Insurance Executive Peter Harris Explains How He Grew CBL Using Innovative Strategies

Peter Harris is an international businessman who resides in Auckland, New Zealand. He began his career working as a chartered accountant. In 1989, he became the finance director and shareholder of Boston Marks Group Ltd. After a four-year stint at General Capital Ltd. as its chief executive officer, he joined CBL in 1996. He was named CEO and managing director of the insurance firm in 2007.

Under his leadership, CBL became the largest insurance firm based in New Zealand. It had clients around the world, including Malaysia and France. Its financial health was rated as A-(Excellent) by the international rating frim AM Best. CBL was earning more than $400 million a year in 2018. Peter Harris was recognized with multiple accolades, such as the EY Awards naming him “Entrepreneur of the Year.”

In 2018, French insurers unfairly targeted CBL. Peter Harris explains this resulted in the Reserve Bank of New Zealand (RBNZ) investigating his company. RBNZ assigned an inexperienced liquidator to the case, which resulted in Peter Harris and his fellow shareholder Alistair Hutchison losing what they had built up over the years. Peter Harris has been working to make sure all of his company’s residual creditors and policyholders are taken care of.

Earlier in his career, Peter Harris realized that a great profit could be attained by taking on more risk than most banks. He saw the risks could be mitigated through innovations. This included surety solutions, guarantees, and credit enhancements. He put the plan into action in 1996 after buying an insurance company. It was a small business, but Peter Harris and his business partner saw enormous potential.

Peter Harris recalls that they realized they would need to expand internationally to be truly successful as New Zealand had a population of just four million people. They sought clients and opportunities overseas, including in Asia and Europe. This coincided with the rise of the internet and email making it far easier to do business on a global scale. He put the long-term good of the company over short-term results, a strategy that paid off in two years as the company became profitable and had tremendous growth.

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After two and a half decades in the service, James Reese started a new chapter. He left military decorated as well as hailed as one of the finest individual operators in the modern military.

With a proactive mindset, James Reese founded TigerSwan LLC in 2008. The firm offers government and client solutions for safe operations. TigerSwan’s vision and goals were to solve current world issues like fraud and corruption.

To maximize their services and deliver, the TigerSwan team is available on the dial. Any day of the week, any hour. In the three hundred and sixty-five days, they can serve their clients.

The concept of TigerSwan was James Reese’s idea in his last rotation in the army. But he needed more insight into the concept. He shared the idea with one of his colleagues, and they forged ahead.

Jim Reese receives Patriot Award with Ken Oppenheim, Area Chair of ESGR North Carolina and Lieutenant Brandon Hough of North Carolina National Guard.

TigerSwan’s major break was with a major defense contract. The contract gave them the necessary capital to invest in TigerSwan. He reinvested by buying the new business and hiring new personnel.

James Reese’s motivation at the beginning was changing the world. His vision for TigerSwan was a combination of veterans and like-minded people, both making a difference to the world.

From Military to Business

James Reese was entrepreneurial. He was determined to re-enter the civilian world and ace economic opportunities. With TigerSwan, he has been able to achieve that.

Currently, the firm is a global organization. It is in over fifty countries. As a leader, he faces the risk of doing business and liability.

One of his hardest transition was on leadership. In the military, all he knew the team had to be perfect. But in business, there is a lot to be considered, for example, financial aspects.

James Reese says being able to balance human capital and economic aspect. At TigerSwan, he is keen to balance the budget and competent personnel. Since there is no micromanagement, he looks for staff who are self-driven.

Recently, TigerSwan services focused on the tactfulness of Chevy Tahoe and Suburban. Both vehicles are in the U.S special force and secret agent. With James Reese, the company divulges why the cars are preferred.

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Smita Shah Helping The Indian American Community Make Its Mark on Chicago

Smita Shah is an indian-american woman young business women should admire. In school she was known as a math geek. She remembers, in high school she often sat of the back of the class changing word problems into algebraic equations just for fun. She was definitely a nerd. In college she found her calling in electrical engineering and later earned a Master’s degree in civil engineering. Early in her career as an electrical engineer, she decided to establish her own company, Spaan Technology. As CEO of this chicago-based engineering she shows the same drive she did when pursuing her studies.

Now instead of creating math riddles, she solves engineering problems for the city of Chicago, the public school systems and for the Illinois State Highway Authority. In the last 10 years, her company has expanded to 50 employees and millions of dollars in revenue. Last year she was listed as one of the top 2,000 up and coming businesses by Inc. magazine. Many people that come into contact with her say she can come across as a very tough negotiator, but she doesn’t put up with mediocrity, and works hard to ensure that all of her projects are completed with the utmost care.

