George Soros Likens China’s Banks to Those of USA in 2007

As one of the thirty richest men in the world, financier-philanthropist George Soros is a person whose words deserve to be listened to when it comes to predictions about the economy. Since 1970 the Soros Fund Management has been one of the world’s most successful hedge funds. Soros’ Open Society Foundation on has given away some $11 billion dollars in philanthropic grants over the past 23 years. George Soros knows the global market.

Hence it is all the more disturbing that Soros has been drawing parallels between the Asian market’s current situation and the state that the US economy was in just before the 2008 recession. Back in September 2015, George Soros drew attention to the European Union’s problems with Greek debt, likening it to the run-up to 2008. In January of this year, reported that George Soros was warning of similar trends visible in Asia, with China devaluing its currency in the face of the falling value of the yuan and having to intervene in market trading to prevent a catastrophe. In a recent article, Bloomberg reports that Soros has repeated his warnings, this time targeting the issue of China’s current debt.
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Soros’ warnings about China’ situation follow news that the Chinese government had created $362 billion (2.34 trillion yuan) in new credit during March, far more than the predicted 1.4 trillion yuan. Clearly the Chinese government is eager to spur on economic growth by funding new enterprises rather than dealing with existing debt. But is this really what’s happening? Soros says that, in fact, the new money is just helping bad debt stay afloat and shoring up existing businesses that are already running at a loss. It is precisely this state that is reminiscent of the situation in the United States in the months prior the financial crisis of 2008: loads of bad debt and little hope of legitimate recovery and genuine growth.

Chinese state media haven’t been slow to reject Soros’ warnings. They point to the surge in the price of new homes in China, with such growth spurred on by the new available credit. But this is precisely what makes Soros nervous: the banking system in China has more loans than deposits, forcing banks to loan to each other. With the Chinese financial quarter itself feeling unstable, others have begun to grow insecure. Standard and Poor’s and Moody’s, for example, have both cut China’s credit rating since March. Soros also points to capital outflows from China. As the government’s anti-corruption campaign shows no sign of slowing down, wealthy Chinese individuals have sought to diversify their holdings and to get their money out of the country to some safer haven.

As the Chinese government props up its own economy by increasing state involvement, the global economic forecasters are not wildly confident in the situation. It may not be a bad idea to listen in this case to George Soros’ predictions.

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The Open Society Operations And The Effects Of The Current Economic Crisis As Covered By George Soros

George Soros came to the U.S from a Britain where he had undertaken his business studies. On arrival to the U.S, George Soros threw himself into the business industry where he started Soros Fund Management on As an entrepreneur and business person, George Soros has been able to achieve great goals. Starting from zero with his Soros Fund Management, he has made great fortunes along his business career including $1 billion in 1992 on the British pound devaluation to a $27 billion worth. George Soros was born in Hungary and came to Britain as an asylum seeker. During his time in Hungary, the government was in the hands of pro-Nazi leaders who did not care about anything to do with human rights or democracy. At this time, most Hungarians were starving and could not get any social services like health care from the government. This led to widespread misery among the citizens of the country.

After he had arrived in America, George Soros started human rights campaigns against minor issues he could change. As his success in business grew so did his influence on human rights and democracy issues. George Soros’ breakthrough in the democracy and human rights activism came during the cold war. At this time, he dedicated his efforts to bringing down the communist rule in Germany on He worked with activists in Germany to invent Xeron machines which were used to infiltrate the communist rule. George Soros efforts led to the collapse of communism in this country marked by the fall of the Berlin wall. George Soros later founded an international humanitarian and democratic umbrella charity, Open Society. This charity has played a major role in bringing democracy to countries such as South Africa. This charity has grown and expand its activities into over 100 nations worldwide.

As a business person, his time in this industry has given him a lot of experience in economic issues. Georges Soros is currently rated among the most credible economic analyst in the world. He was one of the first economic analysts to foresee the 2008 economic crisis and protected his investments. George Soros has of late expressed his doubts about the economic crisis that is currently before the world. Speaking at an economic forum in Sri Lanka, George Soros said that the current crisis comes from China.

China, the world’s largest economy has been in a production and manufacturing economic model. The new government in the country has promised its citizens better economic times by 2022, and its seeks to achieve this by changing its economic approach. The country is phasing into a consumption and services-driven economy. This economic phase change according to George Soros is bringing to the world a 2008 like crisis. George Soros adds that this 2008 like crisis may have similar harsh outcomes.


