Clement Perrette Uses Big Data to Help Make Investment Choices

There is a good reason why Big Data is heavily used in the financial markets. Big Data helps institutional investors to analyze patterns and trends among individual companies, various economic sectors, and the global economy to make better investment decisions. Big Data allows investors to broaden their investing perspective from local investments to global investments. Investors can make profitable investments while minimizing losses with the help of Big Data. One of the leaders of this new use of technology in the financial markets that has turned into a global financial culture is Clement Perrette.

He has spent decades in the financial markets industry and is an expert in fixed income investments, government bonds, derivatives, and an investment vehicle known as STRIPS. Clement uses the advancements in Big Data to guide his investment decisions as a fixed income fund manager.

While Clement Perrette was a Managing Director at Barclays Capital, he was charged with improving the company’s trading system. He put a team together that built the first-generation automated trading system, which is a system that is now the norm among financial institutions. As a Senior Fixed Income Fund Manager for RAM Active Investments, he works with a team that used data science tools to help automate investment decisions.

Big Data enables investment professionals to process and analyze a large set of data at a high rate of speed. This allows professionals like Clement Perrette to make quick decisions when financial trends can change at a moment’s notice.

It also allows investors to anticipate any unforeseen positive or negative movements in the global market. Yet, no matter how much technology and Big Data is used in the financial markets, the human component will always be necessary to make key investment decisions. Refer to This Article for related information.

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JD Founder Richard Liu Qiangdong Speaks at Recent Forum

Richard Liu Qiangdong attended a recent business forum in order to talk about the latest developments of his company JD. At the event, Richard Liu talked about how he started up his company and what he plans to achieve in the future. Along with revealing the latest developments of his company, Richard also talked about his education and previous business experience. Liu also discussed his personal life such as his family and hobbies. During the event, Richard Liu provided some very interesting information that allowed attendees to learn more about one of China’s most notable entrepreneurs. The career of Richard Liu Qiangdong began after he completed educational programs in both sociology and business.

After he completed a business program at a top international business school in Beijing, Liu worked as a computer programmer. His experience with computer programming eventually led to him gaining employment at a leading company known as Japan Life. At this company, Liu spent a few years working as its computing department director. Richard Liu would eventually pursue other business ventures after working at Japan Life. While he was still attending college as a student, Richard Liu Qiangdong started his first business. He opened up a restaurant and ran it for a couple of years. While this gave him initial experience as an entrepreneur, Richard Liu had to shut it down due to not having enough time to manage it.

However, this would not deter Richard as he would open up another business several years later. After his career working in the technology industry, Richard Liu Qiangdong opened up a retail business that sold magneto optics products. In the first year the business was successful but this venture would eventually close down. Due to an outbreak of SARS, customers were no longer able to visit the store location. As a results, sales declined and Liu had to shut the store down. His third attempt at entrepreneurship turned out to be very successful. Richard Liu Qiangdong founded JD which would serve as a multi purpose retailer. At first the store was small with a limited selection of goods. However, Richard Liu expanded the inventory and eventually established the business as a large retail conglomerate. Today, JD is the largest retailer in China. The company has been successful due to offering ecommerce solutions, fast shipping methods and technological innovation.

Igor Cornelsen’s Advice on Dealing with the Redundant Brazilian Banking System

Brazil economy and the banking system has experienced turbulence in recent years, which is shown by stunted growth. While banks all over the world suffer distressed economies, the case of Brazil has been abnormal. According to Igor Cornelsen, the only way Brazil can overcome the challenges posed by the economy at the moment is developing adequate knowledge and developing more market-oriented reforms and fiscal strictness. Although Brazil is going through this uncertain times, Igor Cornelsen advice investors to venture into the Brazilian market due to the opportunities that are available in other sectors of the economy

In his publication, Igor Cornelsen urges investors to think of investing in Brazil because the country is the largest economy in South America. Brazil trades with big economies such as China, with their economies being inherently linked. This means that Brazilian goods fetch a good market, thus, being an international competitor. Due to the previous overvaluation of the Brazilian currency, but at the moment the government has sold dollar swaps in the market. As a result, the Brazilian currency has witnessed some appreciation.

