OSI collaborates with Impossible Foods.

 Who is OSI Group?

 OSI is a food manufacturer based out of Auora, Illinois. OSI is very big on partnering and investing in other thriving companies. OSI is the leading as well as legal global protein provider in the industry. The company also has rapid growth rates. It currently has about 17 establishments around the country, including its home base in Illinois. The company works well with collaborations and investments.

 Who is Impossible Foods ?

 This company is responsible for producing the plant-based burger that is sweeping through fast-food restaurants. The company was founded in 2011 and has been rising every since. Impossible Food is a supplier of many different food chains and resturant.

How do these companies benefit by working together ?

 The companies are working together to overall increase production times as well as product lines. Impossible Foods is planning to expand into the grocery line of products as well. With OSI Group being such a large, and experienced cooperation, they are able to provide guidance and structure to their new partner which in return, increases the profit for all parties involved.

 OSI Group is will be producing the Impossible Burger for a limited time. Once OSI expressed how impressed they were with Impossible Foods and their level of quality, they were sold on the idea and commitment of teaming up with the company. OSI already has equipment installed to properly produce the same quality products that were originally produced by Impossible Foods.

 All parties involved are benefiting from the contract that Impossible Burger has signed with this larger supplier. The thriving company was dealing with a supply-and-demand imbalance and this deal just so happened to come along to meet all of their needs.

OSI is ecstatic to be adding to their product selection and assortment. OSI group has committed the becoming more involved and supportive in agricultural and economic matters and growth, especially sustainable farming. It is committed to providing alternative and sustainable products and ingredients to all companies and customers that are interested.

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Sheldon Lavin Has Helped Restaurants Through OSI Group

Sheldon Lavin has been owning OSI Group and packaging food for restaurants, companies, and schools. OSI Group has a total of 20,000 employees. Sheldon Lavin has had a history of earning business contracts because of the need for food. Lavin has a sterile way to package beef, pork, and other food items. Lavin will work and travel with his own employees to find more small business owners. The food has to be graded for quality and safety. They can order their food by calling OSI Group. After their payment has been processed, OSI Group will ship the items to their business.

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Sheldon Lavin gives his clients a chance to learn about the following:

  • their business needs
  • scheduling shipments
  • menu and orders
  • finding other business owners
  • consultations about goals

The consultations will help any potential client. They can set up the appointment by speaking to Sheldon Lavin through his office. For a better chance at getting great rates, Lavin can schedule a consultation on the phone. Some people want to know more about food processing. OSI Group can help them obtain knowledge about the cost and where OSI Group will meet with business clients.

Lavin has received awards through philanthropy and business ownership. Lavin has worked at a trustee for Ronald McDonald. OSI Group has received many different awards. They have a list of achievements on their business website. The company will be happy to answer questions about food processing. Lavin has always maintained a leadership position in any company that employees him. The company hasn’t had any struggles with finding owners or clients. Sheldon Lavin is proud to be a part of something that can always help to keep his clients knowing when to order shipping supplies. Restaurants have been successful because of the continued success of OSI Group.

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OSI Group Tames the Food Competition

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Partnerships are a common business tactic for two companies that have slightly opposing views, but stand on the same ground. They serve two key roles for the greater economy. The first is that by joining together, neither company alienates the consumer base of the other. This means consumers don’t loss out on any options they can pick from. Secondly, both companies can work together towards a common goal. A Gazette Day article describes a recent partnership between the meat supplier OSI Group and the meatless food maker Impossible Foods and its industry wide implications as both companies have plenty to offer to the other.

Starting with the younger company in the deal, Impossible Foods was founded in 2009 by former university professor Patrick Brown. He saw the harmful environment effects and poor animals practices that were plaguing the meat industry. This made him determined to discover a new food creation method using natural resources with a dash of modern technology. It was a bold task that he undertook as it spanned well over five years. He overcame hurdles such as funds and peer backlash, and the results in 2016 spoke for themselves. Patrick Brown presented the Impossible Burger to the world. The product flew off the store selves so quickly that it was near impossible to keep up with demand.

OSI Group has been in the business over a century, and an industry leader in recent decades. They have a wide range of connections and distribution lines established on a international scale. They noticed a blip on their radar, and thus invited the head of Impossible foods for a meeting. The two leaders realized they were on the same page about nearly everything. In order for OSI Group to continue thriving and for Impossible Foods to meet consumer demand, a dream partnership was forged between these two competitors.

The results of the partnership were a huge sigh of relief for both parties. However, the real winner is the consumer as they lose nothing, and actually gain easier access to the alternative product. OSI Group shows the effectiveness of joining together.

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How McDonalds Hamburgers Are Made

McDonalds is one of the top fast food restaurants that makes hamburgers, For decades, McDonalds has provided customers with some of the most delicious hamburgers in the world. In order to make its hamburgers, McDonald’s collaborates with a company called OSI Group. With OSI Group, many businesses in the food and restaurant industry are able to manufacture as well as store their products. The partnership between McDonald’s and OSI Group has been quite successful in both the production and sale of some of the world’s most popular hamburgers. When the hamburgers are made, they are taken from animal sources and brought to a factory.

