The George Soros Risk Elimination Method

While countless individuals are spending weeks, months, and even years of their lives throwing money into investment portfolios, you can’t help but be confused. On the one hand these individuals have given away years of their lives while they are working in order to accumulated significant amounts of wealth. Then these same individuals have invested countless sums of money into portfolios so that they may one day have even more money to use or retire on. That being said, the biggest confusion among all of this is why in the world individuals with such forward planning are simply throwing their money into investments that they don’t even understand or that have far too much risk.

The point of investing in general does make a lot of sense when you think about it from a top down approach. You have to be comfortable with the specifics of investing your income and then also reinvesting payouts and dividends. The wealth starts to grow exponentially and out of nowhere a small amount of money can grow to be a rather large amount in a short period of time.

However, while many people are still stuck on the overall point of investing which is just more theoretical and academic in nature, you also have to be comfortable with the types of investments you are investing in. After all, if you are going to be putting significant amounts of money away into something with significant risk, you aren’t really doing much more than putting all of your money into lottery tickets or throwing it all down on a casino table in the form of a true gamble. In short, you don’t want to take such large risks on your life savings and retirement.

Instead of playing a game of such risk and not just throwing all of your money to the wind, why wouldn’t you want to invest in something that you truly do know and can believe in? That is the exact strategy of the billionaire George Soros. He continues to point to gold as one of the top investments not just for the appeal that gold continues to have over time, but also for the fact that gold has more use than just as a currency. Gold truly is an asset and in good times and bad people continue to flock to it. If you are considering the George Soros strategy of wealth, look to the US Money Reserve today.

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Philip Diehl Makes A Case For Ownership Of Gold Coins

Philip Diehl is the former director of the US Mint, and he is the current president of the US Money Reserve. He recently appeared on the ePodcastNetwork to talk about gold coin ownership, and he makes a compelling case for ownership of gold coins over stocks or bonds. His company produces many of the most beautiful gold coins in the world today, and this article explains why gold coins will make for a more stable investment over time.

#1: Gold Never Goes Out Of Style

Gold will have a price on every commodities market in the world until the end of time. The price may be defined at any time, and people who are trading in gold are often making money because the price of gold is rising so much. Philip believes that gold coins will rise in price without any help, and the coins themselves may be kept in storage until they are sold. Gold coins are simple to own, and they are nearly-guaranteed to rise in value.

#2: Gold Coins Are Collectibles

Gold coins made by the US Money Reserve are collectibles that have many appealing designs. Philip has created some of the most timeless coins in history, and he continues to do so at US Money Reserve. He wants collectors to get into new coins for their designs, and he knows that some coins will become more valuable simple because of their designs. Someone who plans on investing may purchase a limited edition coin that will be far more valuable than its plain cousins in the future.

#3: Gold Coins May Be Sold At Any Time

Gold coins may be sold by someone who is ready to retire, or the coins may be held and sold after someone passes away. The gold never loses its value or appeal, and the gold is a standard in the world market that is hard to deny. Someone who holds a mass of gold coins is often much safer than someone who is investing in stocks that could literally fail at any time.

Philip’s case for gold coin ownership is based on stability. Someone who wants to make stable investments must ensure that they have put their money in gold coins today. Choosing limited edition coins makes them more valuable, and the coins may be sold at any time for a profit. Philip sees the inherent value in each coin that other investors might now.

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U.S. Money Reserve Looks To Aid Local Food Banks

The issue of hunger within the U.S. is something that strikes home for millions of people across the country, but a Texas based precious metals trading group is hoping to assist in ending hunger in Texas. Digital Journal is reporting the U.S. Money Reserve has begun a crowd funding campaign through Crowdrise that is designed to provide funding and assistance for the Capital Area Food Bank of Texas.

U.S. Money Reserve is a well known name in the precious metals industry after embarking on a business employing more than 100 experienced experts in the business. Alongside being a supplier of gold, silver, and platinum coins issued by the U.S, Government the U.S. Money Reserve has been seeking to assist many charities across the country specializing in assisting children and young people. Amongst the groups who have benefited from the charitable work of the U.S. Money reserve are the Superhero Kids Endowment and the Dell Children’s Hospital.

