Review of Amazing Crystal by EOS

There isn’t a lip balm professional alive that will go out of the house without their favorite moisturizer. EOS is deserving of some serious praise as they have won over the hearts of many with their assortment of yummy flavored and lightly scented balms. These little cuties come in an assortment of colors and will leave lips looking and feeling soft and supple. Jam packed with nourishing jojoba oil, shea butter and antioxidant rich Vitamin E, these balms are a definite must. This cosmetic company also caters to those with sensitive skin as their products are hypoallergenic and 100% chemical free.

There was plenty of excitement from die hard EOS fans thanks to the most recent launch to hit the shelves, check   Crystal by EOS is the new cutie on the block with some serious natural oils infused in the smooth blend. Castor, avocado, sunflower and coconut oil are the main features in this new product to hit the market. In addition to some top notch oils, Crystal also has a dose of aloe vera to ensure smooth, buttery soft lips. Health and environment conscious beauties will be thrilled to note this balm is wax free and is also completely vegan.

The EOS website has all sorts of eye candy in that they are overflowing with amazing ingredients like oats and aloe to nourish your skin. Evolution of Smooth is certainly an understatement when mentioning this beloved company.

Lip balm gurus will vouch for the ease in which to pick up their favorite EOS lip balms. Check for reviews.  You can find yours just about everywhere including Walmart, Walgreens, Target and CVS. Be sure to pick up an extra lip balm for your bestie since they are so wonderfully affordable. Check out EOS on Instagram and tag them in your photos sporting Crystal!

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Popular Canadian EOS Lip Balm Products

There are a lot of women that are craving organic beauty care products for their skin. All natural ingredients provides a non-abrasive hypoallergenic skin care solution for all skin types. Find protection for your lips can also require a lip balm without harsh by products. Amazingly, EOS lip balm products are backed with shea butter and jojoba oil along with essential vitamins. They guarantee to leave your lips feeling silky smooth with your first use. You’re invited to nourish your lips with superior lip balm products that are easy to apply and have an extensive selection of reasonably priced brands, so visit

Evolution Of Smooth Grows Popular In Canada

Evolution of Smooth is a fun and effective lip balm infused with with all natural ingredients. Caress your lips with shea butter and jojoba oil while immediately building visibly smoother lips. They provide a perfect balance of vitamin C and E in every package. Their unique packages are popping up everywhere and are a favorite among the industry’s best celebrities including Kim Kardashian and Miley Cyrus. Get sensationally smooth lips when and where you need it with the organic effects of Evolution of Smooth.   Useful link on

Evolution Of Smooth Products

– (2) Pack Strawberry & Wildberry Sorbet

– Mint Kisser

– Almond Mint Milk

– Lemon Drop

– Coconut Milk

– Soft Lip Balm Sphere

– Original EOS lip balm

Evolution of Smooth also provides protection against UV rays and the chill of a cold winter day. Pamper your lips with one of the largest growing EOS lip balm products in Canada by visiting the beauty care aisle of select retailers. You can also visit the exclusive Evolution of Smooth website for more details, product, and promotional offers today, click this. Get moist smooth lips fast!