At the factory, the workers are asked to gather the beef and sort it out. During the sorting out process, the workers look for bones and get as many of them out as possible. This ensures that the hamburgers don’t have any objects that may become a hazard to consumers who eat the hamburgers. The next step in the process is to put the beef in a machine that minces the meat. During this process, the beef is softened up and broken down into smaller pieces. When the beef is minced in the machine, the remaining bones are eliminated. After mincing the beef, it is then made into a circular shape and placed into a tray. This helps keep the hamburger shape during the remainder of the food production process.

The best beef patties are then put into another machine to be frozen. Once the beef patties are frozen, they are then put into a container. In the container, there are about four patties which are then placed into a package. The package is then placed in the warehouse for storage. Whenever the factory needs to have the packages transported, they are sent over to a distribution center for storage. When any McDonald’s restaurant places an order for hamburgers, the packages at the distribution center are then delivered to the local restaurant. Once the hamburgers arrive at the restaurant, they are cooked and then served to customers. The entire process of making hamburgers is very methodical in which they are efficiently made on a daily basis.

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How McDonalds Makes its Hamburgers

McDonalds is one of the leading fast food restaurant chains in the world. One of its most popular products is the hamburger. Like many other businesses, McDonalds has a process in which it makes its hamburgers. When it comes to making the hamburgers, the company partners up with another company called OSI Group. This company specializes in assembling, making and packaging food products all over the world. OSI Group McDonalds work together to make the hamburgers, store them and eventually sell them to consumers. As a result, OSI Group McDonalds has become one of the key partnerships in the food service industry.

The first step of the food manufacturing process in which OSI Group McDonalds makes hamburgers is assembling beef. When the beef is assembled, it is obtained by animal sources and sent to the factory. Once it is received at the factory, the beef is then sorted out by factory workers. They are responsible for finding bones and getting as much of them out as possible. After assembling the beef, OSI Group McDonalds have factory workers put the beef through a grinder to make it into smaller and softer pieces. By putting the beef through a grinder, the factory workers are able to get the remaining bone fragments out of the beef. Factory workers then begin putting the beef into the form of best beef patties. They assemble the beef and put it into circular objects.

Right before they put the beef into circular patties, they test the beef to make sure that it is sanitary and does not contain any debris. The beef patties are then put into a machine to be frozen. These frozen patties are then put into packaged containers. These patties are then put into boxes and are stored at the factory until further notice. Once the patties are put into boxes, they are then sent over to the warehouse which serves as the food distribution center. Once arriving at the distribution center, the packages are left there until a local restaurant places an order. Once a McDonalds restaurant places an order, hamburgers are delivered and are then sold to customers who visit the restaurant location.

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OSI Food Solutions Awarded Globe of Honor Awards

OSI Food Solutions is a leading global company that has been supplying food products and solutions to clients for years. The company is highly committed to offering reputable and reliable food services to its customers so that all their demands are well attained. Mostly, its line of business is on the meat products where it has upheld quality and high standard products.

Moreover, it is the primary aim of the OSI Food Solutions Company to provide an eco-friendly environment that is conducive to its employees to work. It ensures that there is safety and more so proper sustainability of health so that the employees can feel secure. The services of OSI Food Solutions UK have been outstanding such that they have led the company to earn prestigious Globe of Honor Award from the British Safety Council for ensuring proper management of environmental risks.

Amongst the 18 organizations that were presented with that Globe of Honor Award from 2016, OSI Food Solutions UK was on the list. The award is given to the companies that have the audit requirements from the British Safety Councils in the management of environmental risks yearly.

The company has increased its services to other countries so that it can reach a significant number of customers. Some of its branches are in China, Germany and United Kingdom whereas its primary headquarter is in Aurora, Illinois. In the process of opening more offices, the OSI Food Solutions UK acquired the Baho Food that is famous for convenience foods. The acquisition of Baho Food was in line with the need of OSI Food Solutions since the brand of Baho corresponds to that of OSI Food Solutions.

Besides, the OSI Food Solutions UK identified an opportunity of increasing its market of meat to European countries since the Baho Food has deep roots there. This was an excellent strategy for the OSI Food Solutions to explore the new market in Europe with the help of Baho. The profile of OSI in the food industry is remarkable, and the legacy it has makes it stand strong in the market despite the stiff competition from other food processing companies more so in meat products industry. To get better food services for your events or any other function, it is imperative that you consider the OSI Food Solutions UK since it is recognized. Through the Globe of Honor Awards provide evidence that the working environment of the company is eco-friendly.

