, the flavors are sure to be absolutely amazing and sound good enough to eat. EOS is launching just two flavors Vanilla Orchid and Peach Hibiscus. Next, EOS has completely upgraded its whole circular packaging model. The new orbs will be ever so slightly slanted and not completely round. This is a major step for EOS that hasn’t changed its sphere lip balm shape since its inception. Next, EOS announced that the new balms will be completely clear i.e. the name meaning Crystal Clear. They are also totally wax free, which will be a treat for vegan fans everywhere. And finally, both new EOS Crystal orbs will have the addition of several succulent essential oils for another layer of smoothness for the lips.

Look for EOS Crystal everywhere beginning August 2017, see