Amicus Therapeutics – A Biopharmaceutical Firm Based in New Jersey

Amicus Therapeutics is a biopharmaceutical firm based in New Jersey, America. The firm went public in 2007 under the trading name, NASDAQ (Google Finance). The establishment of Amicus Therapeutics was financed by selected capital venture firms such as Radius Venture, New Enterprise Associates, and Canaan Partners. The organization focuses on the treatment of rare and orphan diseases, more so lysosomal storage disorders. The product development of the company is primarily based on CHART (Chaperone-Advanced Replacement Therapy), as well as enzyme replacement therapies.
In 2014, Amicus Therapeutics was noted as one of the companies that have the broadest portfolio of pharmacological chaperones small molecule in the pharmaceutical industry. Moreover, Amicus Therapeutics has a robust development pipeline for the treatment of various human genetic disease. For example, Amicus Therapeutics has a lead product known as migalastat. The product is a personalized medicine that is used for treating people with Fabry disease. Amicus Therapeutics is also working in collaboration with JCR Pharmaceutical and GlaxoSmithKline to explore coformulation with the recombinant alpha-galactosidase. However, the collaboration lasted for only three years.
Amicus does not have the manufacturing capability to produce its products. It relies on contracts from other companies for the manufacturing process. However, in 2008, the company expanded its operation. Apart from the normal research site in New Jersey, Amicus Therapeutics also has another research site in San Diego. Since its establishment, Amicus has been on the good side of the business. In 2010, Amicus Therapeutics received a grant worth $500000 from Michael Joseph Fox Foundation. The grant was meant to support the research study that was being conducted by Amicus in partnership with David Geffen Medical School. The company also received another grant worth $210300 from ADDF (Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery Foundation). Amicus Therapeutics used the grant to support its pre-clinical work. Also, in 2013, Amicus was able to have the necessary intellectual property and proprietary materials for the treatment of Pompe infection.

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New San Jacinto Mall Owners Target To Tap Into Baytown Momentum Through Revamping

Baytown is developing quickly, and the latest owners of San Jacinto Mall that has for some time been in debility and presently is 70% occupied, propose to take advantage of the potential in the area.

The procurement was in operation for one year, stated Carson Wilson, principal as well as vice president of trade marketing plus leasing for Houston-based Fidelis Realty Partners that stirred the mall on 15th of July.

“We’ve always loved the real estate-it’s the best retail real estate in east Houston,” Wilson announced. “Baytown is a very strong market, and the mall has just gone into disrepair.”

The 1.2 million Sq. feet mall is constructed on a 107-acre piece of land located on the southwest curve of Interstate 10 as well as Garth Road.

Fidelis schedules to wholly revamp the mall, every part or a big part of which is going to be demolished, and construct a 1 million Sq. feet open-air plaza on the space. The company anticipates it is going to take 3 years to organize the building for demolition as well as additional 2 years to restore the property. Fidelis is dealing with Houston-based Boucher Design Group for architectural designs.

Baytown is thriving, as petrochemical developments bring employees to the locality plus housing developers haste to meet the ever-growing demand for residential houses as well as apartments nearby those developments. Wilson also said that retail does steadily well in this area.

“Retailers in Baytown do well,” Wilson stated. “There are a lot of retailers that aren’t existing in the market that would be candidates for the mall’s redevelopment.”

Fidelis furthermore is constructing 650,000 Square feet of retail complex, affixed by Kroger, among the 5 latest shops the grocer is going to add in Houston this year.

Haidar Barbouti also walks in the same footsteps since he owns the multi-purpose retail center called, Highland Village Shopping Center located on Westheimer Road in Houston.