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OSI Food Solutions: A Dominant Force in the Food Industry

If you’ve been following business news, especially in the food industry, you may have heard that OSI Food Solutions, a privately held food supplier, has managed to double their chicken production capacity. What does this mean for OSI clients and the food industry, as a whole? Well, for the OSI group, a company that has been in existence for over a century, it means that their restaurant clients will benefit from an unprecedented level of service, namely in output and the delivery. If you’re not already familiar with OSI Food Solutions, it is a global food supplier with an impressive client base including McDonald’s, Papa Johns, and Subway. Also, they were one of the primary food suppliers during the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

Although headquartered in Aurora, IL, OSI Food Solutions is a global company operating in a variety of countries including Spain, which coincidentally, is home to OSI Spain, a facility that produces a combined 45,000 tons of chicken, beef, and pork products. Founded in 1909, OSI Food Solutions (also known as OSI Group) is no stranger to innovation; the company routinely makes investments in their infrastructure and is always seeking ways to streamline production. In fact, in 2016, OSI purchased a 200,000 square-foot facility previously occupied by Tyson Foods for a reported $7.4 million. According to several reports, the rationale behind the purchase was to ramp up production, and also, to accommodate additional food processing equipment.

The OSI Spain facility is located in Toledo, an ancient city in central Spain. According to refrigeratedfood.com, an online publication serving the food and beverage manufacturing market, chicken production at the facility has experienced exponential growth, going from 12,000 to 24,000 tons per year. Also, beef and pork have seen similar upticks in production; collectively, OSI Spain is producing 45,000 tons of meat products annually. The facility, which is over 22,000 square feet, was renovated to include a new production hall as well as new shipping and receiving areas. In addition, the facility was fitted with refrigerated rooms, a product development kitchen, and dedicated storage for supplies.

According to OSI’s Chief Operating Officer David McDonald, these upgrades will go a long way in ensuring that the OSI Food Solutions can continue to anticipate and meet the needs of their clients. McDonald further goes on to state that these upgrades will enable OSI to broaden their product portfolio and create new employment opportunities.

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OSI Group, Custon Foods & 21st Century Foodservices

These types of companies provide vital services to supermarkets, to retailors, to schools and to restaurants on a daily basis. Despite there being a plethora of foodservice companies in society today, there is one that seems to set itself apart from the rest. This company is known as OSI Group, and it has helped to set new trends in this dynamic industry. OSI Group is actually everything that you would want in a food service company. Why? This company completely handles every aspect of the business. This most definitely can’t be said for most of OSI’s competition.

At this early time, the company only specialized in meat-locker services. As the company began to grow, the profits began to rolled in. This company has grown into a top 100 country thanks to its great products and thanks to its ethical way of conducting business. OSI Group has a huge selection of food products to choose, which includes:

• Fritters

• Pot Roast

• Turkey Products

• Poultry Products

• Pizza

• Chicken Fried Steak

• Panini

• Flatbread

• Soups

• Cucumber

• Chili

• Onion

• And more

In 2011, Forbes had OSI Group ranked at the 136th position of the nation’s largest privately held companies. There are well-over 20,000 employees that call this place home and the company is always seeking ambitious people to fill the empty positions. Yes, this is only a smudge of information, but you should have a stronger understanding of why OSI Group is so great.

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Nathaniel Ru’s Entrepreneurial Spirit

Nathaniel Ru is a co-founder and co-director at Sweetgreen. Sweetgreen was started 13years ago by Nicolas Jammer and Jonathan Neman and Nathaniel Ru. The trio came up with the business after discussing the need and availability of affordable and healthy food in Georgetown. They came up with a business plan, but they didn’t have any experience in that area that they were just about to venture.


The business was at first located at the M Street, which became too small and pushed to the construction of the Sweetgreen. Nathaniel together with his partners used their seniors in college and other experts in the field to gather information on how to maintain the business. The second location of the firm didn’t do well either, and that is when the trio decided that they will incorporate music into the project to bring in more customers as they sell their products. Nathaniel and his partners have made it their primary objective to inspire all those who attend the event to live a healthy life.


The founder says that their company is not just salad anymore, it has five actual value, keep it real, think sustainability, add the sweet touch, win win win and make an impact. Sweetgreen also has a concern for the neighboring Georgetown community, and they get involved in helping where they can. Healthy dining has gotten root on campus since the introduction of healthy Sweetgreen, which backdates to 13 years down the line.


The faculty and students are already on the path of healthy dining, and this is a success to Nathaniel and his partners. The trio says that this is not the end of the journey, but it has just started. They have a duty to educate the public and also make it easy for them to get healthy culinary options.


About Nathaniel Ru


He is one of the directors and co-chief executive officer at Sweetgreen. In the year 2007, he graduated from Georgetown University with an E in finance. Sweetgreen is the first business that he actively involved himself in. He and the partners believed that the community was lacking something crucial and that is the delicious, healthy food. They also believed that the food should be one that is affordable at the same time. Nathaniel and his partners have seen the growth of Sweetgreen going up to 27 location.


Nathaniel and his associates launched sweetlife in the year 2010. Like Sweetgreen sweetlife has also grown to be the best food and music festival in the region. Nathaniel has been a beneficiary in Sweetgreen’s brand’s recognition like USA today, Forbes, Bloomberg, Washingtonian, CBS and CNBC, Food and Wines and other. Nathaniel and his partners have also gotten particular attention like Forbes under 30.