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Equities First Holdings – Offering A Simple Way To Get A Loan

Having access to a simple loan program enables loan seekers to meet their needs. Equities First Holdings and its team of financial experts take the time to understand their clients’ needs and provide the guidance they need to reach their goals. The stock-based loans available from this reputable lending firm is a great option for many people, particularly those who do not want to deal with traditional lenders.

Robert Ivy’s Well-deserved Award

Robert Ivy surprised many especially those he works for and with after he was acknowledged with the Noel Polk Lifetime Award. Being the executive vice president and chief executive officer of the American Institute of Architects (AIA), he became the first one to receive this award in Mississippi in this particular sector. The award is normally given by the charitable Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters (MIAL) which recognizes living artists and art patrons whose works are unique and deserve to become honoured. Other than his position at American Institute of Architects, Robert Ivy is also a writer and an editor as well as a practising architect which fit him well considering his contribution in the architectural field.

Before joining American Institute of Architects, he was editor in chief for McGraw Hill’s Architectural Record. While here, he still managed to achieve a few awards such as a National Magazine Award and was as well recognized as a master architect who is a title that is given to renowned architects by the Alpha Rho Chi which is a national architecture society. With his editorials, Robert Ivy has managed to enlighten the society about what architecture entails and what they should expect whenever they need to put up buildings and if they are near such an environment with constructions. By so doing, he has made people realize when things are not being done right and can identify and report any dangerous activities with the help of information that is gathered through his avenues.

Robert Ivy is a holder of a Bachelor of Arts in English from Sewanee: The University of the South and a Master of Architecture from the University of Tulane which explains his undisputable expertise and achievements in architecture. Working at American Institute of Architects has offered him a platform to reach many people considering that the company majors in creating more treasured neighborhoods with good physical shape and secure, sustainable buildings and communities. In that case, the society’s security comes first which Robert Ivy has been covering constantly and holistically in the columns he authors. His great work, therefore, has been categorized as unique and deserves to be recognized as it has a lifetime impact in the community and the world at large considering that his platforms are accessible to everyone globally. With the award, he won while at AIA, it proved of his good work over the years which came as an achievement for him individually and the company as well.


TransUnion Appoints Heather Russell as Chief Legal Officer

Heather Russell has been appointed by TransUnion as its Chief Legal Officer and Executive Vice President. She is expected to take on her duties as of 4th June 2018. Russell has vast experience spanning over 20 years in the global finance industry.

She also has experience and expertise in merger and acquisition, regulatory finance, data privacy, and security as well as consumer financial services. She will be in charge of corporate governance, legal, consumer privacy functions and compliance. Russell will be reporting directly to TransUnion’s Chief Executive Officer, Jim Peck.

Speaking on the new appointment, Jim Peck the company’s President and Chief Executive officer said that it was a pleasure to have Heather Russell on board considering her extensive experience and expertise in global finance and legal affairs. “I am delighted to have Heather Russell join our team. I believe with her vast experience in legal and global finance our company will be able to achieve our set goals in the near future” said Peck.

Prior to her new appointment, Heather Russell worked at Buckley Sandler, LLP law firm as a leader in the company’s financial institutions, fintect practices, and supervision. She has also worked at the Fifth Third Bank as an Executive Vice President and Chief Legal Officer before joining Buckley Sandler, LLP.

Besides that Heather Russell has also worked at the Bank of America as a Senior Vice President and Associate General Counsel. Her appointment at TransUnion is expected to turn around the company’s operations and increase its global presence.

About TransUnion

TransUnion is dedicated to coming up with innovative ways through which information can be used to help both businesses and individuals make informed decisions. The company makes use of historical information and alternative data sources to reveal unique stories and trends at every data point.

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The Oxford Club Uses Networking to Find Choice Investments

The Oxford Club has one simple and yet profound mission and that is to help their members grow and protect wealth at a faster than average rate. This private network of investors and entrepreneurs all pull in the same direction and help each other out in the process. Most investors are happy when their returns equal the benchmark or something close to it. The excellent research products that club members have access to is often the catalyst that leads to outpacing the general markets.

One of the main avenues in which The Oxford Club gives its members an edge in their investments are the three-monthly newsletters that they produce. This enables them to access an expert’s market analysis and numerous trading ideas as well. Analyzing the health of current trends and spotlighting those beginning to emerge are also included as well as model portfolios.

Trading advisory services are also a big part of the comprehensive market research that The Oxford Club engages in. With these products, savvy traders who are also top-notch researchers highlight some of the best potential setups that could boost one’s portfolio. There are 12 of them and they each deal with different niches such as the options market.

