Achievements Ara Chackerian

Ara Chackerian is one of the entrepreneurs and an investor who is heavily involved in several philanthropic pursuits. Ara graduated from the Florida state with a degree in marketing, and since then he has worked as cofounder with many organizations. However, he found success in the business world has a famous entrepreneur. Ara is well known for his experience in various health care industries as well as general business and community-related endeavors. Although most of his work is tied to his involvement in health-related industries. He is also known for his efforts in supporting the environment, especially by venturing in activities as well as business activities that safeguard the environment.

The fact that he has been a co-founder member in several health-related facilities allowed Ara to have vast experience in the industry. Some of the organization he has worked with include TMS health solutions, Pipeline, BMC Diagnostics, among others. He has experience of more than two decades in the health industry. The aspect has allowed him to understand all the tools as well as items required for the health industry to be streamlined.

Chackerian was also well known for his tireless efforts in philanthropy. In other words, he has invested and partnered with several non-profit organizations that aim at expanding their opportunities in various communities. Currently, he is working with organizations found in Armenian Nicaragua as well as America. He is also involved Limonapa Teak that is located in Nicaragua. The farm uses sustainable as well as responsible practices amine data to protect the environment and boosting social stewardships. It also roved the community with numerous jobs that pay decent wages to the surrounding communities. Thus, he has also participated in helping the city in his vicinity live well and lead successful lives. He is, therefore, one of the entrepreneur that has been in the forefront in helping people succeed.

Drew Madden’s Career as a Healthcare IT Consultant

Drew Madden is an extremely successful IT entrepreneur who is changing the healthcare industry. The businessman is known to many as the president of a company known as Nordic Consulting Partners. As the leader of the institution, Madden has done his best to win hearts of the modern consumer. People who work close to him say that he is an extraordinary leader who understands the customer and employees.

Drew Madden was appointed to join Nordic Consulting Partners in the year 2010. After working in the institution for a year, the management felt that he was doing a great job, and this is why they appointed him to take the top position. At this position, his greatest role is building trust with the customers, maintaining a great company culture and developing high caliber teams. For more than five years, the businessman has been at the helm of the firm, and he has done his best to produce the great results. When serving as the president, the consulting firm was fortunate to get several awards because of offering clients the best consulting experience. The company has registered a huge increase in the number of clients, partners, employees and revenue under his great leadership.

According to close sources of the consulting firm, the number of employees working in the private company increased from ten to more than seven hundred. The client partners working with the firm were only three when Madden was joining the firm. At the moment, they are more than one hundred and fifty. Initially, the private company was making revenues of only one million, but it has increased significantly due to the presence of the expert. Currently, the firm is making one hundred and thirty million dollars annually.

Before joining the consulting firm, the businessman had worked in several other organizations, and this is why he did so well. The corporate world is very complicated, and it is not easy for an individual to become successful without the right skills. The businessman served in a company called Ingenix as the epic consultant. His educational skills have assisted him in his career life.