Most Popular Publishers For Display Ads In Brazil

Noticias can tell you that advertisement in Brazil has transformed over the years. Despite the fact about 98% Brazilian households have TV sets and only 43% have internet connection, Brazilians have still been seen responding better to display advertisement as compared than traditional advertisement. The CEO of Heads Propaganda, Cláudio Loureiro, himself has invested in various national projects and companies, most of which were much more focussed on display advertising and for good reason too.

With the advent of the internet and talented entrepreneurs like Cláudio Loureiro, it is much more affordable for Brazilian companies to go the digital way for increasing ad revenue, creating brand awareness, improving brand image and generating buzz about the company. Here are some publishers of display ads in Brazil that seem to be the most popular –

Facebook – This social media website is the biggest player for display ads in Brazil. Among all the other social networks, Facebook accounts for 97.8% of Brazilians’ time spent online. The website displays over 583 million ads for users.

UOL – There are many portals in Brazil that are accessed by companies, consumers and clients. In all those portals, UOL is easily the most popular and renowned in Brazil. This portal displays close to 120 million ads which, in itself, is an achievement.
Globo – This is a multimedia corporation that has many portals and websites, and together, it displays close to 119 million ads.

Sites by Microsoft – In Brazil, Microsoft is a household name even when it comes to display advertising since it has over 94 million ads displayed across all its websites.
Terra – Telefonica is the owner of Terra, a portal that is as valuable to Brazilians as it is to foreign investors. More than 90 million ads are displayed here.

Google – With over 81 million ads, Google and its websites are extremely popular in Brazil for both companies and consumers of the nation.

In all the Latin American countries, it is the users of Brazil who spend most time on the internet. In fact, as compared to all the other mediums, internet wins by a margin in Brazil as the preferred form of entertainment. For instance, over 14 hours were spent by 35% Brazilians online. 27% showed a preference for TV while 7% chose to utilize their time reading newspapers, magazine and other print mediums. It is clear that display ads in Brazil are the future.

Economists Helping Investors with Their Decision-Making Process

The world is currently grappling with the realities of the challenges brought about by globalization process. Today the world’s economies are working in conjunction hence creating an interdependent situation and with this kind of interaction, the business front has become quite complex. This is why there is a global rise in demand for economists like Christian Broda. Broda is an economist whose expertise is globally acknowledged. He is a professor teaching Economics students at the University of Chicago. His knowledge and professional touch on issues to do with capital management has been one of his greatest strength and he has been a financial adviser consulted by many organizations, individuals, as well as governments.

The reason why Christian Broda has become quite a household name in the business world is because the world needs economist today more than it ever did in the past. Currently there are several issues that have heightened the necessity for economists. It is important to realize the world’s population is gradually escalating and the ratio of the population to the natural resources is actually dwindling. As such, we are headed closer to the doomsday if something is not done very fast. This is where the economist are coming in and offering solutions. The world is facing a great crisis and this will be very hard on everyone if caution is not taken at this early stages.

Economists are trained individuals who are equipped to identify and allocate scarce resource to satisfy human wants in the order of their necessity. This is a skill that needs to be harnessed with a lot of speed. The rising population of the world is putting too much pressure on the scarce resources that we have and without economist to help the world in allocating these resources in the order of necessity, we might end up a major crisis than anything ever seen before. The 2008/2009 tragedy is just one of the examples of the effects of ignoring economists.

Lastly, economists are good at research and studying the global and local trends of consumer’s behavior. This skill allows then to be able to tell the probability of an investment to make good returns or if it is a looming loss. This is very crucial for investor and that is why capital management services have been on the rise in terms of their demand. Investors have realized there is need for due diligence before committing one’s resources in any investment venture. For this, the best people to consult and find out the feasibility of a venture are the economists. They are able to tell judging from their research on the past and the present how the future is expected to look like in terms of business.

Christian Broda Believes In Maintaing A Vast Network Of

Professional Connections Educating promising hedge funds continues to remain an integral component of Christian Broda’s career. Currently the director at Duquesne Capital Management, this prominent executive strives to spread the knowledge of extremely productive business development practices to inexperienced entrepreneurs across the world. Essentially, his wide range of distinguished professions including a published author, motivational speaker, prominent professor, and an expert economist and financial advisor have greatly contributed to the creation of his effective hedge fund enhancement protocols. Furthermore, as a seasoned businessman, he has assisted a diverse group of professionals who were all interested in propelling their company. Most importantly, Broda understands the imperativeness of establishing effective relationships with knowledgeable experts who will each contribute to the hedge fund’s unprecedented expansion.