Igor Cornelsen has remained to be positive about the Brazilian economy even during this turbulent times. His works as an investment banker and in 1974 was named as the best investment banker. This earned him a promotion to the CEO of Multibanco company. He worked for the company until it was acquired by the Bank of America when he decided to join Unibanco, where he served as a director.

Igor Cornelsen’s Career and Contribution to the Banking Sector

Later on, Igor Cornelsen founded Bainbridge Investment Inc., which is based in the Bahamas. He serves as an investment advisor, providing his clients with sound investment strategies. Among his prestigious clients are the protuberant US companies like Burger King. In his teachings, he tells his clients to pay close attention to currency exchange rates since they determine whether a business venture will be successful or not.

Igor Cornelsen says that he started learning the art of financial management at a young age. He says much of his knowledge comes from experimenting and reading extensively. Being a proficient researcher has made him identify trends in economic markets ahead of his peers. Read more about Igor Cornelsen:

Shervin Pishevar says tech monopolies will perpetuate their power both covertly and overtly

Shervin Pishevar has, perhaps, more experience in the world of technology and what it takes to found successful tech startups than anyone else in the country today. With a proven track record of forming some of the most successful tech startups in the history of America, Shervin Pishevar knows a thing or two about how the industry really works at its core. Unfortunately, his prognosis for the future of the country’s tech industry isn’t a good one.

Shervin Pishevar has long warned of the abuses that are routinely committed by the Big Five tech monopolies. He says that the monopolies have only one real goal at this point: the perpetuation of their monopolistic power. Shervin Pishevar has said that these tech giants will use both overt and covert means to attain these ends, including through the use of such things as implied threats through payments, a version of a gambit well known to many who are familiar with the Mexican drug trade. There, such activities are known as plata o plomo, which means cash or lead, with the mere act of offering the payment itself carrying an implied warning of severe retribution, should the deal not be accepted.


The tech monopoly version is a little less violent. But Shervin Pishevar warns that no mistake should be made. The end result can be every bit as pernicious to society as the taking over of a town by a drug cartel. He says that the way that the tech monopolies carry this racket out is by offering any potential startup that could even possibly pose a serious competitive threat down the road a large payment to buy the company outright. This is a similar technique to the one used by John Rockefeller as he built Standard Oil into a powerful monopoly. The offer of $10 or $20 million is made to the founders, who are often little more than college kids with a few years of real-world experience. To these young entrepreneurs, a life-changing lump-sum payment looks like the deal of a lifetime.


But to sweeten the deal a bit, the tech monopolies also let them know that, should they not take the deal, they will then be run out of business and the value of their company will fall to zero.

Soccer and Basketball form the Centerpiece of Wes Edens Sports Investing

The Summer of 2018 was an exciting time for Wes Edens, the founder of Fortress Investment and Fortress Energy, as he developed his sports-related interests. Edens is well known as the head of the Milwaukee Bucks NBA franchise and has recently expanded his sports investing in the competitive sector of English soccer. The many opportunities for investing in soccer are obvious in the U.K. with the Fortress Investments Chair choosing to take a part-ownership in the historic soccer team, Aston Villa.

The Birmingham-based club was relegated from the Premier League during the 2015-16 season and are hoping the investment made by Wes Edens and his partners will bring them a return to the top flight by the end of the current season. Edens has partnered with the Egyptian billionaire Nassef Sawiris to take a 55 percent stake in the former European Champions worth an estimated $39 million.

Fans of Aston Villa will be hoping for a turnaround similar to that seen in Milwaukee by the Bucks under the leadership of Edens which saw the team move to a new, purpose-built arena. Aston Villa has been seeking a high-profile investor such as Edens in their bid to redevelop their Villa Park Stadium and better their loss in the playoff final of last season.

Wes Edens is a former investment manager who became a well-known figure in the investing and clean energy sectors after founding Fortress Investments in 1998 and Fortress Energy in 2014. Understanding the problems of global energy consumption has pushed Edens to develop the Fortress Energy brand which is fighting to enhance the transition to clean, renewable energy. Under the leadership and oversight of Wes Edens, the business leader has developed a series of ways to enhance the use of Liquified Natural Gas, which includes the development of a partnership with the Government of Jamaica in terms of clean energy creation.


