EOS Lip Balm Review – More Bang for Your Buck

EOS is not new consumers around the world. The company has been making a splash since they began in 2006 with their innovative lip balms. EOS (Evolution of Smooth) is renown for using safe organic and natural ingredients in their lip, lotions, and other body products. Because of their safe products, EOS has become rising steeple in the field of beauty; and they are steadily rising.

Consumers around the world find buying EOS products easy on their wallets and a great beauty enhancement investment. Besides the natural and organic ingredients, another reason EOS is popular is their unique packaging for their products. EOS packages or playful and colorful and really catch consumers eyes; which helps in their tremendous sales without the need for heavy advertisement.

It’s no surprise that EOS lip balms are the company’s top seller. With all of the colorful packaging and lip smacking flavors; consumers buys have generated top flavors of the lip balms. Currently according to EOS research the following are their biggest sellers:

  • Strawberry Sorbet – Great for hydrating and keeping lips soft and contains vitamin E, shea butter, and jojoba oil.
  • Sheer Pink – Great for giving your lips a little wow factor, all the while keeping them supple and hydrated.
  • Cooling Chamomile – Just as the name suggest, it is great for soothing sore lips and it includes menthol.
  • Honey Apple – This honey and apple infused lip balm has shea and cocoa butter; great for the lips and it smells great too.
  • Lemon Twist – Great for protecting your lips from harmful UV rays

All of the lip balms are hypoallergenic, which makes the lip balms perfect for anyone to enjoy. 

Fabletics Successful Take On The Reverse Showroom Technique

In taking on Amazon, the Kate Hudson led fashion site Fabletics is taking on Amazon through the use of their reverse showroom technique. Currently Amazon controls 20% of the online fashion market, but over the last three years Fabletics has steadily chipped away at the retailer behemoth, and has grown into a $250 million dollar business. By mixing a membership model with the concept that customers like aspirational brands, Fabletics has created a strong combination.

In the past high-end brands have been defined by quality and price, however today that isn’t enough. Now other things matter such as customer experience and last-mileage service are just as important. To build upon and partner with Fabletics online presence, the company will be opening more brick and mortar stores in the next year. Expanding on the idea of what a high-end brand means today, the General Manager of Fabletics, Gregg Throgmartin, made the point that you need to build it from day one. He also stated that the company’s membership model gives them the ability to make personalized recommendations to their customers and provide the latest trends in fashion at half the price of their competitors. If you know who your customers are and what they’re looking for it’s much easier to provide it.

As part of its efforts to increase the customer experience, Fabletics encourages their customers to reverse showroom. Showrooming is when people look for clothes in brick and mortar stores but then buy it less expensively online. Fabletics has been successful at reversing this model where customers browse the clothes they offer online but than buy the clothing in one of their physical stores. This has resulted in 30-50% of the customers in their physical stores already being members, and of the non-members 25% sign up when they’re in the store.

Fabletics was created through a partnership of Kate Hudson and TechStyle Fashion Group. TechStyle Fashion Group is the parent company of JustFab, FabKids, ShoeDazzle, and Fabletics. Kate Hudson and TechStyle Fashion Group founded the company in 2013. Fabletics specializes in fashionable women’s sportswear and accessories at affordable prices. Fabletics opened it’s first brick and mortar store in October 2015 and has plans to open 75-100 more in the upcoming three to five years.

Members of Fabletics subscription service pay $49.95 a month. At the beginning of each month the member will receive an email that shows them what their personal stylist has selected for them that month. The member can either accept the outfit, pick out their own, or skip the month with no monthly fee for that month.

After being founded Fabletics has quickly grown in size and revenue. The company has achieved a 35% increase in revenue each year, achieving a valuation of $250 million in that time. The company has increased its exposure by opening locations in such well trafficked places as The Mall of America in Bloomington, SouthPark Mall in Charlotte, and the Summerline Shopping Center in Las Vegas.

Benefits of Using Hair Care Products

As a woman, it is very important to constantly maintain your hair by ensuring you use the best hair care products. Chaz Dean has ensured you get the best reliable hair care products by bringing you Wen products. It is a hair product that is designed to protect, revitalize and strengthen your hair using the best blend of natural ingredients and herbs. Women with any kind of hair can highly benefit from this product since it improves you vast in case you have damaged hair by using it regularly.