Broda’s main objective is to encourage extremely meaningful collaborations among every member of the start-up hedge fund team. Therefore, his comprehensive training emphasizes the effectiveness of including experienced professionals in the consultation process in order to successfully streamline the company’s goals and expectations. This extremely constructive discussion facilitates trust and rapport between the diverse groups of professionals which ultimately enables team members to compose a list of tasks relevant to their job description. Moreover, Broda’s strategic hedge fund coaching has strongly urged investment firms to maintain an extensive database of resources that may include seed funders, lawyers, trader/broker, expert analyst, and financial consultants.

As a long standing advocate of hedge fund development, this renowned executive’s teachings have greatly influenced the profound growth of many leading investment firms. In addition to maintaining a network of professional connections, Broda also recommends renting an affordable office space. Essentially, this neat and organized atmosphere will attract the appropriate experts to assists in contributing to the hedge fund’s bottom line. More importantly, the professional room is a perfect gathering space for the initial consultation and every forthcoming business arrangement. Ultimately, the goal is to maintain an office with a worker vibe which will most certainly result in productive discussions and transactions.

Broda has effectively trained many leading hedge fund owners and, consequently, he is consistently selected by his peers as one of America’s best businessmen. Along with his company development endeavors, he is also skilled in editing many different educational journals and publications as well as presenting his academic researchfindings at leading colleges and banks worldwide. Notably, Brodaobtained his Bachelor of Arts from University of San Andres in Argentina and his Ph.D from Massachusetts of Technology (MIT) in Cambridge. Interestingly, he maintains an avid interest in international trade and macroeconomics as he is a distinguished memberof the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) and an experteditor with the Journal of Development Economics.

The Newark Community Economic Development Corporation Is Courting Small Businesses

New Jersey is experiencing quite a bit of redevelopment action as the city looks for new opportunities. The Newark Community Economic Development Corporation, which is referred to commonly as Newark CEDC, was organized to help push development in Newark. Newark is the largest city in New Jersey but has fallen into decline. Newark CEDC hopes to change the fortunes of the city by stimulating economic development by bringing in new businesses and growing the ones that are already there.

As you can see from his CrunchBase profile, Kevin Seawright is spearheading the new initiative. He has over a decade of experience helping East Coast communities develop. He has worked for the city of Baltimore in multiple positions. He worked in diverse roles including Payroll Directory and Chief Financial Officer. These roles taught him the importance of strategic budgeting.

Seawright has relocated to Newark where he is using his project management and accounting expertise to its fullest advantage. He’s a big believer in being an active member in good standing of the local community. To that end, he has advised the Babe Ruth Museum and served as a youth coach for teams in the area. He’s bringing his expertise to bear on a new set of challenges that build on his career experience to date.

Newark CEDC has only one client and that’s the city of Newark. Newark has empowered the organization to spur development throughout the city’s diverse neighborhoods. There are 20 neighborhoods in general where real estate projects can be accomplished. Main themes include spurring minority business activities and helping secure employment opportunities for residents of the city. The city needs synergistic opportunities to be developed which can stimulate the right activities. That’s the reason that Seawright was brought in. His vast experience in Baltimore taught him the value of spending funds so that results were yielded.

Newark mayor Ras Baraka is a big believer that the development agency can serve the goals of creating more opportunities for small business owners. He feels that this segment is vital importance to a thriving city. He recently called on civic leaders and big business leaders to throw their support to small business owners as part of a cohesive strategy to develop a thriving economic structure in the city’s neighborhoods. That plan has worked in other older, industrial cities and should work in Newark. That’s the plan and Seawright is the right person at the right time to get it done.

FreedomPop Hits Investment Jackpot, Aims to Grow Service

For CEO Stephen Stokols and the rest of the FreedomPop company the past three years have been both challenging and rewarding. The L.A. based start up hit the market running with investment money coming straight from the founder of Skype. Since then the mobile carrier has been trying to use that money in order to leverage a name for themselves and they’ve mostly succeeded. That success, along with the shark like attempts to eat up mobile carriers by telemarketers, has caused FreedomPop to become one hot commodity on the marketplace.

