All About Entrepreneur Vijay Eswaran

Vijay Eswaran, founder of the QI Group, is a Malaysian entrepreneur, philanthropist, and author. Eswaran is well known for his honor and grace as a businessman: he believes in practicing honorable Gandhian principles. This is quite refreshing to see in an often seemingly ruthless business world. A man of many talents, Vijay Eswaran is also a well regarded speaker. He often gives motivating lectures to people of all nationalities.

Eswaran is certainly not afraid to travel far and wide. He went to school in London where he stayed for a short while. He then earned his MBA at Southern Illinois University. He now does business all around the world.

The QUI Group
Eswaran’s entrepreneurial prowess is reflected in the vast services that the QI Group offers. The group specializes in retail, hospitality, internet commerce, and financial services. QI Group invests in education, luxury, and lifestyle. They follow Eswaran’s guiding values and are considered to be the best company to work for in Asia.

It isn’t surprising that a man who speaks so eloquently can also write. He is an avid writer, authoring the book, “The Sphere of Silence.” This book touches on the importance of observing and listening to the world around you. His three other books are titled, “In the Thinking Zone,” “18 Stepping Stones,” and “On the Wings of Thought.” Eswaran’s writing can also be found in Malaysian and Sri Lankan newspapers.

Awards and Recognition:
Eswaran has won several awards in different countries. These awards include the MBA CEO of the Year Award, the award in Regional Philanthropy, and the New Global Indian Award. Eswaran has been featured in Forbes Asia. He is also the International Leader in Global Business Strategies.

Vijay Eswaran’s humanistic and caring values extend into his philanthropic work, as he believes in businesses everywhere having social responsibility. He is the founder of two organizations that help with education and other youth related pursuits. His organizations also aid in empowering women, again, showing his limitless talents for reaching across a vast pool of places and situations.

Vijay Eswaran truly embodies what it means to be an ethical, genuine, conscientious, and resourceful businessman. His entrepreneurial, speaking, writing, and overall business aptitudes hold excellent truths and examples for people of varying interests and talents. People all around the world can learn something important from Eswaran. He is a hero to women and youth, as well as an excellent role model. Eswaran proves that one does not have to be cold or unethical to succeed in the business world.

It will certainly be dazzling to see his future accomplishments how he touches the world next.