Jeunesse Global Lands Three Awards For Reserve

Reserve from Jeunesse Global took three awards home from the Communicator recognition program. The Communicator views thousands of production pieces, brochures, and videos looking for quality marketing. The advertising team at Jeunesse Global should feel proud of their work on all of the wellness company’s material, but Reserve shined and showed off this year. 

The first honor was for Reserve’s packaging. The package is a slim 1-ounce holder that looks like a miniature bottle, but it is made of lightweight, thin but durable material. The top of the container looks like a little-flat bottle cap, and it tears away so that you can squeeze Reserve right into your mouth. The well-thought-out container makes it convenient to carry the supplement in your glove box, purse, or backpack. The colors also express the ingredients, which are antioxidant-packed fruits, like blueberries, cherries, and concord grapes. The packet is a purplish-blue with a silver streak across the middle. Fruits high in antioxidants are usually blue or deep purple, so it is a keen reminder of what is in the juice solution.

Next up, Reserve won for its video. Jeunesse Global made a professional piece of entertainment that also gave a lesson about the ingredients that are in the solution. The clip covered the components and displayed colorful pictures, and it included the health benefits of the fruits in the product. Resveratrol is in Reserve, and it comes from nature. It is naturally found in the darker fruits, and the video goes on to explain what it is and how it pertains to wellness.

And last but not least, Reserve took another honor for its brochure. Brochures help the seller’s market Jeunesse Global’s items, and it is one of the benefits the entrepreneurs that work for Jeunesse Global get.

Jeunesse Global has stretched its business model around the globe, and they now have sellers in over 140 countries. The company focuses on more things than just nutrition. They have also created a complete lineup of skincare called the YES system. Plus, there is the RVL hair care line, and a weight management program designed and operated by a nutrition and fitness coach.

The Jeunesse Global 2019 NEXT Expo Is Sure To Be An Exciting And Empowering Experience

There will be plenty to celebrate at the world tour of the Jeunesse Expo NEXT 2019. The company is the exclusive distributor of a full line of skincare, beauty products, and health-related products. They create the concepts and manufacture all of the scientifically based products themselves. 

The Jeunesse Global organization is a direct selling company. The much anticipated NEXT Expo is held to bring together the multi-national group that makes up the company’s sales team. It is an opportunity for all to share ideas, learn more information about Jeunesse Global products, meet with top management, meet each other, and more. The sales distributors will hear the insightful and inspiring words of the owners of one of the leading direct selling companies in the US as well as a leader in their industry. The world tour will help to encourage team members to move up to the next level of sales and ultimately step up to a higher income level. This will enable them to grow and build their own businesss as well as to introduce new items and increase the company’s sales volume. The organization was launched on September 9th, and that date will aptly mark the start ot the momentous corporate event. They will travel across the globe to numerous destinations in Asia-Pacific, Europe, Latin America, and others.

Randy Ray, Wendy Lewis, Scott Lewis, and other members of the company were in attendance. Randy and Wendy founded the company in 2009 in the state of Florida, and the corporate headquarters are there. Scott serves as the Chief Visionary Officer of Jeunesse Global. They are pleased and proud of the success that the firm is experiencing. Much of the success can be attributed to the hard work of the distributors. The management team is proactively planning the course of Jeunesse Global for 2020. The entire team is committed to helping Jeunesse customers look younger and also feel more youthful. They want to empower people to live life to the utmost and feel great about themselves. That is the Jeunesse difference and what makes them stand out from the competition.

Identify Anxiety with Neurocore

What symptoms come to mind when you hear the word anxiety? Your imagination may picture a worried person with no particular reason, or maybe panic attacks. You are right. These are some of the most common signs of anxiety. However, there are other symptoms you may never relate anxiety to. Based on research carried out by Neurocore, here are surprising signs of anxiety:

• Frequent Urination

Scientists have various theories that connect a frequent urination to anxiety. In the state of anxiety, the body is in a flight or fight state that is heightened. The central nervous system acts at the heightened state which makes you more sensitive even to bodily functions. A theory says frequent urination is linked to muscle tension as a result of anxiety.

