ClassDojo: Empowering a Positive Classroom Community

An article on the website Tech Crunch talks about the messaging app ClassDojo. The app is a platform that was created for parents and teaches to better communicate with each other. This app has raised $35 million in funding. 

The article discusses that The Series C and SignalFire will be used to increase ClassDojo’s free communication app expansion and use Beyond School to monetize its services. Beyond School is an optional subscription service that allows parents to work with their children by being given at-home tutorials that help increase mindfulness and improve study habits. 

ClassDojo’s value is said to be approaching the $400 million mark. This figure is a substantial growth from the $99 million that the company was said to be worth in 2015. The article talks about how the app’s growth is to thank for such a high net worth. ClassDojo is currently used in over 95 percent of US schools from Pre K to eighth grade. While the largest market for ClassDojo is the United States, the app is also now available in 180 other countries. The company helps to keep costs down by employing only 40 people. 

The article mentions that ClassDojo’s mission is to identify and solve any communication problems that might arise when teachers are teaching kids. The app is meant to help parents engage more with what their kids are being taught at school and to create a more positive culture. ClassDojo is having many positive effects with teachers and parents and also between parents and children. These stronger relationships that are built make it easier to communicate and help to empower learning. 

ClassDojo’s growing community is bringing about a more positive classroom community throughout the world and is focused on helping to bridge any communication gaps that may occur between, parents, teachers, and students.

Students Now Have A Fun Way to Learn Using ClassDojo

ClassDojo is a new fun way for students to not only enjoy their teacher and classroom, but also excites them about attending school. With ClassDojo, students don’t won’t to be left out of what’s going on in their class with this new fun application. The students get to set up their own personal account. Younger students may need their parents to do this. But they get their own user name and password. Best of all, student information is protected and never ever shared.

ClassDojo helps to improve student performance. With ClassDojo, students can have their very own portfolio. This was something students never had in olden days. In their portfolios, students can showcase their classwork on Student Stories. Now they can have their own digital portfolio! All the posts are approved by the teacher. This is fun, because most schools don’t allow cellphones in the classroom anymore. The messages must go through the teacher however. They cannot message each other. So ClassDojo helps the students to communicate among each other without getting in trouble.

Students can create and upload videos. They can also draw, and make annotation on photos. They can compose journal entries. On Class Dojo, they can even add voice notes to those entries. There’s much more that they can do using the ClassDojo Application. They can even choose the emoji that they want their teacher to use for their name. And, they can select ClassDojo decorations for the classroom, their backpacks, or their books and tablets.

The ClassDojo App gives the student more involvement in the classroom, a sense of connection, and this helps to empower them.