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Equities First Holdings – Offering A Simple Way To Get A Loan

Having access to a simple loan program enables loan seekers to meet their needs. Equities First Holdings and its team of financial experts take the time to understand their clients’ needs and provide the guidance they need to reach their goals. The stock-based loans available from this reputable lending firm is a great option for many people, particularly those who do not want to deal with traditional lenders.

Max Salk Is Proof Passions Can Inspire Career Paths

Society has always favored an austere specialist to “The Generalist.” It’s the title coined for someone adept at doing various activities and mastering multiple professions. Specialization remains a core element of some career paths such as architecture and medicine.

In the internet age, there’s a shift, where being a generalist translates to wealth and success. Generalists do extraordinarily well in fields that require a stretch of the imagination, particularly those that involve unpredictable, complex problem-solving. David Epstein’s latest book “Range: Why Generalists Triumph in a Specialized World” explains why this is so. It concludes that not being specialized enable generalists to explore innovative concepts and share creative insights. These professionals also do remarkably well in specialized settings. Having led productive, successful careers, New York-based landscape photographer and investment analyst, Max Salk, knows the value of being multifaceted.

His success comes from choosing the things he truly enjoys doing. He further explains that being genuinely interested in a certain field(s) feeds the motivation to challenge oneself. His sincere advice to aspiring professionals is for them to search within to unlock their passion and embrace it. With the many opportunities out there today, he believes success has many dimensions; it’s up to the aspirant to realize the possibilities.

Max Salk hails from Illinois. He studied history and finance at the prestigious University of Illinois-Urbana Champaign. It was there he developed a love for the stock markets and spent his spare time researching investment options. His studies abroad in the Dutch province, Rotterdam, the Netherlands, afforded him the platform to unlock his passion for photography. He created a website to showcase all of his photography work; with one of his favorite shots from his Rotterdam experience being the first sample. Besides photography and investments, he expresses a fondness for music and sports as well.

When Max Salk completed his education, he landed his first employment with PPM America, a prominent Chicago investment manager. He was a capital financial markets research analyst. Three years later he relocated to New York, where he joined the Blackstone family. He’s a credit research analyst and V.P. at the firm. Despite his commitment to this role, Salk doesn’t miss an opportunity to do photography. He documents all his travels and shares his photo stories on Instagram and his website.


James River Capital and Paul Saunders Keys To Succeed

Many people have great business ideas but simply don’t have the faintest idea of how to fund their venture. It can be quite frustrating to feel confident about a product or service but have to let it go because you simply don’t have the money to move forward. As the CEO and founder of James River Capital Corp., Paul Saunders is familiar with different strategies for funding that can provide you with the assistance you need to bring your idea to market. 

Paul Saunders earned his undergraduate degree from the University of Virginia and attended the University of Chicago to obtain an MBA. The backdrop of his career includes positions in trading and investment banking. Needless to say, he’s familiar with economics, especially as it relates to investing. He has worked at A.G. Becker and Warburg Paribas Becker, holding positions in commodity and finance departments. 

Another noteworthy venture was his role at Kidder, Peabody, and Co. where he worked as Director of Managed Accounts and Commodity Funds. The depth and breadth of his experience are extensive, including the position of President at KP Futures Management Corp. He eventually acquired the company and renamed it James River Capital Corp, which is located in Richmond, Virginia. After acquiring the business, he changed its structure to an independent investment firm. 

One of the ways in which Paul Saunders recommends entrepreneurs obtain the capital they need is through bootstrapping, which is using money from credit cards or savings. This would also include borrowing money from friends and family members. Many successful business owners have launched a business that has experienced tremendous growth through this method. Learn more: https://patch.com/virginia/richmond/paul-saunders-principal-james-river-capital-corp-burnout

Another option for funding a business is crowdfunding, which involves having a lot of people that truly believe in your idea provide support by giving money. There are different ways in which crowdfunding can work. The people who donate in crowdfunding do not expect to be paid back. However, sometimes a business will offer incentives. An example of a company that crowdfunded and succeeded was Oculus Virtual Reality Headset, which raised $2.4 million before it was bought for $2 billion by Facebook. The company was still in the prototype stage when it was acquired.

You might also consider an angel investor, which are individuals that give people thousands of dollars through direct loans and other methods. You can learn more about this option through the Angel Capital Association or through local organizations that can be found online. There are a lot of different angel groups with the mission of supporting entrepreneurs. 

