Tips To Avoid Keyword Stuffing.

As a matter of fact, keywords play an important part in your SEO plan, and generally in the search engine marketing campaign. You can use keywords to categorize your business, aim at the right audience and command the content of your website. Over the years, SEOs have employed the use keywords and has gone higher in SERPs as search engines have worked out to give the best results to the end user. The following are some of the recommendations that will help you implement the right keyword strategy, and, therefore, avoid keyword stuffing that hinder the final user from getting the reliable search result.

The main concern is on the correct number of keywords you should use. Utilize the targeted keyword in your page, but your main focus should be on the searchers you want to draw to your page. To achieve this, employ the following tips.

• The keyword should be mentioned in the page title. This is important because, the search engines and the searcher can tell what the page is all about.
• Place the keyword in the headline. This helps your users to discover a similar topic between the landing page and the search snippet.
• Always remember meta description. Since you are targeting users, a good description will increase the rate of click through, although it does not rise the rankings in search.
• Repeat the keyword 2 to 3 times on your content page. Your keyword should also be part of your content. Making reference of your keyword makes more sense to your page.
• Employ your keywords in the images. Ensure the filename and the ALT text of your images includes the keyword.
• Never go to the extremes. In case you feel you have overused the keyword, you can always remove the unnecessary ones.

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Sam Tabar Offers Tips for Financial Success

Sam Tabar is a successful attorney and capital strategist and he recently gave some great financial tips for 2015 in a press release originally reported on According to a recent survey by Fidelity investments over half of the consumers in our country plan to set a resolution in terms of their financial portfolios. Many young people want to increase their net worth by investing in a new company or diversifying their investment portfolio.

Tabar offers some great investment tips for young individuals planning their retirement and investing so they can hope to someday comfortably retire. Tabar suggests being cautious in terms of commodity trading as these are much more risky when compared to other investment options like mutual funds. He goes on to say that commodity trading is not a good practice for the novice or uninformed investor due to this sector’s high volatility. Dealing in commodity trading is very risky and its takes an individual with experience and capital to withstand the potential for huge losses.

He recommends looking into social media and other growing business sectors for investors interested in something other than the traditional stock market. He also practices what he preaches in terms of recommending investing in businesses focused on social entrepreneurship such as the THINX women’s undergarment company he recently invested in. This company donates items to people in need of undergarments in Africa. Tabar suggests investing in companies that help people and give back to the community.

It is also important to diversify your financial portfolio and to make sure you have stability when a hot stock eventually comes back down to earth. Navigating the world of investments can be very intimidating and these tips by Sam Tabar are very helpful for the beginning investor.

The Many Accomplishments of Christian Broda

While many people dream of doing great things, few ultimately see their dreams come true. More often than not, dreams meet reality and people simply proceed through life taking care of ordinary tasks. However, there are a select few who have big dreams and then work to see those dreams realized. These are the people who want to accomplish great things for themselves as well as for others. One of these people is Christian Broda, who has taken his interest in finance and economics and worked to help alleviate poverty and inequality in many parts of the world.

Dr. Broda, possessing a Ph.D. in Economics from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, is currently working as the Managing Director at Duquesne Capital Management. Though currently working with a variety of clients while managing a hedge fund, Christian is still deeply devoted to using economics as a tool to alleviate the poverty and inequality that exists in many areas of the globe, particularly Latin America and the Caribbean.

A regular contributor to media outlets, Christian uses these opportunities to spread the word about economic inequality and how current policies are helping to keep the cycle of poverty going strong. Through his numerous research studies (sometimes co-authored), newspaper columns, magazine articles and other media appearances, Christian has shown that it is indeed how economic policies are formulated and implemented by governments that determines the economic fate of people in their nations.

Due to his interest in international finance and trade, Christian has held a variety of positions in both the business and academic worlds. It was there that Christian was able to start actively scrutinizing various economic policies from around the world and compile data showing how financial policies of one nation can affect other nations and their citizens.

However, where Christian felt he could make a true difference in helping to get economic policies changed for the better was while he was an Associate Professor of Economics at the University of Chicago. In this position, he received two National Science Foundation grants that allowed him to conduct extensive research into the relationship between poverty and inequality and how they are affected by such factors as tariffs, terms of trade, exchange rates and global economic destabilization. As a result of his research, he was named the James S. Kemperer Scholar and had his research featured extensively in academic journals and at conferences and symposiums.

So while some people see difficult situations and only wish they could do something to help, Dr. Christian Broda has gone beyond that and used his skills in research and analysis to make a difference in the lives of others. Now one of the world’s most well-respected economists, Christian is able to voice his opinion on various matters of international economics and have people stand up and listen.