The Oxford Club does more than just provide an expert’s point of view on trading and investing. Networking is encouraged and provides great opportunities for members to pool their collective knowledge and pick the brains of talented financial professionals. They regularly host conferences in desirable locations where members can vacation while they deepen their market knowledge and investing IQ.

The innovation behind the founding of The Oxford Club was their method of finding the greatest potential in the markets. The initial small circle of investors utilized their personal contacts as a primary means of finding strong market trends in their nascent stage. This is still employed today and features prominently in many of their publications.

The varying membership levels of The Oxford Club have something for everyone and each provides access to their expert research staff. Financial freedom may seem like an impossibility for many investors, however, The Oxford Club makes it a distinct possibility quicker than many realize.

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Three Financial Mistakes That You Want To Avoid If Possible, According to Southridge Capital

Finance is one subject that gives most people headaches. It is a giant pain in the butt, whether you have money in the bank or you do not. You need to concentrate on the small successes to get somewhere, according to Southridge Capital. Paying attention to the little details is part of your success. Today we will discuss three mistakes some clients make early on, that keeps them from achieving their dreams.

1) Do you have a retirement account? A retirement account is a nest egg that will keep you secure for years to come. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people who do not have a retirement account. Sometimes the economic factors play a role in that. Clients who can afford to set something aside should. You need to do it in your 20’s. That will give your money time to compound. The longer you wait, the less money you will have when it is time to retire.

2) How many are looking for a new house right now? You may have even come to Southridge to talk financing. You need to stay away from houses that are too “expensive” for your wallet. You may live in a big home, but you will be “house poor.” That means you pay more than you should for your mortgage. That means less money for your retirement. Buy something you can “comfortably afford” and call it a day.

3) Buying a car you cannot afford is another way to get yourself in debt. I did this once, a few years back. I did not have a lot of options. I ended up paying more for a car than I should have. Remember that your car will start depreciating the second you drive it off the lot. A car can depreciate at least 11% after you drive it off the lot.

An average loan is at least $68,0000 for 5 years or so. Do you plan on putting the car on your credit card and pay it off on time? That purchase is going to depreciate in value too. You can visit their website southridge.com

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How Southridge LLC Works for You

If you would like to be able to make use of an amazing financial institution, Southridge is there for you. The most important thing about using a financial company like this is that they are there for you when you need it the most and can help you with just about any financial situation you’re dealing with right now. Southridge Capigtal has the experience behind them to help with your unique situations, which might not be solved any other way than if you were to see a financial advisor. The advisors working for Southridge have years of experience and are trained to help those with financial problems.

If you feel it is time for you to make use of a company like this, it is time for you to contact Southridge Capital and see what they can do for you. Southridge is a great company to make use of, and they are going to help in any way that they can. The first thing that they will help you to do is create a budget that you are going to be able to work with each day. They can also help with any and all credit problems that you’re facing right now, so make sure that this is something that you’re going to be able to get done when utilizing the services provided by Southridge. For more details visit Crunchbase.

There are lots of reasons for you to use Southridge, and one of the main reasons is because of the experience they have behind them to help with your financial woes. There is never a bad time to get professional help when you need it, and this is when you’re going to want to consider contacting Southridge or visiting one of their two main offices in New York and Connecticut. Once you hire their services, you will be well on your way to getting help and knowing that you are doing something that is sure to be beneficial for each and every one of your financial issues without having to try to deal with the issues on your own without knowing how or why you should do it.

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Rebuilds The Trust In The Financial Market

NexBank doubles as a widely trusted online bank based in Dallas, Texas and overseen nationwide by CEO and president, John Holt. His strong leadership skills has helped their financial institution raise over $2.4 million dollars in strong common equity. Their services continue to exceed that of their competitors. Their stockholders were proud to tell PRN Newswire their clients are backed with over $40 billion dollars in assets and reliable government FDIC insurance. Their financial growth will also contribute to their internal and leadership team growth, as well as, the expansion of their general counsel. Their investors intend to back them 100% in their efforts to grow.

NexBank Financial Services

– Anytime access to your account

– Multiple device capabilities

– Direct deposit

– Online bill pay

– Free checks

There is always a friendly online support technican standing by to take your call and answer your concerns. You’ll never have to navigate a new account on your own and can get details on an existing account. Take back your financial freedom with a first-time home owners program or an installment loan for your dream car. Visit the exclusive NexBank website for more details on their services and promotional offers today.