Paul Saunders offers many different ideas for funding a startup. He’s also passionate about inspiring entrepreneurs to pursue their dreams and develop the leadership skills necessary to achieve success and build a lasting business.

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Marc Beer a Legend in the Healthcare Industry

The last century was a good one, especially for the health sector as it is the time that many medical inventions were made. It is the time that many diseases that had no cure and were considered life-threatening found treatment. Diseases such as cancer and coronary artery diseases are some of the diseases that before had no cure but today as a result of increased scientific inventions have a cure, and many patients who were diagnosed with the diseases are now entirely cured. 

Whatever was achieved in the last century is just but the tip of the iceberg as the 21st century has so far recorded tremendous success in the healthcare industry. Inventions in the 20th century were physical, but in the 21st-century advancements being made are centered on data collection and understanding. Medical history data, as well as genetic data, are turning out to be the most significant source of information for treating many diseases and conditions.

The successes that have been experienced in the medical industry in the last century and this century would not have been possible if it were not for people like Marc Beer. Beer since the 20th century has been at the forefront in providing leadership to world top healthcare companies that have made new inventions for disease control, prevention, and treatment. Beer career journey in the world of health sciences began at Abbott Labs, a leading pharmaceutical company that manufactured generic drugs as well as medical devices.

Marc Beer, after serving for some time at Abbot left and joined another giant company in the healthcare industry Genzyme. Genzyme was a leading biotech company, and the beer was very instrumental in building and growing the company. The company under Beer leadership grew to become one of the largest biotechnology companies not only locally but globally. The company today boasts of having a global presence and has employed more than 11000 employees and generates billions of dollars in annual revenue.

Marc Beer success journey did not stop there as in 2000 he co-founded ViaCell, another biotechnology company. The company focused on the preservation of babies stem cells. Beer established the company from scratch, and using his managerial leadership skills and experience in the industry grew the company to become a multimillion-dollar company. The company in the year 2007 was acquired by Perkins Elmer, earning Beer massive profits. Beer after the acquisition of ViaCell left the company and joined Good Start Genetics in 2010. Good Start Genetics as the name suggests is a genetic company that focuses on helping couples with fertility issues get babies via in-vitro fertilization method. Beer after serving the firm for several years left after InVitae acquired it. Learn more: http://professionaltales.com/the-voice-of-marc-beer-how-to-be-a-good-leader/

Marc Beer after Good Start Genetics, him being a serial entrepreneur co-founded another startup company Renovia. The firm is a healthcare startup firm that focuses on helping improve the lives of millions of women with pelvic floor disorders. At the firm, Beer serves as CEO.

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LumeNXT: Marc Beer’s New Home

Surgical illumination is a game changer in the world of medicine and more importantly, in solving complexities in medical procedures. LumeNXT has been one of the entities that have hugely invested in this market, and in order to ensure that they continue being effective, they appointed a new chairperson. Bringing Marc Beer — one of the best executives in the world medical investments — was a timely decision for the company. According to Paul Rhyne, the new chairperson will be responsible for the company’s growth and more importantly, in ensuring that the company continues to be competitive in this niche. Marc Beer also expressed his gratitude for the chance to work with one of the best companies in this market.

In his acceptance speech, he outlined his plan for the company. First, Marc Beer pointed out that he intends to work closely with the management and the employees. In the last two decades, he has been in this industry; he understands the importance of working as a team. Second, Marc Beer believes that the future of this niche is technology-based products. Beer also pointed out that since the company has a history of investing in technology in all their projects, his work will be policy-based tasks — especially in ensuring that the company remains competitive in the medical world.

In addition to investing in technology and better ways of production, Beer is one of the professionals that have a huge passion for productivity. In all the companies he has worked within the world of medicine, he is keen on creating a good environment for more results without overworking employees. Apart from looking for the best and qualified employees, Beer is keen on growth. As an executive, he has been one of the most vocal professionals in training and making employees well prepared for industry changes. Apart from ensuring that the employees understand their obligations, he is also keen on working with effective management teams.

He points out that bio-pharmaceutical business space requires management teams that are passionate and understand the dynamics of the industry. In the past four years, Marc Beer has been on a journey to make his company one of the best-managed entities in this market. He has recruited some of the best administrators — who according to him, have a background in medical space. In his company, he also has some of the best researchers, which, according to him, are assisting his company is identifying better solutions to medical solutions.

