Jed McCaleb Strongly Believes A Single Blockchain Powered Payment System Is The Way Of The Future

Many individuals hearing the name Jed McCaleb immediately think of Stellar. This is a decentralized system created to improve the human condition by leveraging technology. Stellar was founded because Jeb McCaleb had no doubt the financial infrastructure of the world was broken. This left far too many people with no resources. He additionally founded Mt. Gox. He believes the entire world will eventually see a single payment system powered by Blockchain. Stellar is an international payment system powered by Blockchain and similar to Ripple.

Jed McCaleb believes an operable universal payments network will be available in the future. He feels it is possible for a hybrid system to use the Blockchain to facilitate flat currencies. Woon Bank in South Korea has already lined up Ripple for a commercial basis implementation in 2018. Financial institutions are considering both Ripple and Stellar as a way to shake up their current remittance models. A universal payment network may be achieved by 2028 using the blockchain technology of Stellar. This would be capable of processing traditional assets including shares and stocks as well as payments.

Jed McCaleb stated he believes all equity will be tokenized though blockchain. He says this potential change will happen before 2028. The XLM or Stellar Lumens token has been moving upwards for quite some time. Yesterday it dropped to $0.2512. Future drawbacks have been somewhat neutralized due to adopting the lightning network. This caught the attention of the press. Jed McCaleb has been involved with developing crypto for a long time. He predicted the international financial system including fundraising, payments and the stock market will be changed by technology by 2028.

Jed McCaleb’s resume includes serving as the Chief Executive Officer for Stellar and creating the Mt. Gox exchange. His input should not be ignored. He does not believe the market is currently being tapped due to the phenomenon of ICO’s or initial coin offerings. In four years, these ICO’s have assisted in raising almost $9 billion. Unfortunately, this has led to fraudsters using the new technology to take advantage. The have raised funds with this technology and investors have been left without their cash.

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The Purpose Behind The Foundation of NetPicks

When NetPicks was started, there was a purpose behind all of this. One of the purposes is to teach people to trade smarter, not longer. Many people think that holding onto trades for a long time is going to work out in their favor. The only issue with this is that it is not predictable as to whether or not the trade is going to work or not. In order to succeed with trading, people are going to need a strategy that goes beyond the length of the trade. Fortunately, this is where NetPicks comes in. One thing that helps people with this site is that it gives them the education they need to move forward.

There are plenty of goals that NetPicks is willing to help people reach. One of the goals is to have them make a career out of trading. The good news about NetPicks is that people who want to trade in any market are going to find that NetPicks deals with multiple markets including Forex and binary options (  This helps people learn the rules of their chosen market. This site is always updated with new insights that can bring a little more light to the strategies. Check for their tutorials.

NetPicks has insights that are helpful to the trader because it addresses the trader’s thinking. One thing that it reminds people is to have their minds on losing the least in the trades as opposed to trying to make huge gains. However, the new trader is going to have a harder time doing this because he does not understand how to look at the market. Fortunately, he can learn from the many different voices that give Forex trading a try ( With stock trading, he can learn about how to invest so that he can gain money other than just waiting for the stock price to reach a higher level.

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