Doe Deere The Founder Of Lime Crime And Poppy Angeloff

Doe Deere was born in Russia and raised in New York. She studied fashion design in New York and later became the Chief Executive Officer of the leading cosmetics companies known as Lime Crime. The company was launched in 2008 and offers a wide range of services. Some of the services and products they provide include; Pigments, Nail Polish, and lipstick among other wide range of products.

She was self-motivated and started making her own designs and creating a clothing line which was independent and based online. The motivation started when she started modeling and couldn’t find the best colors to model. This saw her start making her own bright colors to suit her needs. The idea of bright colors comes from her power of imagination and her ability to create make-up that is unique and that outdoes any other brand in the market.

She is also the founder of Poppy Angeloff. This is a company which specializes in designing Jewelry. It aims at creating a world where girls can use vibrant colors and makeup without having to worry about critics. Doe Deere`s experience has enabled her to create products that portray a woman’s both internal and external beauty. The creation of Poppy Angeloff was a result of re-discovery of heirlooms which remained in the possession of her family which she fell in love with. Her sister was instrumental in making the creation of a company that specialized in selling classic and vintage jewelry a dream come true. She inspired Doe Deere and even gave her more fascinating ideas of how to make the company become real.

As most successful individuals, Doe Deere also had her challenging times. The most notable one was when she was 17. She and her mother moved to the United States and spend the next two years surviving on money from doing odd jobs, and any help from strangers. This to her didn’t come as a disadvantage but rather as a motivation. She has her pivotal points which have helped her become successful. They include; Passion is a key in any successful person’s life, becoming a customer and experiencing what a customer feels, and taking risks is also key in any achievement.

Doe Deere and her Coming to America Story…

Some readers might already be familiar with Doe Deere. Lime Crime Cosmetics in Los Angeles employs 35 people and Doe is the CEO! She is also the owner of a fashion brand called Poppyangeloff. Some people might associate Doe’s efforts with a life-long American work ethic, but there is another ethic at work here that has gone overlooked in a country where Nationalism propaganda seems to go over surprisingly well; the immigrant work ethic. Let’s not forget that age-old traditional American business tale. The one that starts with an immigrant and this one starts with Doe.

Doe wasn’t alone when she traveled to America for the first time at the tender age of 17. She had her mother and sister with her. Together the three of them had high hopes. As the weeks passed the three learned many things. They learned that New York looks nothing like on TV, they learned that everything must be earned and they also learned that the US would not employ the mother as an accountant as she was historically in Russia. Her foreign credentials could not be accepted within the American field and the three of them went from barely blue-collar to all the way broke! They also learned that some Americans can be kind though. There was always somebody to give them a place to stay or a meal as they worked their way up.

Doe and her family reached a point where they could pay for their own government housing. Doe mentions crime and vandalism briefly at this point. She mentions them like they’re not a concern because they weren’t! The real concern for these three women was being able to have their own apartment and cash flow. It’s the type of appreciation that immigrant grandparents have struggled to teach to their family’s future generations!

This type of appreciation is hard to teach though. Just like in business, Doe had to start from the bottom so every addition was always a great appreciation. The level of appreciation that Doe, her mother, her sister and immigrants like them possess can typically only be derived from true life experience.

Jeunesse Global sharpens the thoughts of millions with M1nd

In today’s cutthroat global economy, market participants at every level must strive to give themselves every possible advantage. This is true from the lowliest janitor or office drone to the CEOs of the largest companies. But getting the competitive edge in the workplace is often far easier said than done. Ultimately, one needs to take a survey of all available options and be willing to evaluate new things.

One thing that should be on every competitive worker’s short list of performance-enhancing products is a new energy drink called M1nd, offered by Jeunesse Global. M1nd is the first energy drink explicitly aimed at increasing the ability of people to complete mental work throughout the day. It’s made with a patented molecule that was developed specially for use in Jeunesse products. Known as Cera-Q, the substance is one of the first semi-natural supplements that has been clinically proven to improve short-term memory, mental calculation speed and a number of other metrics of productivity.

Studies have shown that most workers are able to stay productive throughout the first few hours of the workday. But after lunchtime, productivity tends to drop off radically. This leaves a huge opening for those workers willing to go the extra mile to stay productive throughout the second half of the workday.

With M1nd, maintaining optimal mental performance after the lunchtime productivity trough is now a real possibility. Being able to continue producing high output straight through to the end of the day is a hugely valuable means for today’s advanced-economy mind workers to give themselves a gigantic leg up in the ruthless competition for money and status.

About Jeunesse Global

Founded in 2009 by industry veterans Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis, Jeunesse Global has grown from a garage-based startup to one of the most prominent health and beauty companies in the world. With the introduction of its Youth Enhancement System, the firm has established itself as a global leader in a variety of different niche markets.

The company continues producing some of the most globally popular health and beauty products today. From its Luminesce skin moisturizer to its Nevo energy drink, Jeunesse Global is leading the way towards a healthier future.

Doe Deere Proves Business Can Be Beautiful

In the nineteen forties, the typical female executive was portrayed as a single, plain woman with little sex appeal. By the nineteen-eighties, she fared a little better, but still wore severe hairdos and boxy shoulder pad jackets that were all the rage for business attire.

The millennial generation turned the concept of the female entrepreneur on its lovely head. No longer relegated to roles as the drudge of the office, young women armed with little start-up money and savvy tech skills were able to follow their dreams all the way to the bank.

One such business maven is Doe Deere, founder, and CEO of Lime Crime Cosmetics. One look at photos of this lady sporting blue, pink or purple hair depending on her mood, and it’s obvious she’s a leader of the pack, a pack of “unicorns in fact as her followers are called.

In an exclusive interview given to, Doe Deere discusses the risks of starting your own company and the once taboo subject of how exactly small business can grow and make money.

It’s not surprising that the unicorn is her company’s logo mascot, emblazoned on her lipstick tubes and all over her company website. Her vision is unique. Doe Deere was always enamored of fairy tales and loved experimenting with color. It does take some courage to invest in your dreams; however, Ms. Deere didn’t take time to doubt her abilities. She started selling clothing she designed after studying at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. Her first marketing venue was eBay where she sold her original clothing designs. Her clothing line did okay, but she still wanted more, and since her philosophy has always been to be true to herself, she decided to expand her product line.

Her greatest passion; however, was still makeup and she knew she needed to find a way to incorporate her first love, makeup, into her business plan. By 2008 she was selling glitter eyeshadows online for $12. Doe Deere and the internet were a perfect match, as she loved doing online fashion shows and makeup tutorials that appalled to the young, hip consumer. She ran contests where fans could compete for prizes and took advantage of other opportunities like blogging to build her customer base.

In 2008, she launched her website, Lime Crime Cosmetics, and Ms. Deere quickly became the new face of indie cosmetics as well as a role model for young entrepreneurs.

To run a company, you need to be savvy about money and Doe Deere is always mindful of the bottom line. Whether it is choosing a different laboratory or listening to her customers to decide on the next great makeup creation to put out, she knows how to run a business. She also loves the opportunity to use her money to support charities she believes in, including Girls Inc. and Bidawee Animal Shelter.

The image of a woman who means business has changed, and like Doe Deere, it’s simply beautiful. Learn more: