Gustavo Martinez: Marketing Is An Art

Currently, Gustavo Martinez is working in the marketing industry as a consultant. Prior to this, he had esteemed positions at J. Walter Thompson Worldwide, McCann Worldgroup, and Ogilvy and Mather. These 3 companies are among some of the biggest names in marketing and they have been responsible for some large marketing campaigns that are very recognizable.

Recently, the marketing expert sat down for an interview and readers were able to learn more about him on personal and business levels. Over the last 3 and a half decades, Gustavo Martinez has gotten through many different challenges in the world of marketing and has helped many companies build their brands and become more recognizable.

While the direction that Gustavo Martinex is taking his career now is different than the positions that he has held recently, it’s not that different from what he started out doing in marketing.

He calls himself an independent contractor essentially, and this is something that has a lot of commonalities with what he has done before. Consulting is important when it comes to marketing and has been part of the industry for many years. The model for consulting is something that has been shown to be effective for around a century.

Creativity is one of the most important aspects of marketing, according to Gustavo Martinez. It’s important to understand the industry as well as the industry of the brands you are marketing. Read more: Gustavo Martinez | Crunchbase

While you may have a lot of talent yourself, it’s a good idea to work with a group of people who have diverse backgrounds and point of views. This will help you when it comes to being able to execute ideas that can impact certain demographics that you may not be part of directly.

The world of marketing is a lot different than other types of businesses because of how much creativity it entails. While some positions have a lot of repetitive tasks that need to be done, marketing always has you doing something different every single day. This is one of the reasons why the job is so fulfilling to Gustavo Martinez.

Marketing is hard work, but because it is something that he enjoys doing, Gustavo Martinez is up to the challenge. He wakes up early to start the day eating breakfast with his family before going through emails and preparing himself for the rest of the day ahead.

Currently, Gustavo Martinez considers himself in a more entrepreneurial part of his life. He tries to recognize the members of his team for what they have achieved and for what they have been able to contribute to the projects that they have been working on. He sees the people that he works with as artists and tries to create the right environment for them to thrive.

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Jeunesse Global Brings Hollywood Glamour To The World of Make-Up

Around the world, millions of women look for products that will enhance their beauty. And one health, beauty, and wellness company is going a step beyond with an advanced line of facial beauty products. Jeunesse Global is gaining a loyal following with its NV line of beauty products.

Beauty that Goes Beyond the Norm

Developed by a top make-up artist from the world of Hollywood, NV beauty products allow any women to look their best. Products in the NV product line include BB Perfecting Mist Foundation. Formulated with APT-2000 and aloe, this foundation mist is designed to nourish and beautify just about every skin tone. NV Primer is designed to give women a 5-1 in solution to prime eyelashes, eyebrows, eyelids, skin, and lips in an instant. NV Bronzer and NV Shimmer provide the nutrients to help bring out the finest shimmer and glow on the face.

In addition to being available as individual products, the NV line is also available two packages. The NV Everyday Beauty Essentials Package and the NV Get the Glow Bundle allows women to get the beauty enhancing products they desire for one value price.

A Product of the Youth Enhancement System

The NV product line is one of many products that are a part of Jeunesse Global’s Youth Enhancement System (Y.E.S.). There are about a dozen Y.E.S. products available from Jeunesse Global. That includes AM & PM Essentials supplement, ZEN Bodi weight control system, RVL hair care line, M1ND mental vitality supplement, and NEVO energy drinks. These products are designed to revitalize every aspect of a person’s life.

About Jeunesse Global

For almost 13 years, Jeunesse Global has been bringing the world innovative health, wellness and beauty products. These products include everything from mental vitality supplements to advanced weight management systems. These products are distributed to millions of people around the world.

Jeunesse Global works in partnership with its worldwide network of independent distributors to provide quality service to their customers. As of 2019, Jeunesse Global has sold billions of dollars of products around the globe. Going forward, Jeunesse Global will continue to be an innovating presence in the health, wellness and beauty industry.

Richard Liu Qiangdong Interview on

Although Richard Qiangdong Liu came from a humble background, he went to Beijing to further his studies. He stated a restaurant while in the third year, but the business did not succeed as he had less time to run the business. Richard Qiangdong Liu started selling computers in 12 different stores as he needed money. He hired a four square meters’ area to set up his business. The business did very well up to 2003 when SARs outbreak struck. Richard Liu launched the largest retailer business in China. He is the CEO and chairperson of the company. The company started with little capital in 2004. He could sell electronics including IT, digital and mobile phones. After six years the company had expanded establishing new products. company has developed and now sells various products including fashion designs, electronics, and consumer goods. The principle that guides the company is considering the products costs, efficiency, and quality. Richard Liu works closely with his employees to ensure that they give all customers standard services. Richard Liu chairs different internal and external meetings from as early as 8.30 a.m. He encourages inventions and innovations. serves a wide range of customers and delivers the products through a conveniently organized process to various parts of the world including the US, Asia, and Paris. For people in Beijing the products are delivered within three hours, and for long distances, the customer is advised in advance when to expect the product to ensure there is no inconvenience. The company has a net market worth of about 60 billion US dollars, more than 1000 logistic centers, and approximately 160,000 employees. Richard Liu has set aside funds purchase the best goods from all over the world and bring them to China to help his company become number one.

According to Richard Liu being wealthy is a responsibility that one should take seriously as wealth is a resource to the community. He also encourages people to relate with those that will motivate and inspire you to be whatever you desire. Richard Liu is dedicated to supporting his family including his parents, wife and two children. He uses his wealth to help charitable organizations.

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Entrepreneur and Innovator Milan Kordestani Believes in Transparency and Honesty in his Organic Farming methods

The American consumer is becoming more and more aware and concerned about where their food comes from, how it is raised, and who is growing their food. Milan Kordestani has always been one to see a need and make a difference.

Milan was born in Stanford California. He spent some time in the UK during his childhood due to his parents divorce, but eventually returned to the US and settled in the Bay Area town of Atherton. While a youth he became a very accomplished equestrian, eventually competing at high levels on champion level horses. He, along with his horse, won the first leg of the Triple Crown in 2015. By 2016 he became 2nd in his age split at the World Championship Horse Show in the Five Gaited Show Pleasure Division.

Milan is not only an accomplished equestrian but an entrepreneur. As a sophomore in High School he saw a need to organically raise poultry. The corporate model of factory raising poultry and eggs with little or no transparency was a problem in his view. Thus Milan Farms was born. An organically transparent farm that sells eggs from humanely raised chickens and 100% organically raised saffron. Milan believes that the consumer deserves a product that is raised with honest transparency. Any questions raised by a consumer who knows exactly what product they want can and will be answered at Milan Farms.

The latest innovation and need for Milan is manifest in his organically raised saffron. Milan Farms is now experimenting with raising saffron and other herbs hydroponically. Hydroponics is raising plants in beds of nutrient rich water, where the plants are fed only the nutrients they need. Milan farms is working to perfect this latest innovation in organic saffron farming.

Milan Kordestani continues to be an entrepreneur and innovator in organic farming techniques.