Finally, he has some of the best policymakers in his team. Beer believes that the policymakers are critical in drafting and designing the company’s growth. Beer also believes that the future of bio-pharmaceutical business depends on how investors and researchers invest in rare medical conditions. Learn more: https://renoviainc.com/leadership/

Rose Packing Bridges Into OSI Group’s Family Of Businesses

Rose Packing is a leading packing company based out of Chicago, Illinois. The company is known for its meat production. Pork is one of their primary products and has brought them much success for nearly one hundred years. The company caught the attention of OSI Group primarily because of their success with selling pork. Sausages, pizza, and many variety of foods produced by Rose Packing made them a valuable asset to OSI Group. Both of these companies have more in common than one may believe. They both have Chicago roots. The stories of these companies stretch back decades where they began to see success in the food sector. They both have humble of beginnings and were beganb= by hard working people.

Striving to please their customers is something they also have in common. They thank their longevity in the business to offering the best success possible to customers. OSI Group is a well known and well-established food production brand. The company is worth billions of dollars and operates on many different continents. The number of their facilities surpasses twelve and that employe tens of thousands of people across the world. They are not new to buying companies and bridging them into their family of various companies. Supermatness, food brands and food production companies fit right in with OSI Group portfolio of companies. All of these different brands come together to become one entity that helps to support them all.

Rose Packing will be given so much support from all the other companies. Rose Packing will also be able to lend help to the companies already apart of OSI Group. Together, these two companies will work together to bring success to each other. Leaders of both prominent food companies understand what great things they can accomplish together. The primary focus of briding Rose Packing into OSI Group is to bring customers what they ultimately want. Customers want quality meats products and quality vegetables. They want food that is fresh. They want food to be in stock when they go to the grocery store. These two together can make these promises and meet these demands of their customers.

U.S Money Reserve Federal Instigate to Economic Growth and Asset Safe-Haven

US Reserve is a non-profitable private company based in United States majorly categorizing in Retail, Wealth management and Retirement services. The reserve was founded in the year 2002 and it is one of the largest nation’s coin distributors dealing with gold, platinum and silver coins.

The Money Company is majorly known by its ability to offer Gold. With the fact that gold is one of the best ways in saving assets, the company could wish that consumers change their dollar wealth into gold since it retain its value no matter the ages or circumstances.

The federal reserve with its all power to enlighten a consumer on gold, focusing on the high economic rate affecting many US citizens, seen from 2018 rising GDP, the company could wish that consumers migrate to using gold since it performs well no matter the uncertain circumstances.

This could help many since the nation’s crisis on economic changes can be fully stabilized. Having a real focus on interest rates offered by federal reserve, it could wish to lower its rates to enable it instigate on economic growth so as to be much supportive to businesses and buyers widely and thus they are going to be active in borrowing money and this could lead to well growth of the organization.

Considering this, keeping interest low for quite a long period of time could lead to major crisis in future uncertainties since it could lose its ability and problems arising from such could bring about malicious damage to all.

With this fact, the federal is trying to stabilize on future uncertainties and current economic growth by increasing its rates although it can be a misfortune to the big lending firms such as home equity loans, thus no better option but to dynamically increase its rate to curb on future problems. Read more: US Money Reserve | PR Newswire and US Money Reserve | Manta

In addition to Federal forecast on stock market and commodities, it wishes that the consumers on such field should consider using gold since assets on this field could be much affected on economic growth changes and thus with gold, the performance could be of importance with the fact that gold keeps its value. For this precious metal importance, the company is willing to help a consumer in obtaining it and thus offering quality customer services to all.

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Marc Beer Helping Women Suffering From Pelvic Disorders

Marc Beer is a highly respected businessman who has invested majorly in the healthcare sector. He is also the founder and the chief executive officer of Renovia Inc., a pharmaceutical industry which produces diagnostic and therapeutic products for treatment and management of pelvic conditions including the urinary incontinence in women. His company aims at helping the female gender, one of the vulnerable groups in society by boosting their reproductive health. Since the condition is affecting most of the females in the world, Marc tries his best to help them.

Marc Beer launched Renovia Inc. in 2015 with its headquarters in Houston, Dallas. Earlier on, the company produced a therapeutic product which was used in the treatment of pelvic disorders. The product was known as Leva, and FDA approved it. The product did well, and its performance was significant as it produced the desired results. The product was identified as Leva. Marc is experienced in the field as he has spent most of his time commercializing and improving the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry.

