To serve our incarcerated population better- A Securus Pledge

We at Securus were recently shocked and appalled at the actions of the company Global Tel Link. Prisoners, as society sometimes forgets, are human beings. Despite making terrible mistakes, they still have innocent families, and to betray the trust of these men and women (especially in the way that GTL has) is to betray all those who stand by the incarcerated as well.

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In case you have forgotten what GTL has done, we would like to remind you. They deliberately designed the in their phones to add fifteen to thirty seconds to a phone call and tack on various charges. They would also cause the phones to double-charge customers. The end result took over $1.2 million dollars from the hands of people who were already being punished. Of course, if you follow patent lawsuits, the fact that they are thieves should not be surprising.

Is this hard to get right? Yes. But we are living proof that redemption is possible. Not only does it take a lot of effort, but protecting the rights of our clients is an ongoing process.

To do this better, we have been acquiring companies that fit with our values of honesty, transparency and integrity. With their expertise in designing the most secure systems for correctional use, and our skill in implementation. To that end, we are proud to welcome JPay Inc. to our ever-growing family, more information posted on PR Newswire’s website. With them, we hope to usher in a better era for inmates and corrections officers alike.

Did you know? Securus owns an A+ accreditation from the BBB(Better Business Bureau)

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