Chris Burch’s Nihi Sumba Resort: The Five Star Resort on an isolated Indonesian Island

Chris Burch is the originator and the Chief Executive of Burch Creative Capital based in New York City. The firm manages project investments and product growth. He has a varied business background in an extensive range of industries like real estate, technology, and fashion. Burch kicked off his career while he was an undergraduate at Ithica College when he and his brother started the Eagle’s Eye apparel. Burch invested $2,000 to start the business which later grew to $165 million before selling it to the Swire Group, see ( Chris has an experience of almost 40 years as an investor as well as an entrepreneur. He has been positively involved in the growth of over 50 firms.


Chris Burch has invested in many universal as well as domestic real estates schemes. These schemes included the development of extravagance homes in Palm Beach, Florida, South Hampton and Nantucket. Chris then partnered with engineer Philippe Stark and proprietor Alan Faena to improve an unused portion of plot into the Faena Hotel, + Universe.


Recently, Burch partnered with a South African born hotelier James McBride to acquired and refurbish Nihiwatu which is a luxury resort in Sumba Island, Indonesia. In 2016, Nihiwatu resort was voted as the best hotel in the world by the readers of the Travel and Leisure Magazines posted on This was as a result of the Sumba foundation which is enthusiastic about eradicating poverty, humanizing basic health and increase learning for the residents of Sumba Island. The foundation has projects like caring for their Elevator Island and funding lunch for local children through the profits from the resort.


The resort’s guest get the knowledge that apart from enjoying the tranquility of the week in the delight, their money is also making a great difference in the lives of the community. This means that the vacation has constructive impacts. Apart from this, the resort offers surfing classes, yoga, short hikes to local waterfalls, and equine activities.


Nihiwatu has 27 private villas which include Chris Burch’s private home, Raja Mendaka. In several interviews, Chris Burch says that he bought the resort for his children as a piece of something that he hopes they can preserve and give back to the community.