• Frequent Yawning

When you yawn, you probably think you are just fatigued or in need of more sleep. According to Neurocore’s professionals, this is not always the case. Neurocore says even well-rested people suffering from anxiety experience frequent yawning. Anxiety may cause irregular breathing. Yawning during the anxious times us a body’s mechanism to regulate breathing.

• Stomach problems

The brain and the gut are closely connected. The vagus nerve connects the brain to the gut is thought to be the partial reason behind this. Additionally, neurotransmitters such as serotonin are secreted in the gut. Gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) is a neurotransmitter that promotes regulation of anxiety and fear. GABA is produced both in the gut and the brain. According to research by Neurocore consumption of Probiotics has a positive impact on GABA production and vagus nerve. Click here.

Neurocore Trains the Brain to Relieve ADHD

Neurocore uses neurofeedback therapy as a way to treat ADHD without the use of prescription drugs. Neurofeedback therapy involves the use of electrodes attached to a patient that is sitting comfortably in a quiet room. A movie is then played as neuropsychologists monitor the patients brain waves and heart rate. If the patients brainwaves remain calm the movie will continue to play. The movie will pause if unbalanced brainwaves are detected.

It takes around thirty treatments for neurofeedback therapy to have lasting results. More than 70% of patients have reported being less dependent on prescription drugs after treatment. Neurocore uses a variety of techniques to assess a patients brainwaves. Quantitative Electroencephalogram screening uses a cap that is placed on the head of a patient to measure nineteen sites on the brain.

The cap measures speed and connectivity to determine how well the brain is functioning. Neurocore uses Heart Rate Variability to measure heart rate and breathing patterns. People taking drugs for ADHD have reported feeling sluggish, drowsy, and unmotivated. Some people have trouble sleeping at night, and some medicine can stunt a child’s growth. Neurocore’s approach is an effective alternative to ADHD drugs.

Jeunesse Global Brings Hollywood Glamour To The World of Make-Up

Around the world, millions of women look for products that will enhance their beauty. And one health, beauty, and wellness company is going a step beyond with an advanced line of facial beauty products. Jeunesse Global is gaining a loyal following with its NV line of beauty products.

Beauty that Goes Beyond the Norm

Developed by a top make-up artist from the world of Hollywood, NV beauty products allow any women to look their best. Products in the NV product line include BB Perfecting Mist Foundation. Formulated with APT-2000 and aloe, this foundation mist is designed to nourish and beautify just about every skin tone. NV Primer is designed to give women a 5-1 in solution to prime eyelashes, eyebrows, eyelids, skin, and lips in an instant. NV Bronzer and NV Shimmer provide the nutrients to help bring out the finest shimmer and glow on the face.

In addition to being available as individual products, the NV line is also available two packages. The NV Everyday Beauty Essentials Package and the NV Get the Glow Bundle allows women to get the beauty enhancing products they desire for one value price.

A Product of the Youth Enhancement System

The NV product line is one of many products that are a part of Jeunesse Global’s Youth Enhancement System (Y.E.S.). There are about a dozen Y.E.S. products available from Jeunesse Global. That includes AM & PM Essentials supplement, ZEN Bodi weight control system, RVL hair care line, M1ND mental vitality supplement, and NEVO energy drinks. These products are designed to revitalize every aspect of a person’s life.

About Jeunesse Global

For almost 13 years, Jeunesse Global has been bringing the world innovative health, wellness and beauty products. These products include everything from mental vitality supplements to advanced weight management systems. These products are distributed to millions of people around the world.

Jeunesse Global works in partnership with its worldwide network of independent distributors to provide quality service to their customers. As of 2019, Jeunesse Global has sold billions of dollars of products around the globe. Going forward, Jeunesse Global will continue to be an innovating presence in the health, wellness and beauty industry.

The Advantages of Waiakea Volcanic Water

The market is full of bottled-water brands, including Dasani, Nestle Pure Life, Aquafina and others. If you were to scroll down the beverage isle of your favorite store, then you would definitely notice all of the different bottled-water brands. To simply state it, the market is cluttered with too many brands and most of the brands aren’t as great as they’re made out to be. On the other hand, Waiakea water has taken over the market. Waiakea, a Hawaiian-based company, is making a meaningful difference in people’s lives. Not only is its water pure, the water is being sent to underprivileged communities worldwide.