Smita Shah’s Other Interests

Aside from business, Smita Shah also participates in community development, educational projects and chairs many community projects that she holds dear. One such project is the annual Legacy of Mahatma Gandhi luncheon. Ask the Chicago sister cities International Deli committee chair, Smita Shah created this luncheon as a way of honoring the man who inspired civil rights movements. at this the 5th-year of holding the luncheon, Chicago Mayor Lightfoot issued a proclamation that would name October 2nd Mahatma Gandhi day in Chicago. This pronouncement comes as a recognition of the 150th anniversary of his birth. It is an acknowledgement of the peace legacy he left and for the Importance he holds to the Indian culture in Chicago.

Smita Shah said in a recent interview, “It was an honor for the Indian American community in Chicago to have this pronouncement made. It was an honor to me personally and a tribute to the work we have done for the Mahatma Gandhi luncheon to have this commemorative date be officially recognized.” The idea came to the group when Ms. Shah pointed out that Chicago was made of many communities and that they should all be honored. This program recognizes the Indian Community of Chicago by memorializing Mahatma Gandhi who had an impact on the world. Learn more:

The deep relationship between the city of Delhi, in India and Chicago, demonstrates the commitment of the Indian community to the city, as well as the cultural importance of this culture to Chicago. Under the leadership of Shah, the Delhi committee founded the annual Legacy luncheon in 2014 as a way of honoring the long-lasting change of ideas between Mahatma Gandhi and the United States, and of the importance of taking a non-violence stand I’m promoting the principles of Truth and peace.

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Smita Shah Recognizes Mahatma Gandhi for his great Achievements

Smita Shah was in attendance on October 2, 2019, in downtown Chicago to honor Mahatma Gandhi. The life of Mahatma Gandhi was honored by millions of people around the country on October 2 to honor his birthday. Chicago’s Mayor Lori Lightfoot was a key speaker for this event and Spaan Tech’s CEO, Smita Shah, was in attendance. 

Smita Shah is an Indian woman. She lived in the Chicago area for most of her life. She started Spann Tech in 1998 shortly after she graduated from the University of Chicago. Since that time, she has been helping people all over Chicago, the U.S. and even the world with various building and community-based projects. 

Mrs. Shah understood how important it is to honor a legendary figure such as Gandhi. He was a great leader and the first person to establish non-violent protest as a means of gaining equality and acceptance within society. Gandhi’s tactics for non-violence were emulated by other great world leaders such as Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, and even Albert Einstein. 

His life not only influenced other great people his philosophies literally helped to transform the world. The Civil Rights movement in the U.S., the struggle of Apartheid in South Africa and the Burmese Freedom Fighters. Millions of people around the world encountered Gandhi’s philosophies and their lives were radically changed by them. Learn more:

CEO Shah knows the influence that Gandhi has on own his people. His legacy as a leader, politician and philosopher had radically altered life in India. The Indians were no longer being held under the grip of colonialism. It was through his efforts that the British government relinquished its control over the Indian people. 

Mayor Lori Lightfoot of Chicago gave Gandhi accolades and great respect by honoring him with his own celebration. She had officially designated October 2 as Mahatma Gandhi day. Smita Shah and other Indian Americans in attendance were thrilled that Gandhi received this type of recognition. At home in India, Gandhi if fondly remembered for his former service to the nation. He is a great inspiration to the people and their culture. 

Smita Shah also draws a lot of wisdom from Gandhi. She is also influenced by the great example that he set for people. Shah has drawn a lot of inspiration from Gandhi and she uses some of it with her own business. How she interacts with the world around her and the projects she takes on, has been somewhat influenced by Gandhi. Smita Shah wants Gandhi to be remembered for all he has done.

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Isabel dos Santos: A meteoric rise into a unique position

Isabel dos Santos, Angolan billionaire and businesswoman is one of the most powerful and influential people in the world. She has the unique position of being a businesswoman of color on the world stage. She however is not alone as both Michelle Obama and Oprah Winfrey are frequent comparisons as well as also being able to relate to Isabel dos Santos as well.

Isabel dos Santos credits her success to her upbringing of not only being the daughter to the former President of Angola, but also to her educational background. Being sent to the United Kingdom for schooling allowed her to see the borders outside of Angola for the first time. As a result, she attended both primary and secondary school at Cobham Hall in Kent before eventually attending King’s College. There, she studied Electrical Engineering, another unique factor as engineering is generally a male-dominated occupation. dos Santos’s engineering background gave her the foundation she needed before engaging in the rise of her telecommunications empire.dos Santos first found work in Angola working for Urbana which was tasked with cleaning and renovating the streets of Luanda, the capital of Angola. Eventually Isabel dos Santos made her first business venture in 1997 by investing in Miami Beach, which happened to be one of the first bar and restaurant to be made on Luanda Island in Angola. This of course was a precursor to eventual rise in Angola’s entertainment district.

