EOS Holiday Spirit Strikes With Customers Once Again

With the holidays coming up it is very common for companies to release new products that are aimed towards the holidays. Whether it be by releasing products that taste like things that may remind you of the holidays or with new holiday packaging. Evolution of smooth has released a few new holiday themed lip balm value sets, click here. The first holiday collection set includes three different holiday flavored lip balm’s vanilla bean, peppermint mocha, and sparkling ginger lip balm. The other holiday set that is available has a pumpkin spice lip balm and a vanilla bean lip balm. Holiday value sets are great for those who are looking for more than one lip balm at a time for a reasonable price.

EOS along with their holiday value sets also sell lip balms that are of other flavors. The most popular of EOS lip balms is sweet mint because it provides customers with super soft lips well giving them a sweet mint scent on their lips throughout the day, available here on amazon.de. EOS also sells shave cream and hand & body lotion aside from selling many different lip balm flavors. EOS is set apart from any other company because they provide customers with easy to find packaging that is very different from all the other lip balm companies out there.

Another great thing about evolutionofsmooth.de is that they have very good prices on all of their products so that customers don’t have to dish out and arm and a leg to get a good high-quality product that is better than all the other ones on the market. Along with good prices EOS is also a great company because they do not test any of their products on animals like many other companies do. This provides customer with piece of mind that the products they have been using have never harmed an animal.

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