Glenn Schlossberg: Relaxing is Important for Business Leaders

In order to have a good life, it is important to work hard. Working hard will give you a ticket to the many things you have always wanted. Nothing comes easy, especially in the modern competitive market. Many companies are starting in all directions. Each of these organizations wants customers to purchase their products and services. The customer, on the other hand, comes with a list of demands. Brands now have to dig deeper and show their clients extra-ordinary features. This is the only way they can survive the market. Glenn Schlossberg is a company founder who has worked hard and lived a happy life. The businessperson enjoys his vacations too, despite his many responsibilities.

Glenn Schlossberg is business in the fashion industry has made notable achievements. His hard work and good play idea have worked so well. Regularly, you will see the professional trying to entertain clients in dinners. Sometime, you will find him in New York City for a weekend trip. Many always wonder how the visionary leader has all this time to spare and keep his company so profitable. His passion for racing makes him travel often. This is a rare routine among company executives in modern times. Glenn Schlossberg values these vacations so much. Apart from relaxing and bonding with friends and family, the business executive gets time to bring new ideas into his women wear company. Feminine designs are hard to design and introduce into the market today. Women want fashionable clothes that are of great quality. The price of clothes matters too.

When driving in the races or going for dinner, Glenn Schlossberg has introduced the most fashionable and fast-selling designs for his company. These ideas cross his mind when he not overworked in the office. The investor has used this strategy to make his company beat the competition in the international market. His customers always have something to shop and look at every time he has gone for a vacation. His members of staffs are always looking forward to the vacations because they know they will receive an email with fresh cloth designs.  To see more about Glenn you can visit

Nine9’s Unagency Approach to the Industry

Breaking into the entertainment business is one of the most difficult aspirations that young creative minds can strive for, beyond that of deciding to pursue a life in the arts. The combination of seemingly endless supplies of new talent that is just as hungry for an opportunity with the amount of luck that goes into landing breakthrough roles often stacks the odds against every prospective actor, actress, or model. For every person that found fame, success, and of course a good living working within the entertainment industry, there are countless others who never received the opportunity to realize their dream.

Nine9’s Unique Approach to Creating an Unagency

Even with the best of chances and the best of talents the odds of getting discovered still remain insurmountable without the right people standing in your corner. For many individuals, agencies often stand guard at the gates of success, or so they would lke to think and contact its.

A new talent recruitment endeavor has established itself as the answer to the current state of talent agencies. Nine9 the Unagency separates itself from the crowd by looking further than simply connecting talent with producers, casting directors, and fashion show runners. Instead Nine9 the Unagecy focuses on nurturing talent and fostering an environment in which prospective actors, actresses, and models can not only begin but sustain a long lasting career.

Built around the idea that a majority of new actresses, actors, and models are not being fully helped by the agencies they align themselves with, Nine9 has taken a fresh new approach in creating the next wave of stars and celebrities and learn more about Nine9.

With CEO Anthony Toma at the helm of the revolutionary Unagency, the talent recruitment unagency is set to change the entire industry.


About ForeFront’s Creative CEO Brad Reifler

Brad Reifler, also known as Brad, is best and widely known as the founder and Chief Executive Officer at Forefront Capital and has been since 2009. Before then he served as both the chairman and chief executive officer of his own company, Palin Capital, a global financial services firm, from 1995 until 2008. While serving as the CEO at Palin Capital Brad Reifler would guide the company to profits that consistently exceeded $200 million dollars. But Brad Reifler got his real start in 1982, the year he founded the Reifler Trading Corporation.

The firm’s high level of success ended up in a sale to Refco in 2000. His current position as Chief Executive Officer at Forefront Capital Management enables him to help provide established asset managers to institutional investors. Then, these asset managers can help to consult them and by offering excellent investment advice. Brad Reifler is a director at Sino Mercury Company. He is also a Trustee of the Millbrook School and Chairman of their Finance Committee.

Brad also served as a Director of Wins Finance Holdings Inc. from October 26, 2015 until March 20, 2016. Brad holds numerous regulatory licenses including Series 3, 7, 24, and 63. Mr. Reifler received his bachelor’s degree from Bowdoin College.