FreedomPop Plans to Expand Internationally

Leading mobile carrier, FreedomPop is on a mission to spread their affordable telephone services with Europeans. Their interest in international expansion requires the use of Three’s mobile and virtual network that facilitates the creation of a sim-only package. This basic plan offers telephone services which includes 200 minutes, 200 texts, and 200MB of data. Currently, this prominent company presents a similar deal to over one million consumers in the United States with about half paying for usage beyond the inclusive offerings. As the premier reasonably priced mobile provider, FreedomPop’s business model is clearly lucrative even though most users are not paying for their outstanding service. Essentially, the company strongly believes in offering exceptional and inexpensive telephone packages to individuals worldwide.

FreedomPop’s packages are attracting a diverse group of consumers in both the United States and Europe.
Although the European market is oversaturated with mobile providers, the company’s basic plan is quickly growing in popularity which has encouraged the production of the Jetsetter. Remarkably, this revolutionized product is gear toward frequent travelers who will enjoy 100MB of free high-speed data per
month. In the beginning, the Jetsetter is only activated in the United Kingdom, Spain, and France, but soon the coverage will expand to over twenty countries. Undeniably, FreedomPop understands the needs
of a variety of customers and strives to support the marketplace with tangible product offerings.

In addition to ensuring viable mobile services, FreedomPop’s success is the result of their business plan.
Currently, the company’s model revolves around the free telephone offerings, which offers users the anonymous browsing to protect their privacy and mitigate third-party hackers. This inexpensive service is
utilized by approximately 50 percent of their consumers. The remaining 50 percent choose to purchase additional services such as extra data, voicemail, or texts. According to FreedomPop CEO Stephen Stokols the company needs about 30% of paying customers to remain profitable. Today, FreedomPop remains the most affordable mobile carrier in the United States and is often regarded as America’s trusted telephone
service provider. Unlike traditional phone plans, the company’s uniqueness lies in an app which facilitates text messaging and calls. Soon, these services will launch abroad as the company has already partnered with many European operators including KPN and Deutsche Telekam’s. Ultimately, the company’s goal is to outsmart the prevalent mobile services that maintain costly contracts or mediocre  pay-as-you-go installments and replace those packages with exceptional plans at a reasonable price. Moreover, just recently, FreedomPop has introduced an affordable and unlimited internet service for $5 a month. This auto-connection service has over 10 million hotspots in the United States and will soon expand overseas.

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Wet Seal Earns Harsh Criticism For Layoff Procedures


According to BuzzFeed News, there’s a bit of an uproar regarding Wet Seal’s policy for laying off its employees. Former employees report that they received a measly day’s notice regarding the fact that they would lose their positions (despite the fact that the employees continually asked questions regarding whether their stores would be closing).

In gaining access to the script utilized for laying an employee off, BuzzFeed News reports that one of the first lines reads “I have to advise you of a decision that will affect you.”

According to Sergio Andrade Guitierrez, the document detailing Wet Seal’s procedure for laying off employees constitutes a “cold approach” to the company’s process of shutting 60 of its 528 outlets.  BuzzFeed also reports that the retailer waited until Friday to inform managers of this plan, informing them that the 80%-off discounts were customary, that shipments were on the way, and that the business was in good shape.

FreedomPop: Free Internet and Wireless for All

FreedomPop is an internet and wireless company based in Los Angeles, California. The goal of the company is to provide free wireless and data packages to customers through existing wireless network infrastructure.

The basic free package offered by FreedomPop comes with 500MB of data, 500 text messages, and 200 voice minutes each month. FreedomPop hopes to offer plans to wireless customers who feel like they’re paying too much for traditional wireless plans, but who don’t use enough data or wireless minutes to justify paying large premiums each month.

FreedomPop has raised close to $16 million in venture capital in 2014 and plans to make money from their freemium service by offering add-ons for additional data, minutes, and text messages to the basic plan.

The company is able to greatly reduce their operational costs by teaming with Sprint to use their towers for data transmissions as opposed to both voice and data used by most wireless services. Using a modified version of the Android operating system on their available smartphones, FreedomPop has forced all transmissions through the phone to be either 3G or 4G, a much cheaper data option than traditional voice data. If FreedomPop was to follow in the footsteps of other discount wireless carriers like Ting, their current “free” offerings would cost users about $15 or $20 per month to transmit voice data in the traditional way.

Although the initial handset offerings by FreedomPop excluded LTE devices in favor of Sprint’s WiMAX, an outdated competitor to LTE before the smartphone market widely adopted LTE as the standard, FreedomPop has recently included the option to use LTE devices on their network.

In July 2014, TechCrunch reported that FreedomPop would expand its network reach to Europe. With partners already confirmed in Belgium, the company hopes to bring the same 500MB, 500 text, 200 minute plans to the European continent by next year. The major difference between the European phone plans and the ones available in the USA are that SIM-only handsets will be required on European FreedomPop plans.

Stokols, the company’s CEO, has said that negotiations have already begun with additional partners around the continent to eliminate roaming charges within mainland Europe, even if some of the countries in the continent have not yet introduced FreedomPop service.

According to CrunchBase, the majority of the venture capital the company has raised has come from VC Group Mangrove, a partnership among some of Skype’s early investors.

Recently, FreedomPop announced free international calling for its customers. With this announcement, it is rumored that FreedomPop might be acquired by Sprint. Give the FreedomPop app a try for free on both iTunes and Google Play.