Robert Ivy’s Well-deserved Award

Robert Ivy surprised many especially those he works for and with after he was acknowledged with the Noel Polk Lifetime Award. Being the executive vice president and chief executive officer of the American Institute of Architects (AIA), he became the first one to receive this award in Mississippi in this particular sector. The award is normally given by the charitable Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters (MIAL) which recognizes living artists and art patrons whose works are unique and deserve to become honoured. Other than his position at American Institute of Architects, Robert Ivy is also a writer and an editor as well as a practising architect which fit him well considering his contribution in the architectural field.

Before joining American Institute of Architects, he was editor in chief for McGraw Hill’s Architectural Record. While here, he still managed to achieve a few awards such as a National Magazine Award and was as well recognized as a master architect who is a title that is given to renowned architects by the Alpha Rho Chi which is a national architecture society. With his editorials, Robert Ivy has managed to enlighten the society about what architecture entails and what they should expect whenever they need to put up buildings and if they are near such an environment with constructions. By so doing, he has made people realize when things are not being done right and can identify and report any dangerous activities with the help of information that is gathered through his avenues.

Robert Ivy is a holder of a Bachelor of Arts in English from Sewanee: The University of the South and a Master of Architecture from the University of Tulane which explains his undisputable expertise and achievements in architecture. Working at American Institute of Architects has offered him a platform to reach many people considering that the company majors in creating more treasured neighborhoods with good physical shape and secure, sustainable buildings and communities. In that case, the society’s security comes first which Robert Ivy has been covering constantly and holistically in the columns he authors. His great work, therefore, has been categorized as unique and deserves to be recognized as it has a lifetime impact in the community and the world at large considering that his platforms are accessible to everyone globally. With the award, he won while at AIA, it proved of his good work over the years which came as an achievement for him individually and the company as well.


HCR Wealth Advisors Speaks About Financial Planning

HCR Wealth Advisors is a privately held firm that specializes in investment management and financial planning. It was founded in 1988 and located in Los Angeles, California. HCR Wealth Advisors prides itself on helping out its clients weather the uncertainties of the financial market by providing sound investment strategies. This helps to secure a proper financial future for the clients. It helps the clients prepare for the changes that take place during life’s transitions. The company also can help address challenges faced in running a business.

HCR Wealth Advisors’ mission is to create a lifetime connection with its clients regarding education, communication, trust and service. They identify financial risks and help to mitigate any unexpected curveballs. The company prides itself on being discreet.  The company coordinates hand in hand to identify a customized investment strategy for every client. In a generation where the middle-aged are financially responsible for both their parents and their children, there is a need for a financial strategy that works.

HCR Wealth Advisors tries to alleviate some of the stress due to these circumstances. It advises that one should focus on saving up for their retirement. It might seem impossible with the compounded responsibility, but it is paramount that one continues to stash away funds for retirement. This avoids a situation where you also end up dependent on your children for financial support during old age. Then one must prepare for college costs. Avoiding the effect of student loans may be advantageous in helping out the young adults to move out after graduation. Finally, a good understanding of the parents’ health care and finances is vital. Looking at all these factors will help one create a sustainable retirement plan for the parents and to help out where need be. It is also essential to check on their health care to identify the particular needs that might require extra resources than is stipulated in their health insurance. Read more posts about HCR Wealth Advisors on Facebook.

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What You Should Know: Agora Financial

The Agora Financial company provides independent economic analysis, education, and commentary. They do all of that by making use of online seminars, online and print publications, conference calls, videos, and so much more. By making use of the free and paid publications the company is able to provide consumers with unbiased market commentary and market news. The company is 100% independent, and their editors have never and will never except money from any companies or investors in exchange for some coverage.The editors with this company are certainly not afraid of making some bold predictions. Many places such as CNBC, the Wall Street Journal, and The Washington Post have recognized the insights of these editors. The Agora Financial company is known for being the subsidiary of The Agora Inc. company, and they have been around for over 30 years.

