Rick Shinto Was Awarded With The Entrepreneur Of The Year Award Due To His Excellent Contributions To The Healthcare Industry

In the United States, the environment in the healthcare industry is getting complex with every passing day. Insurance plans for customers are most often expensive for the patients which add additional stress to the existing set of health problems. There are a few companies who strive to bring forward a series of healthcare plans which are affordable, long-lasting and makes use of cutting-edge technology. In order to develop a patient-oriented culture in the healthcare industry, the implementation in every medical institution starts from its roots. InnovaCare prioritizes patients over their profits from the selling of healthcare plans.

Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides the CEO and the COO of InnovaCare respectively have been able to create unique medical schemes for the citizens that focus more on patient care and minimizes the financial burden on the patients. Their goal is to build a strong patient-provider relationship and make sure that the treatment is carried out by experienced and certified physicians for increased efficiency and patient comfort.

The CEO Rick Shinto has completed his MD and has two decades of experience in the healthcare industry. During these years he worked at different medical institutions and played different roles which helped him develop an in-depth understanding of the issues faced by patients and their immediate family due to the high cost of medical insurance plans available in the market. Rick was awarded the Entrepreneur of The Year by the tech company Ernst & Young. The award reflected his countless hours of efforts in devising low-cost medicals plans with comprehensive coverage and making them available to the market. Rick Shinto has been a source of inspiration for many in the healthcare industry.

With more than 7,500 providers, InnovaCare has been growing at a fast pace and there seems no stopping to it due to the popularity it has gained and the positive feedback it has received from everyone who opted for their services. You can visit zoominfo.com


With more than 15 years of experience in the healthcare industry, Penelope joined InnovaCare with the same goal and vision of Rick Shinto. With her experience with devising medical plans for Medicaid and Medicare, she observed how people are charged more money for medical coverage and understood that they can be considerably reduced without hurting the business side of the institution. Before joining InnovaCare as the COO she worked at Ceantrelight Healthcare as the vice president.

Together, they have devised high-quality, cost-effective and sustainable medical insurance plans which is benefiting the society as a whole. You can visit their Facebook page.


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Here’s Why You Should Choose Heal N Soothe For Proper Pain Relief

Aches and pain are a part of everyone’s life to some degree. Muscle and joint pain can basically cripple you if the problem isn’t addressed accordingly. To alleviate the pain, radical treatments and surgery has been used for centuries. Unfortunately, most people aren’t willing to go under the knife to achieve a pain-free lifestyle. On the other hand, there are a wide variety of pharmaceutical painkillers on the market, but you must have a prescription to obtain them. These pills will definitely decrease the pain in your body, but many of these medications are a bit too powerful for regular use.

When it comes to pain relief, masking the pain isn’t the best route to take. Pain is a surefire way of telling you that something is wrong. If you mask the pain, then you could possibly reinjure yourself. This is the perfect give and take situation, and it’s the perfect catch-22. Heal N Sooth goes about eliminating pain the natural-route way. Systemic-Enzyme Therapy releases beneficial enzymes into the bloodstream, which is one of the main lines of defense. Heal N Sooth can handle the toughest of pain and discomfort. This includes:

• Back Pain

• Strains

• Fractures

• Arthritis

• Sprains

• Contusions

• Bruises

• And more

On the other hand, when inflammation is being reduced to a minimum, it’s great for cancer-prevention as well as great for memory-loss prevention. Studies have shown that just 400 mg of Bromelain per day is great for decreasing swelling and pain. Of course, this advantageous ingredient is offered with this formula. All in all, Heal N Soothe’s benefits can go on for days, but who knows how much better it will get in the near future.

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Plan Your Life Line Screening with Accurate Bone Density Index Included

If people knew that their bones were easier to break, they would likely take precautions to avoiding injury causing falls. Osteoporosis affects more people than could be imagined. There are things to do to prevent the complications and progression of this disease process. Now, people can plan their easy to do Life Line Screening that includes an accurate bone density index score. Usually, osteoporosis is detected by expensive per test hospital grade X-Ray machines. Life Line Screening has partnered with a prominent medical device company that has created a smaller bone density scan product. This convenient device gives accurate bone density index readings.

Now individuals can learn their risks and current status for osteoporosis. A Life Line Screening is especially important for older seniors. This progressive bone loss disease becomes more likely as a person gets older. There are many ways to prevent falls and stumbles that often result in broken bones. Your family doctor will likely prescribe vitamin and mineral supplements to slow down the disease. People can increase their activity level and ingest calcium rich foods to avoid further problems. Any exercise that strengthens body tone and mobility aids staying healthy. Give yourself a gift this holiday season by scheduling a no hassle Life Line Screening today.

