Eric Pulier Entrepreneurial Life

Eric Pulier is recognized throughout the world as one of the foremost entrepreneurs in government and enterprise technology. He is known for being such a great businessman, that some of the wealthiest, most prestigious financers in the world have immediately partnered with him on projects he has either founded or co-founded. Among his most successful ventures are the likes of MediaPlatform, Desktone, and SOA Software. He is an enormously in demand speaker for his expertise in technology. This is true of both throughout the U.S. and throughout the rest of the world.

He is so knowledgeable of technology, in fact, that he has been used by past presidents on technological initiatives. He first entered such a position in 1997 when the Presidential Inaugural Committee appointed the creator and director of the Presidential Technology Exhibition. The presiding Vice President, Al Gore, was so impressed with him that he made Pulier and one of his advisors on National Health Care for the Family Reunion Conference. He also earned a seat on the president’s initiative, the Center for Telecommunications Management.

Pulier began his impressive career by earning a B.A. from Harvard University in 1988. He has since gained extensive experience in top leadership of various business. In 1998, he founded Video Technology. During that same year, he founded SOA Software, Inc., with who he carried on in various leadership positions until 1999. It was also during 1998 that he began serving as Director of the U.S. interactive Corp. He would hold this position until 2001. For more info about us: click here.

He has sat as the Secretary of Santa Monica Media Corporation. In the recent past, he has served as the Vice President and General Manager of Cloud at Computer Sciences Corporation. He was the Director of AppSense Limited for a brief time. He co-founded ServicMesh and currently serves as its chairman and CEO. He also currently sits as the Director of Santa Monica Media Corp., and has done so since 2005. His entrepreneurial leadership has been so legendary and inspirational that he was named one of just 30 e-Visionaries by VAR Business. International business experts are certain that Pulier’s entrepreneurial star will continue to rise high.

The Trail Eric Pulier Blazed

Tech’s Most Prolific Entrepreneur

Anyone who reads up on the life Eric Pulier is certain to see the workings of a genius. Eric Pulier has created countless startups generating hundreds of millions of dollars in the process. Throughout his career Pulier has led the pack as an exceptional leader in innovation. He has created the world’s first private social network, remote desktop software, and other milestones in the software industry. Despite this enormous success Eric Pulier has nonetheless made philanthropy an important part of his life. He sincerely wishes to make a better world for his children and posterior.

Engineering A Solution

If there’s anything that defines the work of Eric Pulier it is his philanthropy. From Starbright World, the first private social network, to the XPRIZE foundation Pulier keeps himself busy finding solutions to the problems of the world. His engineering genius is so profound it has even attracted the attention of former president Bill Clinton. Impressed by the achievements of Pulier Clinton ordered Pulier to design an exhibit titled “The Bridge Of The 21st Century“. This project focused on the ways technology would impact our lives in the 21st century. Today Pulier and Clinton continue to work together through the Clinton Global Initiative.

A Family Man

The commitment that Eric Pulier has devoted to his family stands as an interesting twist in the life of an entrepreneur. Above everything else he is the devoted father of 4 children, but this only makes his achievements even more impressive. Most people taking care of 4 children can barely find time to unwind yet he has managed to build a fortune worth millions of dollars. In this light Pulier appears as a sort of Renaissance man. He tries to do everything at the same time and succeeds.

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