The company has been able to trace their roots back to three of the groundbreaking financial publications, such as the The Daily Reckoning (from 1999), the Strategic Investment (from 1984), and the Plague of the Black Debt (from 1992). The company had already come up with many accurate economic forecasts by the time that they had become an independent LLC during the 2004 year.All throughout the history of the company they had been able to beat the mainstream financial media when it came to getting information first. This company is responsible for letting their readers know well ahead of time about the housing bubble, the excesses underlying the Panic of 2008, and the tech bubble.

In most cases this lead to the company prospering, whereas most of the other companies were losing money.The executive publisher of the company is Addison Wiggin. Wiggin is a best-selling author that was the main person behind the I.O.U.S.A film. All of the editorial team with the company is going to continue to challenge all of the everyday publishing outlets by making sure that the consumers have access to irreverent, insightful commentary.The Agora Financial company has certainly been through a lot over the years. It is easy to see how their company has easily accomplished so much though, with how much they are willing to do in order to keep their consumer base happy.

Why Ian King Thinks Investors Should Be Interested In E-Currencies

Ian King has been in the financial industry for 20 years. He is an investor and entrepreneur who also founded Intellicoins. He both develops and publishes content that teaches other investors about how cryptocurrency markets work. He spent a decade on Wall Street at Peahi Capital where he was their chief trader. He got his start in the industry at Salomon Brothers where he worked on the Mortgage Bond trading desk. He graduated from Lafayette College with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology.

In 2017, Ian King joined Banyan Hill Publishing. He now contributes on a weekly basis to their financial newsletter Sovereign Investor Daily. His role it to reveal the latest developments in the cryptocurrency industry. He’s also developing a trading course that will help Banyan Hill Publishing readers navigate this somewhat confusing industry.


There are now many cryptocurrencies. The most known and popular one is bitcoin. Other well-known ones are ripple, monero, and lightcoin as well as over a hundred other ones. The top executive of Banyan Hill Publishing, Jeff Yastine says that there are unfortunately a lot of frauds in the industry according to There is a lot of online advertising where some motivational speaker is suddenly pitching themselves as a genius when it comes to cryptocurrency. That’s why they brought Ian King on board because he is actually an expert in these currencies.

Ian King started to become interested in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies when the big financial crisis of 2007-2008 ended. The Fed had dropped interest rates all the way to zero and he couldn’t decide if cryptocurrencies were a better alternative to the U.S. dollar or not. Then, in 2012 he met the team at a startup who were trying to create an e-currency that would give central banks around the world a way to both print and distribute a digital version of their money. While this wasn’t a cryptocurrency (because it actually had the backing of national governments) but it did get him interested in how these forms of currency could facilitate transactions between people who knew nothing about each other and with no middleman handling them.

He says that there are reasons that investors should be interested in cryptocurrencies. Among them is that, as mentioned, there are no middlemen in the way. He says this will inspire cooperation between the owners of these e-currencies. He also says they are very volatile which gives savvy investors a way to make large returns.

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An Open Conversation: David Giertz and Social Security

David Giertz is a financial advisor for Nationwide Investment Services. He has more than thirty years of experience in this particular field. His office is located in Columbus, Ohio. He helped grow Nationwide’s revenues from eleven billion to over seventeen billion dollars per year.

Before David joined Nationwide he was a member of Citigroup. It was here that he began to hone his skills as a financial advisor. He quickly rose through the ranks and exceeded many goals that were set for him. He has an MBA from the University of Miami. In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, David explains why some financial advisors do not talk to their clients about Social Security.

The main reason that advisors don’t talk to their clients about Social Security is that there are over two-thousand-seven hundred rules when it comes to Social Security. It is a very complex and daunting task for them to talk about with their clients. Advisors need to take an interest in the rules of Social Security because many of their clients may have to depend on it for most of their income. If they do not the advisor will take a big risk in losing the client for their lack of knowledge on Social Security matters. Advisors need to do the best they can for their clients in order to have enough money in Social Security when they need it. If a client takes Social Security out too early then the client could risk losing as much as three hundred thousand dollars in twenty-five years. That is a big chunk of change.

This is one of the reasons that David Giertz is here to help clients manage their money for the future. He knows what he is doing when it comes to retirement. that makes his clients happy.