Chris Burch Shares His Secrets to Success

Chris Burch is the executive official and founder of Burch Creative Capital. He is a serial entrepreneur whose success features in a wide range of industries. His investment success started in 1976 when he collaborated with his brother to start Eagle’s Eye apparel. At the time, Chris was still an undergraduate student undertaking studies at Ithaca College. The duo invested only $2,000 as the start-up capital and grew the business to a net worth of $165 Million before selling it to Swire group.  Check for additional articles.

After selling their business, Burch venture into online business creating one of the oldest IPO companies, Internet Capital Group. He proceeded to invest in real estate industry developing luxury homes in different parts of the US. He ventured into the hospitality industry collaborating with Philippe Stark and architect and Alan Faena a leading Hotelier to renovate Faena and Universe Hotels. He moved on further to acquire and develop a luxury resort in the Indonesian Islands known as Nihiwatu, more of this on

Chris Burch uses a simple philosophy to grow his business. He collects different ideas on business and analyses those with the potential to result in success. Nurturing the ideas include creating brands that appeal to potential consumers and setting sound platforms to grow the ideas. He attributes his success to listening and asking questions with courage. The answers from these issues are the biggest source of his business strategy.

His greatest lesson from his 40 years in business is never to be afraid of taking risks. Though not a strategy in business, he adds that every new venture is a risk and returns with an unknown outcome. It can be either a failure or success. In the event of a failure, an investor needs to move on and keep seeking and trying out new ventures. The new technology he says is a great tool that improves performance. With the technological evolution, Chris has managed to work much faster. However, he laments the lack of innovation among the upcoming investors. He says that new investors seek to repeat on the existing business ideas while there is adequate room for new ventures with less competition. Burch aims to meet and mentor new and creative investors who are willing to learn and succeed in business.  For an in-depth look at Burch’s works, visit

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Chris Burch and his Love for the Exotic resort of Nihiwatu

Mr Chris Burch is a billionaire investor, funder of an entrepreneurial empire and a writer. His company is called Burch Creative Capital, and it is an enterprise consisting of apparel, interior design items, stationary, and another aspect of the lifestyle field. Mr Chris Burch acts as Chief executive officer of the large company. Mr Chris Burch was born in the late March of 1952. He is the prime owner and the collaborative owner of 12 companies in total, and he is also an active investor it more than ten other companies. His favourite sector is the lifestyle business. It encompasses his favourite things.  Check for additional articles.

Mr Chris Burch has a passion for style and fashion, interior design, as well as for technology. His latest venture expands upon his interest. He took up a project with Mr James McBride who is an hotelier. They teamed up and made a purchase in 2012. The bought a beach hostel together which is located on an island in Indonesia called Sumba. The beach hostel cost around $20 million to be renovated but once it opened its doors to the public, it was evidently well worth the price.

Mr Chris Burch and Mr James McBride transformed the beach hostel into a stunning five-star resort. Thy also gave the resort a new name in early 2015 and called it Nihiwatu. After a year within its first visitors, Nihiwatu won a vote in 2016 which was conducted by Travel + Leisure. Nihiwatu won the title of best hotel in on earth.   Related article on

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Mr Chris Burch spends a lot of time at the Nihiwatu where he has his own private villa – the Raja Mendaka villa. He has distributed his time in three locations – Nihiwatu, his home in Miami, as well as the Hampton Hotel. These are his three favourite places to be at. Mr Chris Burch talks about Nihiwatu with a lot of pride and admiration for the area. He believes that those locations are created to inspire and make people feel like life is beautiful. That is exactly how he feels when he is at the resort. He adores the bright colours, the sounds of the jungle around it, the waves of the ocean and many exotic birds who are constantly singing. He often talks about how he bought the Nihiwatu resort for his children and grand-children to enjoy. He hopes that they will continue the life of the resort even after he is gone.

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