Clement Perrette Uses Big Data to Help Make Investment Choices

There is a good reason why Big Data is heavily used in the financial markets. Big Data helps institutional investors to analyze patterns and trends among individual companies, various economic sectors, and the global economy to make better investment decisions. Big Data allows investors to broaden their investing perspective from local investments to global investments. Investors can make profitable investments while minimizing losses with the help of Big Data. One of the leaders of this new use of technology in the financial markets that has turned into a global financial culture is Clement Perrette.

He has spent decades in the financial markets industry and is an expert in fixed income investments, government bonds, derivatives, and an investment vehicle known as STRIPS. Clement uses the advancements in Big Data to guide his investment decisions as a fixed income fund manager.

While Clement Perrette was a Managing Director at Barclays Capital, he was charged with improving the company’s trading system. He put a team together that built the first-generation automated trading system, which is a system that is now the norm among financial institutions. As a Senior Fixed Income Fund Manager for RAM Active Investments, he works with a team that used data science tools to help automate investment decisions.

Big Data enables investment professionals to process and analyze a large set of data at a high rate of speed. This allows professionals like Clement Perrette to make quick decisions when financial trends can change at a moment’s notice.

It also allows investors to anticipate any unforeseen positive or negative movements in the global market. Yet, no matter how much technology and Big Data is used in the financial markets, the human component will always be necessary to make key investment decisions. Refer to This Article for related information.

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