Nobody wants to be laid up immobile in bed. When older individuals break larger bones, they often take far longer than younger patients to heal. Lying immobile can bring on unwanted lung problems, skin breakdown and loss of motor function. Confused elderly people should be tested for signs of this illness determined by a quickly completed bone density index scan. This osteoporosis indicator can be detected now with a precise and compact machine designed for local screenings like Life Line Screening. This is noninvasive and painless, and the information can give individuals an edge in staying healthy and mobile.

Anyone older should seriously consider getting an all inclusive Life Line Screening soon. These screens don’t require much effort, time or expense. Within a short time, individuals can have critical knowledge regarding their current health condition. The test site sends most tests via private envelope mail to a person’s home indicated address. Blood work obtained at the test site is given for the patient to discuss with their local doctor. Any abnormalities are noted, and individuals are urged to review the results with their physician that best knows their health history.

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Sussex Healthcare: Providing Quality Care for Everyone

Sussex Healthcare is a health care facility based in the United Kingdom. The company is operating for more than 25 years, and they are renowned for their world class treatment and health care facilities. The company offers a variety of health care services, including the care for the elderly, neurological care, care for patients with dementia, and care for people with disability.

Care for the Elderly

Sussex Healthcare has a facility dedicated to serve elderly people. The nursing home has trained nurses who would check the condition of the older people who lives inside the facility 24/7. The facility also has a number of activities which the elderly can enjoy, and they also offer a number of therapies, including physiotherapy and reflexology. The meals served inside the nursing home is also prepared by top chefs, using high quality ingredients to create delicious and sumptuous meals for the occupants.

Neurological Care

For patients who are suffering from brain injuries, Sussex Healthcare has a facility dedicated to help them recover. The professionals at the facility will take care of the patient by giving them their medications and offering a lot of therapy that would help them get back on track. There are also languages therapists working at the facility to help those who are suffering from brain injuries talk and speak once again. Patients can also enjoy the spa and pools which are essential for the recovery of people with brain injuries.

Dementia Care

Many people in the United Kingdom are suffering from dementia, and the number increases annually. Sussex Healthcare developed a facility that can accommodate patients who are suffering from dementia. The method that is being used inside the facility would be open communication for people suffering from the disease, and the staffs are working hard 24/7 to deliver the care that each patient needs. Sussex Healthcare believes that open communication and personal talks are some of the things that can be used to help their patients suffering from dementia, and by employing trained professionals who can converse with the patients, they facility is hoping that their patients can be treated or their conditions become better.

Care for People with Disability

Sussex Healthcare is offering care options for people who are suffering from disabilities. They wanted to help them become better persons, and through the sessions that they offer, Sussex Healthcare is hoping that they can treat the patient’s condition, and make them feel a lot better.

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How to Prepare for Lifeline Screening Tests

Lifeline Screening is a modern healthcare company that is changing the lives of millions of people who want to live a good and healthy life. The institution has been operating for some time now, and it has already made an impact in industry. The primary objective of the private company is to help people to understand their health problems early before they grow and become dangerous. The clients who visit the medical facility are encouraged to seek treatment for their ailments from qualified professionals so that they can get assistance.

In the modern times, there are thousands of diseases that affect people, regardless of their income, race, and religion. When some of these conditions are left in the body untreated, they end up bringing bigger problems. The company has put in place preventive health equipment for its clients. The equipment’s in this institution are modern and perfect, and they will detect any problems in the patients in just a short time.The organization follows all the standards laid in healthcare industry, and this explains why the firm has done so well over the years.The healthcare providers in the facility are also believed to be highly trained and well qualified. These professionals are available at the facility, and their main mission is to make sure that the customer gets the right diagnosis.

When visiting the hospital for any medical facility to undertake any medical procedure, it is important for a patient to make some preparations. Without this, they will not be ready for the procedure when the time comes. There are several screenings in the medical world, and all of these require different preparations. Lifeline Screening has several tests, but most of them are painless and do not require invasive procedures. When a patient is visiting the medical center to get any treatment, they should never get worried because the tests that are done are not painful. The blood screening tests from the pharmaceutical company do not need too much blood. This means that the doctor will use just a simple figure stick to get a few drops of blood from the patient. The tests are also very affordable.

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