Over the course of the Holidays U.S. Money Reserve is hoping to partner with many of the company’s friends, clients and family members to provide funding for the Capital Area Food Bank of Texas. The chance to give back at this special time of year is being provided for everybody by donating to the food bank, which partners with more than 300 agencies in 21 counties across Central Texas. After 30 years of service the Capital Area Food Bank of Texas is still in need of assistance to keep up its high level of service for those in need within different areas of the state. The U.S. Money Reserve hopes that its efforts to assist the charitable organization will ease the struggles of the Holidays for many within the central area of Texas.

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I think we can all agree that saving money is important. This is why we are here today. We here with a representative from the US Money Reserve. He is here to speak with us about how to save more money.

“I think we all want to save money. The trick is knowing where and how to save it. What most do not realize is that even the spare change we find on the street can be turned into an investment. This is exactly what I hope to educate people on today.”

Without further ado let’s invest some time with the US Money Reserve and find out how.

1)If you put aside 50 cents a day, this is almost half of what is required for an emergency fund.

“Most emergency funds require at least $500. If you do this daily, you will have more then enough to put back into savings.”

–Rep from US Money Reserve

2)If you feel an impulse buy coming on, sit on it for at least 24 hours. If you still want it after, then get it. This will cut down on the regrets you might have later on. It will also add more money back into the bank.

3)Keep your receipts on everything you have purchased. Look through them at the end of each month. What can you afford to get rid of? What purchases do you need to invest in? get rid of the unwanted purchases. This money can be put aside for your personal investments.


Keep things in perspective. Let’s say you want a pair of shoes that cost $60. Say that you make $10 an hour. Will it be worth it to wear them for 5 hours at a time? Think about it. Maybe you;d be better off buying a more suitable pair of $20 shoes. That extra $30 you can put back into savings.

Want some more tips? Go to the US Money Reserve site now. They have more helpful tips.

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What Does US Money Reserve Do?

US Money Reserve is a Texas-based company specializing in the sale of gold, silver and platinum coins issued by the U.S. government.

The company helps investors acquire these precious metals safely and with minimal stress by bringing knowledge of precious metals, professional customer service, astute research, shipping services, and other benefits together for customers.

Precious metals like gold are considered stable assets that will retain their value over time. Consequently, many investors choose to keep a certain percentage of their portfolios in gold, silver or platinum as a hedge against stock market volatility and the risks of other asset classes.

Of course, you can also buy gold on commodities markets, but using the markets means you will rarely actually have the gold in your possession. Using the markets makes senses if you’re thinking about trading the gold regularly or expect liquidity to be there when you’re ready to sell. But many investors also want physical assets that they can put their hands on, and store somewhere secure. Yes, they will still have a gold position in the markets but they buy coins so they’ll also have some gold or other precious metals physically stored where they can access it.

Purchasing coins minted by the US government is a unique way to invest in gold and other precious metals because each US coin’s weight, content, and purity is verified by the US government. When you buy a US coin, you’re buying an asset from an institution respected around the world and you can be sure of the coins contents.

US Money Reserve deals in two types of government coins, Bullion and Graded coins. The value of bullion coins is based almost entirely on their weight in gold and the current market rates, while graded coins are appraised and valued based on age, mintage, condition and rarity.

Depending on your preferences, you might have a mix of bullion coins and graded coins, or focus entirely on one type of coin. Regardless of your coin selections, you are acquiring an asset that has been shown to hold value in economic downturns and to increase in value over the long-term.

With US Money Reserve, investors are able to get expert support in the purchasing of gold, silver and platinum coins. The companies employees are able to help new buyers and experienced investors determine the right purchases for their needs and then fulfill their orders.


