Greg Blatt, Online Dating CEO and Make of Margaritas

Gregory Blatt is the current Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of IAC. Before working for and becoming IAC, he was in several roles. IAC is located in New York, in the heart of the city. Blatt lives as well close to where he runs the IAC company. The roles that Blatt was apart was Executive Vice President, Business Affair General Counsel, and Secretary. Greg worked for Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia Incorporated. During his time with the company, Gregory Blatt managed the company legal and transactional objectives. 

Once his time with Martha Stewart company came to a close, he worked for IAC. During 2003 to 2009, he was the Vice President and additionally a member of the Office of the Chairman at IAC. During that brief period, he was in charge of legal, human resources and communications for the company. In late 2010, Blatt was given the position of CEO where he oversaw the business operations and lead IAC. He was also the CEO of the same company in a different branch. Gregory Blatt was the Chief Executive Officer for IAC’s Match segment. Here, Greg Blatt managed,, People Media, Singlesnet, and Match’s Global Investments. Including to his long list of jobs and experience in the online dating services, he is also the Chief Executive Officer of Tinder.

Gregory Blatt is associated with Grubman Indursky $ Schindler and Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz. Rosen and Katz are law firms that are located in New York. Blatt received his Bachelor’s of Arts from Colgate University and received his J.D. from Columbia Law School. As a whole, Blatt has six jobs with IAC and two part-time jobs as well at IAC. Blatt is still in contact with Martha Stewart and does activities whenever he and she are in the same area, such as making his famous Margaritas. 

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Bennett Graebner: Reality Show Super Star

Bennett Graebner is a producer for some famous reality shows. These include The Bachelorette, The Bachelor, and the shorter lived Bachelor Pad.


Bennett Graebner was born on July 30, 1971. The town was Buffalo, New York. He became a producer for television eventually, with credits also including Love at First Kiss. In 2003, he married Vanessa Aberman, who is a vegetarian. They’ve been married since the year 2003. They currently live in the Los Angeles area. Additionally, they have two children. 

Claim to Fame

Graebner’s shows have exploded with popularity in general, especially The Bachelor. They’ve won many awards. Some of these include the BMI Film an MTV Awards and the ASCAP Film and Television awards. Also, Bennett won a Teen Choice Award. The huge thing about his shows is that they consistently score well in the age range that marketers target the most, namely 18 – 34. So, in other words, not only are his shows popular, but they make a ton of money since they are watched by young people that marketers think spend the most money.

As a result, these marketers pour money into the shows in order to get advertising in front of the right people.

Graebner is also known for being able to construct narratives well even in nonfiction type shows. People have said that he has an almost intuitive sense for story and how everything fits together on camera. Part of the reason for this is that he has done many different jobs within television over the course of his career. He’s been the best boy grip, a production assistant, and a cinematographer, for example. It’s this diversity of experience that helps him figure out the best way to handle each shot and each situation. This goes a long way to explaining how he continues to court success.

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Andrey Andreev: An Entrepreneur in Online Business

With a net worth of nearly two million dollars, Andrey Andreev has proved his expertise in the world of matchmaking. Andrey Andreev is a resident of the United kingdom and has become a top entrepreneur in the area. Up to date, he has three current dating websites running in full bloom: Wamba, Badoo, and Bumble. At The Times articles he´s enlisted within the most successful businessmen in the world.

Wamba was his first venture which was released in 2004. The dating website was aimed at Russians and gained popularity throughout fifteen other countries. Over thirty million individuals are using the website to find their mate. His much more expansive business, Badoo was launched a mere two years after the release of Wamba. Badoo is now the world’s largest online matchmaking website that is used by three hundred and seventy-seven million individuals. The site supports forty-seven various languages and is used in almost an astonishing two hundred countries. A majority of Andrey Andreev time is now spent finding ways to spread the reach of Badoo into other countries and increase the amount of individuals currently using the website. 

His final successful dating website is Bumble, which he played an important role in funding. Having a high stake in the company, he has spent over five million dollars investing in Bumble. Bumble has now reached a population of fifty-one million American users and is hoping to expand its reach. 