Marc Beer was raised in Dallas, and he studied his undergraduate studies at Miami University, Ohio. He left the university with a bachelor’s degree in business Administration. He started putting his career into practice when he was through with his studies. Marc has worked in many companies, and before founding his company, he was the executive chief officer of Aegerion Company.

In many of the companies he has worked, Marc assumed the top managerial positions and his performance was remarkable. He has been the President of Global Marketing in a pharmaceutical company known as Sanofi from 1996 to 2000. He later left the company and went to Viacell where he worked as the CEO. He was also the Vice President of Global Marketing at Genzyme’s Therapeutics Worldwide. At Biostar, he used to be the vice president of marketing and sales.

Recently, Marc Beer had a project in his company which aimed still at helping women in Boston and the world at large. It was a project of more than $ 42 billion aimed at assisting in the treatment of pelvic disorders. He was introducing another series B treatment and diagnosis of pelvic disorders. The project was to add a new product apart from Leva which was already in the market. The new product was targeted to boost the diagnosis and treatment of pelvic conditions in women and alleviate pain from them. Marc Beer tries his best UN fighting the ravaging conditions which compromise the general health of women.

Marc Beer serves as a role model who is concerned with other people status and strives to help them to his level best. This is a philanthropic act which is highly commendable.

Jim Toner’s Best Tips on Success

Jim Toner is a successful entrepreneur and author. He has excellent advice on success to give to others. He went from broke to successful real estate entrepreneur in just a few short years.

The real estate entrepreneur thinks the secret to success is there is no secret at all. If, you want to be successful just keep working at it. Jim Toner thinks laughter is key. Laughing is something that will give you endorphins and make you happy. A happy mind is a healthy mind.

To be successful, people need to be healthy. They need to have a healthy mind, body, and soul. Having a healthy mind body and soul means that you will be successful. Without the proper diet and exercise all efforts toward success will ultimately fail. This is some of the biggest advice Jim Toner has to offer when it comes to advice on how to succeed.

Another excellent piece of advice Jim Toner (@thejimtoner) has to offer on becoming successful is that once you become successful, you should not lose your integrity. There are so many people who become successful and lose their honesty, and this makes for poor decision-making. Dishonesty is a form of unhealthiness and unhealthiness will bring about poor decision-making.

There is much advice Jim Toner has to offer when it comes to becoming successful. Some of the best advice he has is that one should follow in the footsteps of other great entrepreneurs. These entrepreneurs are people who surrounded themselves with an excellent team and ultimately became a success.

Ultimately, if someone wants to succeed they should surround themselves among other successful people. There is no secret to anyone’s success. Jim Toner believes to be successful you just have to be healthy and find a niche.

There is much to be made in the real estate industry. Many people are finding success in the real estate industry. While this might be true, the real estate industry is not for everyone. However, Jim Toner’s words for of advice on success ring true for any industry one should attempt. The key is to be healthy with your mind, body, and soul. Contact Toner on Facebook today.

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TransUnion Appoints Heather Russell as Chief Legal Officer

Heather Russell has been appointed by TransUnion as its Chief Legal Officer and Executive Vice President. She is expected to take on her duties as of 4th June 2018. Russell has vast experience spanning over 20 years in the global finance industry.

She also has experience and expertise in merger and acquisition, regulatory finance, data privacy, and security as well as consumer financial services. She will be in charge of corporate governance, legal, consumer privacy functions and compliance. Russell will be reporting directly to TransUnion’s Chief Executive Officer, Jim Peck.

Speaking on the new appointment, Jim Peck the company’s President and Chief Executive officer said that it was a pleasure to have Heather Russell on board considering her extensive experience and expertise in global finance and legal affairs. “I am delighted to have Heather Russell join our team. I believe with her vast experience in legal and global finance our company will be able to achieve our set goals in the near future” said Peck.

Prior to her new appointment, Heather Russell worked at Buckley Sandler, LLP law firm as a leader in the company’s financial institutions, fintect practices, and supervision. She has also worked at the Fifth Third Bank as an Executive Vice President and Chief Legal Officer before joining Buckley Sandler, LLP.

Besides that Heather Russell has also worked at the Bank of America as a Senior Vice President and Associate General Counsel. Her appointment at TransUnion is expected to turn around the company’s operations and increase its global presence.

About TransUnion

TransUnion is dedicated to coming up with innovative ways through which information can be used to help both businesses and individuals make informed decisions. The company makes use of historical information and alternative data sources to reveal unique stories and trends at every data point.

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