The US Money Reserve Cares About What It Is Doing

There are some companies that stand out as being more trustworthy than others, and one company that has long been helping people to make wise investments is the US Money Reserve. This company is there for all of those that are thinking of purchasing gold, silver or other precious metals, and it has helped many to make the right choices when buying. Whenever anyone wants to do what is best in regard to investing they are going to need someone who is wiser than them to look up to, and the US Money Reserve is just the place for them to be looking to for advice. The company cares greatly about all that it is doing, and all of the advice that it is handing out, and many people can testify to that fact.
When people get help from the customer service at the US Money Reserve they feel well cared for. They appreciate the way that they are treated, and they love that they are able to get just the kind of help and advice that they were looking for. The US Money Reserve really does allow them to make the best kinds of investments, and when people go to it for help they are left feeling great about themselves and what they have done.
There is no reason for anyone to look anywhere but to the US Money Reserve when they are thinking of investing some of their money into gold, silver or other precious metals. This company will help them to make the best possible investments, and they will be sure to be left feeling great about themselves when they go to it for help. It’s the kind of company that is all about doing the right thing, and when one realizes that they will feel great about going to it.
The customer service at the US Money Reserve really cannot be beat, and everyone who is wanting to invest in gold is going to want to go to this company for the help that they are longing for. They should be able to receive just what they need from it, and that will leave them feeling great.

U.S Money Reserve For Investments In Precious Metals

U.S Money Reserve is the nation’s largest distributor of gold, silver and platinum coins issued by the government. The company was started by gold market veterans who aimed at incorporating gold market knowledge with top-notch customer service. They help clients navigate through the process of selling or acquiring precious metals. Ownership of precious metals is meant to serve the purpose of safeguarding one’s wealth. However, the market for these precious metals is unregulated and associated with many risks. The prices of these precious metals are unstable, they can rise or fall rapidly and therefore those seeking to invest in the ownership of gold, silver and platinum coins are guided by the senior gold experts at U.S Money Reserve. A detailed explanation about purchasing the government issued coins is provided to the clients to enable them make informed decisions.
Purchasing or selling the government issued coins is associated with risks. It is not guaranteed that the value of the precious metals will remain the same or add value. At times the value of these precious metals declines. U.S Money reserves advices their clients that they must be willing and able to take risk associated with the value changes. The gold experts at U.S Money Reserve evaluate the markets to ensure the risk being taken by their clients is able to gain a reward in the long run. According to the U.S Money Reserve the factors that affect the value of the government issued coins include the stock market performance, supply and demand, inflation and the international monetary conditions. U.S Money Reserve, however, believes in the long term ability of these precious metals to add value and increase the reward for the investor. The precious metals are regarded as a long term way of preserving wealth.
The grading and description of gold, silver and platinum coins for the U.S Money Reserve depends on independent grading services such as that of Professional Coin Grading Services. These recognized grading services are able to certify their coins as well as guarantee them. However, the grades and descriptions of gold, silver and platinum coins are not facts but opinions which rely on standards and interpretations which may vary due to the changes that occur in the market over time. Therefore, U.S Money Reserve does not guarantee that in the future the coins will receive the same grades and descriptions from the independent grading service. With this kind of knowledge about the gold markets, clients have been able to trust them with the distribution of the precious metals.

The Many Benefits Of Purchasing With U.S. Money Reserve

U.S. Money Reserve is a firm that offers experience in precious metal commodity investment and distribution legal tinder and United States minted gold, silver, platinum and palladium coins. The U.S. Money reserve has been in business for over 10 years, and it has offered the majority of its several hundred thousand clients a return on their investment, and it continues to garner praise from its clientèle for a number of things. Clients are able to physically possess their purchases. Clients also have the exclusive opportunity to possess high caliber coins. U.S. Money Reserve also offers great incentives for buying and investing protection. U.S. Money Reserve is the top firm to purchase precious metals from for Unites States investors.

When clients sign up for an account with U.S. Money Reserve and make purchases, they are able to physically see and hold their purchase. The coins and bullion are not in the form of electronic or paper certificates. The currency distributed by U.S. Money Reserve is minted inside the United States, is legal tinder inside the country and it can be delivered to the client’s home or bank to be physically held and inspected.

The U.S. Money Reserve has been making mass purchases for over a decade now, and it has purchasing power from the government that affords its clients the best caliber coins available. The advantage to purchasing such high grade silver, gold and platinum coins and bullion is the chance for optimal value increase. If a client possesses the highest grade minted per metal, then the client stands to make the best return on an increase in market value.