However, his success does not end there. Andrey Andreev has also dwelled in two other internet businesses that have become highly acclaimed:  he launched Spylog and Begun. Spylog began as a startup in 1999 and was his introduction into the field of online business. Spylog was aimed at owners of websites who would want to track how many views their websites receive, and with the right marketing, the service soon became used by plenty webmasters. His other venture, Begun can be considered a retro mock to Google Adwords as it does nearly the same service. With all these businesses still running today, Andrey Andreev is considered to be one of the top entrepreneurs in the field of online business.

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Greg Blatt a CEO Who Encourages Talking and Listening

Greg Blatt became the CEO of the online dating site Match by blending his knowledge of the law and his work ethic. Blatt began developing his work skills in his college days. He attended Columbia University and graduated in law. Getting his degree required him to focus and to be clear on what the end goal was. This ability to block out distractions and complete a given task did not bring him directly to Match, but instead, after Columbia, he began work as an associate.

His legal education has always backgrounded him along his career. Blatt worked at a few law firms after college, but eventually, he ended up in the legal department of a media production business. The owner of the company was Martha Stewart. It may seem like an odd pairing, but Blatt and Stewart became friends and business associates. Greg has even made videos with Martha where they appear to be having fun, but he always kept his performance professional but upbeat. Ms. Stewart seemed to appreciate his style and work ethics too.

After working there, Greg Blatt went on to work at Match and with other dating sites. Being the CEO of Match required him to dedicate time and energy to the business, but he stilled made time for his family and young daughter. At one point in time, he was juggling two CEO positions. Blatt was the chief at Tinder. Besides that, he was the chief at Match. Tinder is a dating service also, but it has a different style of audience. Each platform has a look and feel that attracts different people. There is plenty of room in the online dating industry as Blatt can attest to.

Some methods this successful businessman used to bring Match to the forefront was by using his time in the most productive manner. He believes in having conversations with team leaders and other staff members. Greg Blatt thinks that having an actual conversation with someone can move things forward faster. Not only does he talk to people to get new ideas, but he also encourages others to speak up and be heard. He wants to listen to what others have to say because sometimes collaboration brings an entirely new way of seeing a situation. Match may have grown so quickly because of Blatt’s openness to talking and listening.

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Business Owner Clay Hutson Talks About How He Has Found Success In The Live Entertainment Industry

Clay Hutson is a business owner who lives in Nashville. His company helps musicians put on live performances. He started his company in 2009 and has over 20 years of experience in his industry. His passion is rock n’ roll and some of the performers he has worked for are Garbage, Guns N’ Roses, OneRepublic, and Pink.

He says that when setting up for a live event he checks, double checks, and then triple checks all of his work. He does this for a couple of reasons. First, the equipment he and his crew set up would be a major safety hazard if it fell. Two, he wants to make sure that nothing he does causes the show to not be as good as it should be. Finally, Clay Hutson says that if you’re going to put your name on a product or service than whatever you deliver better be impeccable.

He says that in the music industry word of mouth and reputation are absolutely everything. Hard work and passion takes you a long way towards these two things in his industry. Clay Hutson says that the artists he has worked with over the years really do appreciate it when guys like him put in a lot of effort to make sure they can achieve the performance they are looking for.

Asked if he believes in anything differently from others in his industry, Clay Hutson says he does when it comes to who to hire. He says that he cares far more about someone’s abilities than he does about their attitudes. He says you simply can’t train a person who has a great personality but no talent. If someone is genuinely talented that means they had developed a passion about what they do for a living. Those are the people he likes to work with even though it is often the case that they’re pretty jaded and rough. He says that happy employees usually have a good career in the music industry but it is often the case that they are really not competent.

The Chainsmokers Show Who Their Inspiration Is

An American DJ and production duo, The Chainsmokers, are alive and hot. Alex Poll and Andrew Taggart are living their lives to the fullest. Recently the Chainsmokers and Halsey did a tribute to Avicii at the 2018 Billboard Music Awards. They mentioned Avaicii was a Swedish DJ that inspired everyone in the EDM community.

The Chainsmokers received an award at the Billboard awards for the Top Dance /Electronic act. When they came up to accept their award, they dedicated that award to Avicii. He was a huge inspiration for them and they wanted everyone to know. Avicii influenced everything they did as well as everyone else in the pop music industry.