Global sustainability is the route that this particular company is taking. The actual water bottles are fully degradable. Yes, this is 100 percent correct. The standard plastic bottle that’s on the market today will take hundreds of years to degrade. In addition to that, there are millions of empty water bottles that are littered throughout the environment. Waiakea’s plastic bottles are designed to breakdown in about 15 years. Waiakea Volcanic water is the company’s flagship product, and it is different from anything else that’s on the market. This is some of the purest water on earth, especially when it comes to the bottled-water industry. Waiakea Volcanic water actually comes from a volcano. The Mauna Loa volcano in Hawaii is the point of source. This particular area of the world receives plenty of rainfall on a yearly basis. The rainfall is flushed through the Mauna Loa volcano’s interior rocks. These rocks are actually porous in nature, and porous rock does an amazing job of cleansing the water.

What more could anyone ever ask for in clean water? Waikea is definitely raising the bar much higher that it has ever been. The facts are laid out right in front of you. If you’re serious about living a healthier lifestyle, then you should incorporate this water into your diet.

Heal N Soothe Is The Next Solution For Pain

Daily pain can be such a nightmare in lives of many people. Whenever you feel the pain that is a clear indication that something is amiss in the body. Some people do not take it seriously but end up ignoring just like others would ignore fever. The best thing and precaution to make at such a time are to find out what could be the cause and how best to deal with it. A persistent discomfort should not be overlooked. One of the appropriate medication and remedy for such pains and in the body is Heal N Soothe. This product is the solution to all the aches and ensures that they are handled most naturally.


A brief highlight of what happens when one suffers pain is that an injury occurs in the body and in response to fighting the injury, the body forms fibrin that brings the sealing effect. However, in some instances, the fibrin keeps on building and later become the cause of inflammation. Inflammation is the source of pain in the body, and the best way to fight it is by dealing with the inflammation process. Heal N Soothe is a day-to-day treatment that eliminates the inflammation related to some of these effects. Sometimes the inflammation is affected by the kinds of food one eats. That is why dieting is crucial at such times to help the immune systems well.


Heal N Soothe consists of a mixture of ingredients that have been blended naturally to alleviate any inflammation in the body. What happens in the body is that once you apply the treatment, it can disintegrate the inflammatory substances in the body, which entailed prostaglandins and leukotrienes. Learn more about The History of Supplements and the Rise of Heal-n-Soothe


Nature is one of the things that provide some healing features in the body without severe side effects or even with none at all. It works on pain by relieving the inflammation. Heal N Soothe has been manufactured and developed by Living Well Nutraceuticals with the intention of helping patients to do away with pain issues. It does so very effectively without any chances of side effects. See This Article for additional information.


It contains the most natural ingredients that have been tried and tested by scientific researchers to be effective for such functions. Its mode of function is through combining systemic enzymes with around 12 instrumental natural pain fighters that are derived from nature. They include turmeric, papain, rutin, ginger, bromelain, and Boswellia among others. They have the product in various capacities.



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How Dr. Eric Forsthoefel Started Treating Emergency Patients In Florida

Dr. Eric Forsthoefel is an accomplished mid-30s doctor who made the decision to specialize in the emergency room. After earning his bachelor’s degree he decided to attend the Lousiana State Univerisity School of Medicine’s Shreveport campus. He graduated from this university in 2009. He completed his residency at this university in 2012 and has now been practicing medicine for the past six years.

He has been certified in AB Emergency Medicine. After completing his residency he decided to move to Tallahassee, Florida. He joined Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare and has been working there ever since. His rating on is stellar. He has five stars for his total rating. He earned five stars for both “provides follow-up as needed” as well as “explains conditions and treatments”. He additionally earned four and a half stars for “takes time to answer my questions”. Since he is an emergency room physician, not a regular primary care doctor, those are pretty great ratings for someone who deals with emergencies on a constant basis.