Clients have special offers made to them at U.S. Money Reserve. They are allowed to return their certified coins within 30 days of the original purchases date if the purchase does not meet their satisfaction. If a client waits longer than 60 days, then the client can still return certified coins, but they’ll not have the full purchase price return guarantee. That is still an amazing offer for a product of any kind to be accepted over 60 days later for return.

U.S. Money Reserve has many other great benefits available for current customers and for new customers. The firm is run by highly experienced investors that know what they are talking about too. In addition to the sound advice, clients are offered the highest quality coins and amazing price protection.

Purchase Gold Bullion, On-line Convenience

If the economy starts to falter, where should you put your money? There are technical indications that the US economy is in danger of entering a recession. We may be able to avoid a recession, but be on the lookout for signs of one.

One indicator that signals a recession is a decline in jobs. An economy that cannot support the same number of jobs will have a tough time growing to say the least. And lately there has been bad news on that front. The jobs report for September was absolutely dismal, with 58,000 fewer jobs in that month alone, and it revised July/August with a decrease of 59,000 jobs than initially estimated.

Another aspect that is pointing to a recession in the American economy is that the Fed has not ended its zero interest rate policy. The downfall of ZIRP at this stage, with the economy shrinking, is that the Fed has no bullets left to fight a recession. It is impossible for the Fed to lower interest rates any more. There’s nothing they can do…unless they do the one thing they said they would not do: put out more cash into the system. This is called quantitative easing. This devalues the US dollar, by increasing the supply of notes without any increase in value of the economy. When investors lose confidence in the dollar as a representative asset, they turn to precious metals like gold, silver and platinum.

If you know stocks, it is possible to invest in ETFs that track the value of gold, but you do not own the actual gold. If you want to own actual gold/silver, you could go to a pawn shop (and be prepared to haggle). But it’s possible to buy gold from online sellers, like US Money Reserve ( The metal is in the form of coins which are easy to transport and store. And an added benefit of US Money Reserve is that the cost is fixed. US Money Reserve also sells other precious metals like silver and platinum, in addition to gold.

Hopefully the economy turns around strongly, but at the same time you can do something to protect your value that you’ve earned, by buying precious metals like gold and silver. And it’s not as hard as you think, as there are websites where you can buy precious metals directly.

What Businesses Can Learn From The Success of US Money Reserve

Finalizing on transactions that involve precious items like gold can prove challenging. Most people who have always wanted to trade in gold and silver coins have been stuck searching for the right facilitator to ensure these transactions are secure and reliable. This is a problem US Money Reserve has noted and to make it easier, they have helped eliminate all worries one can have while transacting with precious metals. They have implemented the installation of a secure system that helps to make it easier for people to buy real government issued gold coins. This is a service that has attracted many people including companies that are interested in this trade.

Efficiency is something that helps to make business more flawless and helps to increase productivity. This is a key factor that US Money Reserve has invested in having and surprisingly they have succeeded well. The company is designed to allow clients to navigate easily and to access relevant information within a click. This has been made possible by having a well guarded system that can also help them process transactions. US Money Reserve is a reliable company and their promise to offering quality has been fulfilled in the many projects they have handled.

They will not allow their clients to receive the wring quality or to be extorted in the payments. The company has instituted a policy that allows them to manage different kinds of precious coins. Selling your coins is also easy. US Money Reserve offers a simple process that helps the user to take control o different services within the system. To sell, one can easily make a request, which will be attended promptly by the staff team, which is always available around the clock. Their website offers invaluable materials that one can download to learn more about the trade and safe practices that can be used while transacting.

Money transfer is something that helps to make transactions complete, and this has been noted well by US Money Reserve. They have ensured all the transfer methods used do not put the user at a risk of losing huge sums of money. US Money Reserve has implemented the installation of a perfect system that allows the user to instantly make payment. Most transactions have been authorized to go through bank transfer and this has been possible in many ways. Bank wire transfer allows users to access a secure payment platform and offers more flexibility.