Talos Energy : Creating itself a different path to success

According to Workplace Dynamics, oil company Talos Energy has been awarded the distinction of being one of the best places to work in Houston. Talos Energy is a private oil company which has recently exploded on the oil industry scene by taking from what some say risky ventures last year. The company moved many of their safe investment projects into very lucrative areas of the world, one of them includes the Gulf of Mexico and its risky political waters. Today Talos Energy manages to produce thousands of barrels per day and staffs over 120 employees, many of them located in the Houston, Texas area.

CEO Tim Duncan commented on the incredible achievement of being named the best small business place to work. Tim Duncan says that the motivation, hard work, and results from his staff do not come from the common practices of offering happy hour Fridays at the office and or motivational pep talks, the results and their overall happiness working at Talos stems from the “we’re all in this together” mentality that surrounds the company. Tim Duncan is quoted as saying that the Talos environment is one that has everyone rowing the boat together. In addition, Duncan says that he reminds his employees that the company is currently private, therefore, there is no one person or group to say how much its worth, only the hard work produced every day, and results can determine that final outcome.

The incredible drive within Talos Energy also comes from its entrepreneurial ways of doing business, and in the end, that is the exact environment that attracts the best talents. Duncan comments on the fact that when his office receives emails about potential investments and or other opportunities, they are shown to his employees as well. This is because, at the end of the day, Tim Duncan wants to let employees know that their boss is always active in trying to make money for them and the company as a whole.

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A Look at Stream Energy’s Philanthropic Engagements

Modern consumers are informed, and other factors over and above marketing influence their purchase decisions. Businesses, for instance, are not obliged to engage in corporate philanthropy but avoiding such a noble undertaking may have grave repercussions for a company, such as stunted growth. This is because modern buyers embrace businesses that contribute to the wellbeing of society and shun those that openly ignore the plight of those in need.

From the very first day, Stream appreciated the significance of philanthropy to modern consumers, and the utility company incorporated philanthropy in its business model. What’s more, the Dallas-based firm seeks to achieve philanthropic synergies by collaborating with leading organizations promoting human welfare, such as American Red Cross, Hope Supply Co., Salvation Army, Stream Associates, Habitat for Humanity, etc.

Many businesses take corporate philanthropy for writing checks in support of charitable causes. In fact, generosity to most brands is donating funds, but Stream Energy goes the extra mile of committing both time and non-monetary relief. During Hurricane Harvey, Stream Energy would have stopped at writing a $25,000 check to support the victims. The firm, however, went further, working with Red Cross to receive donations from well-wishers, an activity that relieved the non-profit immensely.

Stream Energy’s support for the less fortunate, especially homeless children, confirms that the utility firm is hands on regarding philanthropy. Stream and Hope routinely organize an event, Annual Splash for Hope, which brings homeless children to local water parks. The children spend quality time with Stream’s associates while having fun. Stream Energy also leverages the opportunity to provide essentials to the children, such as clothing, school supplies, and even money.

Stream Energy’s direct selling business model—incorporating philanthropy—has seen the company expand steadily to new markets, beyond Texas. Now, Stream Energy’s services are available in seven states, while its other services (wireless, protective, and home services) are available throughout America. Stream boasts of revenues in excess of $8 billion. Stream associates also are central to the firm’s growth. They find new users and associates for Stream, earning commissions, salaries, and other perks as a result.



Energy Is Transforming, And So Is Stream Energy

We completely understand if the world of technology is advancing in a way that leaves you behind. We also understand if you don’t fully see an option that helps you to properly adjust. The news we have for you is that you can adjust to what society is doing by making a better connection to modern energy. The energy you’re now consuming needs a change.

Your change comes at a better cost per month, with more energy sources and with a cleaner footprint in your consumption. All of these can only be accomplished with the innovation found in the energy industry. Stream Energy is leading these developments and by building one infrastructure that can supply every energy product you’ll need at home or on the go.



What A Modern Society Brings Into Focus

Stream Energy shocks the entire energy market as it brings to focus the excess we’ve developed. It’s clear that energy is needed and will be required to move the future of society forward. The advancements of our energy require separate business innovations and with separate energy outlets. Gas is only one energy outlet as an example, refer also to indeed.com.

Water is another that we consume in our houses and at public places. There’s a clear need for electricity during the day and during the nighttime hours. The problem presented through these sources is infrastructure. The excess we’ve created is clogging our cities and communities. There are modules and machines in places where they don’t have to be.



Who Can Provide You With This Service?

Cleaning up the energy industry is a task that has to consider one provider. We finally have the technology and innovation to condense the large energy systems we have into one place. This is the work being forwarded by Stream Energy. The agency’s principle and guiding values are simple. The Stream Energy works to bring you all the power sources you consume daily.

You don’t have to worry about different bills at different times of the month. Your work is instead in focusing on what really matters most to you.