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Podes viajar e conhecer vários países, chegar aos 4 cantos do mundo até mesmo, mas nunca terás paisagem mais linda que a nossa Angola. Minha terra com beleza sem igual. Quedas de Kalandula sempre a surpreender-me desde a primeira vez… Parece quase irreal mas é um paraíso escondido aqui em Malanje. Simplesmente lindo ❤🇦🇴 #SharingbyIsabeldosSantos #natureza #Angola #proudlyAngolan #love You may travel and get to know several countries, even reach the 4 corners of the world, but you will never have a more beautiful landscape than our Angola. My motherland with its unique beauty. Kalandula Falls always surprising me since the first time … It seems almost unreal, but it is a hidden paradise here in Malanje. Simply gorgeous ❤🇦🇴

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Dos Santos made multiple strategic business moves before taking note that Angola and Africa as a whole lacked in telecommunication. As a result, Unitel was created and quickly grew, dominating the Angolan market. Wanting extend Unitel, dos Santos acquired mobile carrier T+ and through good investments and business relationships in Portugal, obtained a partnership with Portugal Telecom.

Noting that the next generation of potential businesswomen of color needed guidance, dos Santos has taken it upon herself to engage in philanthropy and highlighting positive role models. Her attention to stressing critical thinking skills, perseverance and a clear vision despite the odds are traits that other can look to when pursuing their own endeavors

Smita Shah Talks About Entrepreneurship

Becoming an entrepreneur and the owner of your own business is never easy especially when you’re 24 and just a few years out of grad school but that never stopped Smita Shah from going for the gold. So how has she managed to have this type of success without losing sight of who she is and while dealing with the responsibility of being the head honcho? Well, she recently sat down to discuss these issues with David Cochrane. When she was growing up, she couldn’t help but notice she was one of the few girls in her math class and the only one who was not caucasian. Ever since then, she has been driven to promote diversity throughout the workplace and advocate for minorities to be given equal treatment in both their personal and professional lives. 

One of the ways she attempts to fight back against this trend is by trying to hire as diverse a staff as she can. Even though she is the owner of her own company, she has still experienced instances of bias occasionally but she is quick to brush it off as she understands that it’s usually just a big misunderstanding. When she was matriculating at Northwestern University, she quickly rose through the ranks to become one of the best students in her class. Upon graduating, she then enrolled in MIT to pursue a master’s in civil engineering. She not only had to work on her thesis paper but also complete an internship with the white house chief of staff. 

After she had concluded her academic studies, she was offered the opportunity to work at SOM and she accepted the role of a structural engineer. However, after just a year of serving in that position, she realized she was ready to strike out on her own and established Spaan Tech towards the end of 1998. Due to the discrimination, she has experienced over the years, she is constantly encouraging females in the workplace to help and support each other whenever possible to help them advance in their respective fields. When she was first putting this new company together, she had no idea if it would take off which is why she wasn’t that invested in how the company fared in the long run but she was aware of the following. Learn more: 

If the business ended up tanking, she could always find refuge under the roof of a different company but, if it ended up becoming a big success, she would have a terrific story she could use to inspire the next generation of aspiring business owners and entrepreneurs, especially those who are female. So you’re probably wondering what exactly the company does. Well, they specialize in connecting the world by building new bridges, superhighways and parking decks to help people get where they need to go. They also provide the lighting for various fixtures such as streetlights, lighthouses and the red light you see on an emergency call box. So we wish them the best of luck.

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Ending Slavery with Sharon Prince

 Under the direction of Sharon Prince who is the President and the Founder of the Sharon Prince Grace Farms Foundation.

This foundation is looking for a way to end modern-day slavery once and for all. This group has developed the Grace Farms Foundation Architecture + Construction Working Group.

 Sharon Prince Grace Farms and the group is taking steps to end forced labor in construction and other industries around the globe.  This group and Sharon Prince are looking to make the general public and businesses aware that slavery is still in existence and there are still people all over the world being forced to work. The group is looking for ways to share data on the topic and other ways to raise awareness. They are also looking to expose the industries and companies that are still keeping humans enslaved.

 This group is launching pilot projects and tools that will help bring data together so that these organizations can be stopped. They also looking for additional ways that building materials and constructions can become free from slavery and still make a profit in developing countries. See Related Link to learn more.

 According to Sharon Prince, this organization is looking for ways to disrupt modern slavery. They save all of the information they get and they are looking to have an impact on the criminal industry and the industries that use this slave labor. They will bring negative attention to this industry so that forced labor can stop and men, women, and children will be allowed to be free and not forced into work.

