Missouri Woman Sues A Debt Collector And Wins $83 Million

Finally, a debt collector is getting what debt collector around the country have been giving for years. PRA Group Inc., the company that owns Portfolio Recovery Associates, was found guilty of maliciously prosecuting a Missouri woman over a $1,000 debt she didn’t owe. A Missouri jury found Portfolio Recovery Associates guilty, and the plaintiff was awarded 250,000 in damages and another $82,990,000 in punitive damages.

PRA Group Inc. said the verdict was unfair, and they will appeal the decision. It is nice to see a debt collector experiencing what millions of people experience when they fall behind on a credit card bill or some other secured debt.

Debt collectors show no mercy. In Sam Tabar‘s opinion, all they want is a percentage of what they recover. They used any means available to badger, bully, intimidate and scare their prey, and they rarely get caught. But this time they were trapped. Trapped by their own greed. They are too many bottom feeders in the collection industry. They use illegal tactics to collect old debts that are covered by statute of limitations laws. Three cheers for the Missouri jury. They must have been a lot of smiling going on in that Missouri courtroom that day.