Poll and Taggert, the Chainsmokers, were the first dance artist to be recognized for their talents when they were put at the top of the billboard charts for their new category, Billboard’s New Dance 100 List. They also put on an epic performance at the 2018 Ultra Music Festival in Miami Florida. At the I-Heart Radio Awards they walked away with Best Collaboration Dance Artists of the Year and Dance Album of the Year.

They music keeps coming and new songs keep coming together out of the Chainsmokers. These guys are amazing. Drew Taggert is the main vocalist of the group. In January of 2018, they released the song “Sick Boy”. The song is so catchy and intoxicating. In February of 2018, the song “You Owe Me” was released. The song made the number four spot on the Billboards hot singles chart. The video is dark and mysterious with a shocking ending. They really know how to keep their fans on their feet. “Somebody” is their newest release.

As 2018 progresses, the Chainsmokers are going to continue to show their fans the best music and the most epic videos. Their inspiration is going to keep them going strong. Poll and Taggert want to show their fans what they can do.

Ryan Seacrest: A Mogul in Media and Entertainment

Ryan Seacrest is the host of the television series American Idol. He has hosted the show for 15 seasons on the Fox network. During 2018 the show will air on ABC for the first time. Recognized for his work ethic, Seacrest has managed to hold ten jobs at one time in various arenas. Seacrest has been featured on local radio and worked in radio production. Moreover, Seacrest has worked in cable television.

Fans can enjoy being entertained by Ryan Seacrest outside of the American Idol television show. Seacrest has a live radio show, which is featured on iHeart Radio where he addresses news and other topics. The show is a drive time radio broadcast which is ranked #1 for national syndication LA drive time morning radio. Moreover, Seacrest is now Kelly Ripa’s co-host on the television show “Live with Kelly and Ryan”. Followers can also bring in a new year with Seacrest. He is the producer and host of the New Year’s Eve broadcast which was formerly hosted by Dick Clark.

As a television producer, Seacrest has achieved success. During 2006 he established Ryan Seacrest Productions. His company produces television series for multiple television networks. The company produces shows such as Shades of Blue” starring Jennifer Lopez , “Keeping up with the Kardashians” and all spin-offs from the series.

During 2014, Seacrest launched a male clothing line. Ryan Seacrest Distinction is a male clothing line which is sold only at Macys. Men can use a system developed specifically for the clothing line which allows them to coordinate their outfits in a stylish manner. Shoppers can purchase items such as pants, sweaters, and accessories either in the store or online.

Widely recognized for his business endeavors, Seacreast has combined his passion for media and assisting children through philanthropic endeavors. The Ryan Seacrest Foundation gives back to youth with the desire to perform and participate in media. Children are provided opportunities to learn about television and radio through a collaboration between the Ryan Seacrest Foundation and Seacrest Studios, which are in ten pediatric hospitals in the United States.

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Nine9’s Unagency Approach to the Industry

Breaking into the entertainment business is one of the most difficult aspirations that young creative minds can strive for, beyond that of deciding to pursue a life in the arts. The combination of seemingly endless supplies of new talent that is just as hungry for an opportunity with the amount of luck that goes into landing breakthrough roles often stacks the odds against every prospective actor, actress, or model. For every person that found fame, success, and of course a good living working within the entertainment industry, there are countless others who never received the opportunity to realize their dream.

Nine9’s Unique Approach to Creating an Unagency

Even with the best of chances and the best of talents the odds of getting discovered still remain insurmountable without the right people standing in your corner. For many individuals, agencies often stand guard at the gates of success, or so they would lke to think and contact its.

A new talent recruitment endeavor has established itself as the answer to the current state of talent agencies. Nine9 the Unagency separates itself from the crowd by looking further than simply connecting talent with producers, casting directors, and fashion show runners. Instead Nine9 the Unagecy focuses on nurturing talent and fostering an environment in which prospective actors, actresses, and models can not only begin but sustain a long lasting career.

Built around the idea that a majority of new actresses, actors, and models are not being fully helped by the agencies they align themselves with, Nine9 has taken a fresh new approach in creating the next wave of stars and celebrities and learn more about Nine9.

With CEO Anthony Toma at the helm of the revolutionary Unagency, the talent recruitment unagency is set to change the entire industry.