In an article with entitled “Grace Farms Foundation Signs Deal To Fight Contemporary Slavery”, talks about the Memorandum of Understanding with the country of Georgia and Unchain which discusses creation of set of standards and practices that promote supply chain transparency to help bring an end to the world’s largest, yet under recognized problem: contemporary slavery.

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Seymour Segnit Reveals His Marketing Tricks

When its time to launch a product, the most common issue is always determining how to best present the concept to average consumers. The art of marketing can never be boiled down to a science as consumer tastes and thoughts area always shifting.

Seymour Segnit has spent the majority of his career in learning about marketing, but even he cannot escape the whims of consumers. The MAGFAST Charger was released to great fanfare, but the product lacked a certain charm that failed to win over consumers in mass. He recently took to Premiere Gazette to reflect on his thoughts and career up to this point.

At the heart of any good marketing campaign is the appeal to a consumers’ feelings over logic. They need to know more about the product such as what benefits it will provide on a daily basis. Seymour Segnit is an avid reader of marketing ideas and industry trends. See Related Link for more information.

Seymour Segnit is known for getting many of his greatest inspirations from the books he reads every day. Once the idea is finalized, he puts the pedal to the metal in bringing it to reality. Seymour Segnit describes how everything falls into place as his vision is realized through the passion that goes into the project.

Seymour Segnit organizes his day by knowing when he is the most active. The morning begins right at the moment dawn appears. He enjoys a daily exercise routine and a healthy breakfast to get his mind in the right place for the day.

Once in the office, he talking with partners around the world for several hours. The ability to keep everyone on the page at all times is only possible with modern technology. All of this culminated with the Kickstarter release of the MAGFAST Charger. It was profitable within mere minutes. Click Here for more information.

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Seymour Segnit Believes in Passion and Drive

Not every successful entrepreneur likes to talk about what led them to the top of the startup world. Seymour Segnit doesn’t fall under that heading. Seymour Segnit is quite vocal about the elements that helped him succeed when he founded MAGFAST.

Segnit likely wants to help steer other entrepreneurs in the right direction. His words carry weight considering how successful the MAGFAST Family, a collection of wireless magnetic chargers, has become. On the first day of the chargers’ crowdfunding campaign, $600,000 rolled in, with $250,000 arriving in the first 15 minutes. Segnit does know more than a little bit about how to launch a startup. Click Here to learn more.

When asked about how long it took for MAGFAST to become profitable, he responded that the company made profits from its inception. Few startups can match such a claim. Sadly, most startups fail. Failure doesn’t need to mean the end, though. Segnit’s first endeavor did well at first then ran out of money. Seymour Segnit didn’t quit. Instead, he pushed ahead with the plan for MAGFAST chargers and sold a significant volume of product.

Segnit doesn’t allow pure logic to guide his decisions. At one time, Seymour Segnit focused mainly on logic. Over time, he realized that emotions play a role in achieving your dreams. Seymour Segnit believes that passion and emotional intensity contribute to focus. Focus, in turn, leads to paying attention to all the things that matter when trying to drive your business in the right direction.

In his own words, Seymour Segnit does not want to describe success at entrepreneurism in “woo-hoo” terms. That is, he doesn’t want to talk about the process as if emotions will drive everything, and there’s no need for a logical, realistic approach. He does, however, believe that passion must be at the center of any true drive for achievement. See Related Link to learn more.

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How Robert Deignan is Improving Digital Security for Customers

Digital security is ramping up, but one individual who is focused on providing the security for his customers is Robert Deignan. His company, ATS Digital Services, is helping customers improve their security measures. They are a one-stop shop for all digital needs that a customer might have. 

A faulty network connection can break down your business in the course of a day. This can also impact the productivity of the individual that works from home. A network connection is important to ensure that there is no lag time in business. 

Technology has changed the way we do everything in the world, and Robert Deignan was focused on digging into the tech world. Technology has been the very foundation by which whole industries have been created. 

One of the earmarks of Robert Deignan’s passion is that he helps with troubleshooting numerous problems. This is why ATS Digital was at the heart of his business pursuits from day one. Enhancing the customer experience is what the company is all about. 

Everything you see around you can be aided by technology, and it has become the way in which businesses and the largest companies are being run. There are many folks that base their entire careers working in technology, including sitting at a computer for eight hours or more per day. 

Robert Deignan is teaching his customers how to create a relationship with technology. The focus for him is finding easier ways of doing things. Many jobs often call for multiple screens. Condensing them down is one way in which he is able to simplify work for his customers. 

The constant load of social media, apps, and other digital mediums, has set the world to distraction. Rather than avoiding technology, it’s time to learn to embrace it in a proper fashion. 

Your digital habits can make or break how you view technology. The human brain is able to take on a lot of information while continuing to work and function at a normal pace. However, if we train it to learn things in a new way, it can be receptive.