This product also helps you save money on other hair products such as shampoo, conditioner and many more since WEN by Chaz has all of these products combined to give you a great experience. You will be in a position to improve your hair manageability using Wen since it makes it easier to brush and even style your hair. You will also be able to increase the retention of your hair color in case it has been dyed before. Maintaining dyed hair may be a headache at times and you can therefore use Wen products to restore health to your hair in case it has grown lusterless or it’s brittle. WEN products are Sephora available and can also be bought online thru Guthy-Renker‘s website.


There are numerous benefits of using hair shampoo as well as conditioner. Your hair needs constant care so it can always be free from dandruff and other dirt particles. Shampoo ensures your hair remains clean and also fights with hair dryness and gives you the best soft strands. Sometimes itchy hair can be disturbing, using hair shampoo will ensure the itch fades away. Using hair conditioner also ensures your hair remains soft, less tangling and color fading, protects your hair from breakages and gives your hair better retention of moisture. It is important to use shampoo and conditioner so as to ensure your hair remains strong, clean and soft.

WEN on Twitter: https://twitter.com/wenhaircare


Summer Heats Up With JustFab

Summer is producing record-breaking heat this year all over the globe. Therefore, it is vital to stay fresh. Fashion-forward women love to look hot while actually staying very cool during summer months. JustFab is showing some amazing summer looks right now, just in time for summer heat.

Sandals are a “must” this season. There are flat sandals and dress sandals with a heel to select from. The Valentina in silver sandal is very popular and it is a standout because of the metallic accents. It is a flat sandal. One high-heeled sandal of JustFab that is a great choice is the Siscia sandal, because it is a very feminine shoe. It features an ankle strap that can be adjusted and a thin heel.

A good selection of knit T-shirt dresses are popular for casual day apparel. These dresses are comfortable and are a rayon and spandex blend. They are sold in solid colors. Evening wear in summer includes bodycon dresses. They are popular whether off-the-shoulder, sleeveless or asymmetrical.

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JustFab Summer Shop

Another key wardrobe piece is the summer bag. They are faux leather material and come in a variety of sizes and colors. One bestselling selection is the Ace bag, which comes with a pouch. It is fully reversible with a black color for evening and a brown color for daytime, if desired.

Jewelry is just as important in summer as it always is. Jewelry in summer is best kept light and delicate. For earrings, small drop earrings or studs are fine. A cuff is a nice choice of bracelet. JustFab offers the Boho Dream cuff, which is silver and turquoise and is a striking piece.

JustFab is offering exciting new pieces in its summertime collection. In sandals, the Valentina or the Siscia sandal are gorgeous choices. There is also a great selection of dresses, including T-shirt dresses for day and bodycon dresses for evening. The summer bag is the Ace bag, which is roomy and fully reversible. Finally, do not forget to pick up some of JustFab’s special jewelry for summer.

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I Know Fashion, And That’s Why I Shop At JustFab

I’m always the one to challenge someone’s fashion sense and to determine if what they are wearing is something that’s good or not or fashionable or not, and many people have come to dislike me. Since I’m very vocal about what the stars will wear, I know that many of them have made comments about my blog because they feel that what they are wearing is fashionable, but I beg to differ. I know that having a sense of fashion isn’t something that everyone has, that’s why many stars will get a stylist dress them and put them in the right type of clothing that will get them raves and reviews instead of criticism.

I honestly can say that my own fashion sense was lacking before I started shopping on the JustFab website, which is selling clothing that I not only can afford but also highly fashionable clothing. The clothes that I’ve purchased on the JustFab website are some of the best that I’ve seen in the fashion world, and they follow the trends that many stars are setting these days. While some people may worry about what it will cost to shop on such a site like JustFab, there is no need to worry because they can keep their prices low because of those persons who pay a membership fee.

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JustFab – Facebook

Even the membership fee is low in cost at only $39.95, so getting a summer look is not going to be hard. In fact, I’ve already put together an amazing summer look that I’m not only proud of but have shown off on my blogging website. I think that I can personally say that I’ve gotten hundreds of people to join the JustFab website because of my referral on my blog, so many people do take me serious when I talk about fashion. I’m even entertaining offers from high fashion magazines to write for them, so it’s obvious that I know what I’m talking about.

The biggest reasons why I love the JustFab website is because of their low prices, but don’t confuse low prices with low quality because JustFab only has high-quality items. I love how the jeans fit my frame, and the tops are beautiful, and everything in between is wonderful looking. I can easily buy a handbag to match anything that I want to wear, and there are shoes that seem to be endless, so I never have to worry about getting a pair of shoes that will work with my outfit. I also like that JustFab sells jewelry as well, so finding summer clothing as well as clothing year-round is no problem on the JustFab website, so everyone should join the website to buy great products.

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