Te Best Education Includes More Than Book Learning

A good education is one of the most powerful tools for success in the modern world of today. It prepares students to face the many challenges of life, and to become productive contributors to the innovative processes of a growing nation. Choosing the right school for your child is an important part of parenting. The Repton School has been an integral part of the history and educational community of South Derbyshire since the 16th century. The school currently has about 640 students ranging in ages from 13 years to 18 years. The school is comprised of boarding houses where students live and have their meals. This supports the family atmosphere that is a focus of the school.

The Repton School encourages school and student unity by providing opportunities for real competitions which further strengthens the school spirit. Students recently participated in the Repton School’s Annual House Unisons Competition which was held in the Pears School. This event is a highly anticipated one. The ten boarding houses at the school compete with each other in a singing competition that involves the whole school. One of the House Masters of Latham at Repton, and the ex Head of Classics adjudicated the event. The students of each boarding house were awarded points for singing quality, their musical arrangement, the production of the musical, and the conducting of the musical scores.

All of the boarding houses performed fantastically, but there were only three prizes to be awarded. First place prize went to the Abbey house, second place was won by The Mitre, and third place by The Garden. The Conductor’s prize was also won by The Garden house. These performances were all prize worthy, but students understood that the competition was stiff, and that there were only three prizes for the top competitors. This was a job well done, and demonstrates the unity of the school, and what they instill in the students. Life is full of challenges, and the best is required to be among the top at all times. The best in educational opportunities is what the Repton School in south Derbyshire represents. Read more about Repton School: https://www.compare-school-performance.service.gov.uk/school/113009/repton-school/secondary

ClassDojo: Empowering a Positive Classroom Community

An article on the website Tech Crunch talks about the messaging app ClassDojo. The app is a platform that was created for parents and teaches to better communicate with each other. This app has raised $35 million in funding. 

The article discusses that The Series C and SignalFire will be used to increase ClassDojo’s free communication app expansion and use Beyond School to monetize its services. Beyond School is an optional subscription service that allows parents to work with their children by being given at-home tutorials that help increase mindfulness and improve study habits. 

ClassDojo’s value is said to be approaching the $400 million mark. This figure is a substantial growth from the $99 million that the company was said to be worth in 2015. The article talks about how the app’s growth is to thank for such a high net worth. ClassDojo is currently used in over 95 percent of US schools from Pre K to eighth grade. While the largest market for ClassDojo is the United States, the app is also now available in 180 other countries. The company helps to keep costs down by employing only 40 people. 

The article mentions that ClassDojo’s mission is to identify and solve any communication problems that might arise when teachers are teaching kids. The app is meant to help parents engage more with what their kids are being taught at school and to create a more positive culture. ClassDojo is having many positive effects with teachers and parents and also between parents and children. These stronger relationships that are built make it easier to communicate and help to empower learning. 

ClassDojo’s growing community is bringing about a more positive classroom community throughout the world and is focused on helping to bridge any communication gaps that may occur between, parents, teachers, and students.

Adam Milstein: Building A Coalition of Tolerance

In today’s world, it seems as if people are far less tolerant of those who fail to look like them or believe as they do regarding religious or social issues. This has been especially true when it comes to today’s radical viewpoints of many toward Israel, which Adam Milstein feels have become much more intense in recent years. Whether it has been various anti-Semitic demonstrations in the United States or attacks against those living in Israel by radical extremists, Adam is determined to fight today’s atmosphere of hatred with love and compassion. To do so, he has chosen to focus his efforts on being an author, philanthropist, and entrepreneur.

To make sure as many Jewish families as possible in Israel and other countries receive help with educational and other opportunities, Adam Milstein and his wife Gila have started the Milstein Family Foundation. By doing so, they work with a variety of groups to help in numerous ways. Eager to keep the rich traditions of the Jewish faith and heritage alive, Adam’s foundation regularly works with educational organizations specializing in the Jewish faith. As a result, they regularly ensure that numerous families in Israel and other nations receive books each month written in Hebrew, allowing them to learn the ancient language as well as more about their heritage.

Along with his numerous efforts in education and philanthropy, Adam has also carved out a very successful career in real estate investing and development. Due to his success, Adam Milstein has been able to involve himself in many other causes near and dear to his heart. One of these is becoming President of the Israeli-American Council, where he is able to speak to groups around the world about the importance of positive relations with Israel. By having this forum, Adam Milstein knows he will be looked at very closely to see how he blends diplomacy and reality together in an effort to create stimulating conversations among diverse groups. By continuing to make people think about today’s important issues, Adam knows he can indeed make a positive difference in the lives of people everywhere.


The Success of ClassDojo: Why Listening to Teachers Matters

The Success of ClassDojo: Why Listening to Teachers Matters

ClassDojo is a communication platform that has risen to success in the edtech sector because they did something different; they listened to teachers. Edtech is a unique division of education based technology that has begun to try and fill the technology needs of classrooms throughout the United States. There are many successful startups in the edtech division and overall, 2017 was a strong year for education-based technology. However, with the success, there are companies that have failed. So, what’s the difference between success and failure in the edtech world? Well, there actually seems to be three core things that set the best companies apart. At the core of these three things though, is that the companies that do the best, listen to the teachers and truly build applications that are useful and relevant in the classroom.

One of the most successful brands at listening has been ClassDojo. ClassDojo which is classroom communication platform that empowers educators and creates communities. It has expanded so much since its inception that it’s now being used in 2 out of every 3 schools in the United States. This alone is a huge feat! In addition to this, they have raised over 31 million in funding because so many people believe in them!

ClassDojo was successful in its field because they first and foremost listened to the teachers, parents and students that they were planning on serving. The second thing they did was spend a lot of time testing their product. They also planned out the implementation of their product in real classrooms and with real people.

Instead of making the mistake of thinking they knew what teacher’s wanted ClassDojo worked with teachers to solve the problem of teacher, student and parent communication from the ground up. They initially created a platform to allow parents to have insight into the classroom on a daily basis so they could help support their child’s educational development from home. On the other end of the spectrum, they wanted to give teachers a positive way to interact with parents besides in parent-teacher meetings. Ultimately, in everything they did, ClassDojo worked with the teachers and by doing so, not only created a positive culture within classrooms and throughout schools, but also because a highly successful edtech business.