Business + Spirituality = Joseph Bismark

I have found this article on Come On Valerie which states that Joseph Bismark believes in adding spirituality to business. Joseph is on the way to changing lives in many different ways. He is providing spiritual change, social change, emotional change and business change. He is also looking at ways to promote physical health. All of these things are important to him if one is supposed to live a prosperous life. I hold that belief myself. I’ve also read that Bismark works in the multinational team of QI Group. He is the director of management on that team. He has started that line of work back at the end of 2008. He has been very important to the success of the business with his unique approach to dealing with people.

He is also certified in philosophy. He is a meditation trainer as well. He lived comfortably as a child until age 9 when he devoted his life to become a monk until age 17. He has gained a lot of wisdom at his time in the mountains and has been sharing his wisdom as well as putting it to work upon his return. Throughout his career, he has proven to be an exceptional leader. He has an admirable devotion to his spirituality. He is also committed to health and wellness. He doesn’t believe that one should sacrifice one aspect of his life for another. Health and wellness is very important to the life of an individual.

Joseph Bismark will continue to build his and achieve success as an individual. He will continue to inspire others as he did me. I am hoping to learn a lot from his example and maybe put it to good use in my life. He really looks for ways he could add to the life of others that he gets involved with.