For the better part of the past few weeks, as reported by, FreedomPop has been rumored in M&A talks with various companies. Those rumors are finally put to bed now thanks to a statement by CEO Stephen Stokols. Freedmpop has decided to go on their own and push forward as an independent mobile carrier. A recent investment during the Series B round by Partech Ventures has made this decision much easier.

Partech Ventures, led by Mark Menell, partnered with Mangrove Capital and DCM Capital in order to allot almost $30 in investment capital for FreedomPop. This move has given the freemium company both the confidence and the capital in order to start spearheading a push into the hyper competitive European marketplace. In fact, they have already started their push with a basic product on offer and the Jetsetter international package.

FreedomPop already has one million subscribers to their service and the focus is on wholesale growth going forward. The reason that they can grow their business and afford offering free services is that they package their data after buying it from Sprint at wholesale company rates. Google has a similar arrangement with T-Mobile. FreedomPop chooses to eat much of the cost in order to allure new customers to their service.

Mikal Watts Is Encouraging Farmers To Get Their Money Back!

The farmers are a big part of the economic stance in America. They provide crops for the American people, but they also ship many of their products to foreign countries too. One product they export is corn. However, during the year of 2013-2014, more than 30% of their shipments were denied due to growth hormone that was modified into the seeds that were sold by the Swiss Company, Syngenta. The farmers lost massive income and collectively it amounted into the billions. They needed help and Mikal Watts stepped in ready to fight.

Watts is a well-seasoned attorney that works in San Antonio in the Watts Guerra law firm. This firm specializes in handle agricultural cases and they are no stranger to winning big for their clients. A win could mean amazing things for the farmers who are still trying to recuperate from their massive losses.

There are more than 25 states recognized at this point in the suit. It is anticipated that more farmers will come forward as news of the pending lawsuit becomes common knowledge. Watts has 29 lawyers working under him, and with a staff of 100 employees, he is the right man for the job. As reported by The Street Watts is highly competent for the job. He is highly experienced in agricultural mass torts, and is one of the few attorneys in this country who is.

Watts and his team won a $750 million dollar case against Bayer Crop Sciences. This brought great success to his clients and recognition to him as a competent attorney. Armed with proof and angry farmers, Watts is encouraging the farmers to have their day in court and get back a portion of the money that they were cheated out of by a company who messed with their seeds and didn’t tell them.

The Name of the Game

The country is completely at odds over the idea of the Confederate flag being flown on government grounds. The flag was originally flown by Southern states that were looking to fight for the right to own slaves. After the South lost the war the flag was taken down and was rarely seen for 150 years. Around 1964 the flag was flown again as Southerners revolted and showed their disapproval for the Civil Rights Act. Since then the flag has flown on many Southern government buildings as well as higher education buildings. There are numerous African American studies who go to these schools that give honor to those who fought diligently to keep their ancestors enslaved. The flag isn’t the only problem as individuals have looked for the government to change the names of public buildings that pay homage to Confederate Army leaders as well. Many school boards and superintendents are calling for their school districts to change the name of their school if it pays homage to Confederate generals.


For example, an assemblywoman in San Diego is asking her local school board to change the name of their local elementary school that is dubbed the Robert E. Lee Elementary School. Numerous petitions are being drawn up around the country to make sure that no student, regardless of first or secondary education, will have to remember America’s racist past while they are trying to get an education. Mikal thinks this is a step in the right direction.

Doom and Gloom?

The American economy added a very encouraging 223,000 jobs last month. This caused the unemployment rate to fall to a seven year low of 5.5 percent. The low percentage was the good news because the rate fell in some part because a certain percentage of people stopped searching for jobs. Additionally, the total for the two months prior to this report were revised downward. However, this is often considered political spin by those that seek to downplay the glowing report. A better measure for determining if this is a good report is by Wall Street fears that the Fed will raise interest rates because of good jobs reports like these.

If the effects of a good job report like this one is inherently horrible like political opponents of democrats would have people perceive, the Fed would not consider a hike because it would be detrimental to future growth. That’s what Sender and others have been reading about. The interest rates have been kept artificially low because of the economic downturn and raising rates will only occur when the Fed feels that America is strong enough to handle the rate hikes. This report is also detrimental to republicans who must paint the economy in a bad light in order to malign the current administration in efforts to thwart Hilary’s chances in the upcoming election. Since the economy is robustly rebounding, it will more likely be a boon to Hillary’s campaign and Obama’s legacy.