Iconic Gump’s Brand Gets New Life As It Returns to Its Roots

After 158 years, Gump’s will be reborn once again. The famous luxury department store established in San Francisco in 1861 has acquired new owners. Fans of the exotic and unique items sold by Gump’s are thrilled that one of the world’s most iconic retailers is on the cusp of an exciting new era.

What industry and social observers love about the news is that the company will return to its roots as a family-owned business. The store was founded in 1861 by brothers Solomon and Gustav Gump. It was originally a mirror and frame shop but quickly extended its line to include an astonishing array of luxury items imported from the far corners of the globe. Gump’s dealt in everything from fabulous furniture and art, to fine dining sets imported from China and extraordinary jewelry.

The Gump’s location in San Francisco became something of a landmark. It was famous for a statue of a Golden Buddha that graced the center of the store. Gump’s thrived decade after decade and changed ownership more than once. Industry observers said modern times eventually caught up with its brick-n-mortar retail model, and the company fell on hard times. Click Here for more information.

But now Gump’s will blend the traditional with the modern as it once again becomes a family-owned operation. That family consists of siblings Anne, Christopher and Jack Chachas. Their father, John Chachas, had been an investor in Gump’s. Anne will serve as chairman and CEO of the restructured Gump’s brand. It will also maintain headquarter offices in New York City in addition to San Francisco. See Related Link for more information.

The great-great-granddaughter of the company’s founder, Antoinette Gump, said she was thrilled that Gump’s will once again be a family-owned business. Anne Chachas said she is delighted that Gump’s will be open for its 158th Christmas season in 2019.

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