There are also a number of ratings for Dr. Eric Forsthoefel on The most recent rating is from a person who was suffering from the flu and who had a number of really serious underlying medical conditions. This person said that he took the time to find out about everything they medically had going on so that he could prescribe the best treatment for them going forward. They said that Dr. Eric Forsthoefel showed true concern and patience when they explained why they were in the emergency room. He checked their vital signs and condition a number of times before this person left the hospital with a prescription for medicine that helped alleviate their condition.

Dr. Eric Forsthoefel takes Medicare and Medicaid patients. He has helped patients with many conditions over the past six years. This includes those experiencing heart attacks, chronic kidney disease, depression, Diabetes, hypertension (high blood pressure), osteoporosis, cancer, asthma, Alzheimer’s disease, and much more.

How to Prepare for Lifeline Screening Tests

Lifeline Screening is a modern healthcare company that is changing the lives of millions of people who want to live a good and healthy life. The institution has been operating for some time now, and it has already made an impact in industry. The primary objective of the private company is to help people to understand their health problems early before they grow and become dangerous. The clients who visit the medical facility are encouraged to seek treatment for their ailments from qualified professionals so that they can get assistance.

In the modern times, there are thousands of diseases that affect people, regardless of their income, race, and religion. When some of these conditions are left in the body untreated, they end up bringing bigger problems. The company has put in place preventive health equipment for its clients. The equipment’s in this institution are modern and perfect, and they will detect any problems in the patients in just a short time.The organization follows all the standards laid in healthcare industry, and this explains why the firm has done so well over the years.The healthcare providers in the facility are also believed to be highly trained and well qualified. These professionals are available at the facility, and their main mission is to make sure that the customer gets the right diagnosis.

When visiting the hospital for any medical facility to undertake any medical procedure, it is important for a patient to make some preparations. Without this, they will not be ready for the procedure when the time comes. There are several screenings in the medical world, and all of these require different preparations. Lifeline Screening has several tests, but most of them are painless and do not require invasive procedures. When a patient is visiting the medical center to get any treatment, they should never get worried because the tests that are done are not painful. The blood screening tests from the pharmaceutical company do not need too much blood. This means that the doctor will use just a simple figure stick to get a few drops of blood from the patient. The tests are also very affordable.

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Life Line Screening Can Help Save Lives and Money

Life Line Screening Can Help Save Lives and Money

Life Line Screening is an organization that utilizes a team of health care professionals to provide preventative screening for any unknown health issues that may have potential to become a major health concern. It is especially important to receive health screening at a more mature age due to the high increase of risk for health problems. There are many benefits to receiving a preventative health screening from Life Line Screening. Discovering health issues at an early stage can improve health and decrease medical costs.

Screening Services

Life Line Screening provides a wide variety of screening services. The screenings include a few from the list below.

1. Testosterone Deficiency Screening
Testosterone Deficiency Screening is used to assess a sample of blood to measure testosterone and Sex Hormone Binding Globulin. Tests are best if administered between 7 a.m. and 10 a.m.

2. Vitamin D Screening
Vitamin D Screening is a blood test that assesses levels of Vitamin D.

3. The Health Risk Assessment, 6 for Life
The Health Risk Assessment, 6 for Life, that assesses risk for six chronic illnesses: stroke, diabetes, heart disease, congestive heart failure, COPD, and lung cancer.

4. Type 2 Diabetes Screening
Type 2 Diabetes Screening involves a Blood Glucose Test that is an easy finger-stick screening that measures blood levels after eight hours of fasting to aid in identifying diabetes.

5. Osteoporosis Screening
Osteoporosis Screening painless process that requires a patient to take a Bone Density Test by placing a foot in a densitometer to measure the bone density in a heel. This measurement is indicative of the bone density of hips, which often fracture.

6. Chronic Kidney Disease Screening
Chronic Kidney Disease Screening quick finger stick test that measures kidney function in less than a minute.

These are just a few of the many screening services Life Line Screening provides.

In addition to providing superior preventative health screening, Life Line Screening promotes positive health practices in social media. This includes a blog on the Life Screening homepage that discusses a variety of health topics.