La Cosmopolitana – Nutrition for Inmates

La Cosmopolitana Increasing Prison Safety Through Nutrition Services Nutrition Services

While it may be a common belief that food in Mexico’s prison systems is of poor quality, companies and entities exist that ensure inmates receive sufficient nutrition three times per day.

La Cosmopolitana, a group company under Corporativo Kosmos, one of the leading food-services providers in the country, is one of those entities.

An objective of sufficient nutrition in prisons is an increased chance of social reintegration later on. Food provided in prisons is typically cyclical and follows a plan. Plans vary for adults, officials, minors and special nutrition needs and are monitored by nutritionists to ensure contract compliance.

There are no general food restrictions in the system, and each facility that receives raw food products from La Cosmopolitana can include separate kitchens for officers, female wings and other requirements.

In addition, La Cosmopolitana staff and prison staff both train a minimum of two times per year in NOM-251-SSA-2009 and NMX-F-605-NORMEX-2018 distintivo H hygiene standards, for which they receive a certificate.

La Cosmopolitana has provided food and general services for millions in Mexico for over five decades. Services include raw food provisions, cleaning and maintenance, gardening, laundry and pest control. Run by Jack Landsmanas, Corporativo Kosmos’s CEO, La Cosmopolitana has earned an outstanding reputation for high quality and safety standards, environmental stewardship and socially responsible protocols.

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How is Vik Bansal Changing the Waste Management Sector?

Vik Bansal is the top executive leader for Cleanaway Company, where he has shown tremendous change. This investor joined this waste and management company in August 2015, and since then, he has provided a steady hand. During his reign, he has found a way to give a new revolution in the waste industry. His primary focus as a leader and a member of the National Waste and Recycling Industry board remains to offer advanced solutions.

Diverse Experience

What makes Vik Bansal fit for the job is his diverse experience. This leader has a BA and degree in Electrical Engineering. He understands business management, and his foresight has helped transform this company. Vik has expanded this company’s services to other parts of the world. When joining Cleanaway, it suffered from bad debts, but this investor found a way to improve it. Vik has also served in various waste management companies, where he gathered all the skills needed for his current position.

Adding Value to the Company

Among the strategies used By Vik Bansal is indeed extending the value of Cleanaway Company through forming ventures. He is joining forces with other waste management companies to share resources and ensure wide coverage. This investor aims at creating awareness to people on how they can reduce wastes through recycling. His collaboration with Pact Group has helped transform Australia. People are now living in a clean environment.

Forming Ventures

Vik Bansal has also introduced Plastic recovery facilities in Asia, Australia, and the United States, ensuring that the environment is clean. The Australian government also funds this project. Thus, Vik is now the driving force for Cleanaway Company. Besides leveraging plastics, Vik Bansal has also created a new facility to break the ground. He has partnered with a beverage company to supply its plastics, thus get more money. Cleanaway is no longer suffers from bad debts as Vik has found ways to cut costs and earn more money. He is creating a new system that benefits both the company and everyone.

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After two and a half decades in the service, James Reese started a new chapter. He left military decorated as well as hailed as one of the finest individual operators in the modern military.

With a proactive mindset, James Reese founded TigerSwan LLC in 2008. The firm offers government and client solutions for safe operations. TigerSwan’s vision and goals were to solve current world issues like fraud and corruption.

To maximize their services and deliver, the TigerSwan team is available on the dial. Any day of the week, any hour. In the three hundred and sixty-five days, they can serve their clients.

The concept of TigerSwan was James Reese’s idea in his last rotation in the army. But he needed more insight into the concept. He shared the idea with one of his colleagues, and they forged ahead.

Jim Reese receives Patriot Award with Ken Oppenheim, Area Chair of ESGR North Carolina and Lieutenant Brandon Hough of North Carolina National Guard.

TigerSwan’s major break was with a major defense contract. The contract gave them the necessary capital to invest in TigerSwan. He reinvested by buying the new business and hiring new personnel.

James Reese’s motivation at the beginning was changing the world. His vision for TigerSwan was a combination of veterans and like-minded people, both making a difference to the world.

From Military to Business

James Reese was entrepreneurial. He was determined to re-enter the civilian world and ace economic opportunities. With TigerSwan, he has been able to achieve that.

Currently, the firm is a global organization. It is in over fifty countries. As a leader, he faces the risk of doing business and liability.

One of his hardest transition was on leadership. In the military, all he knew the team had to be perfect. But in business, there is a lot to be considered, for example, financial aspects.

James Reese says being able to balance human capital and economic aspect. At TigerSwan, he is keen to balance the budget and competent personnel. Since there is no micromanagement, he looks for staff who are self-driven.

Recently, TigerSwan services focused on the tactfulness of Chevy Tahoe and Suburban. Both vehicles are in the U.S special force and secret agent. With James Reese, the company divulges why the cars are preferred.

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Sujit Choudhry and the Constitutional Order of the World

The recent decades of human history have been marked by relative peace around the world. An era of territorial expansion has come to a close, leaving only small scale conflict areas still active. The current global powers have remained steady in their own positions and projecting influence in other regions. Sujit Choudhry is a lawyer from Canada with high levels of experience in international law, constitutional issues, and domestic issues in his home country. As an individual who always traveling around the world, his word is highly regarded among leaders. Yahoo recently published a press release regarding an upcoming publication he wrote.

Sujit Choudhry’s global presence would never have achieved such heights without first becoming a respected figure at home in Canada. On the academic side, he boasts degrees from Oxford, Toronto, and Harvard Universities. This is later used through his device as a clerk with Canada’s Supreme Court Justices. In 2001, he joined the national bar and later went to school to teach a new generation of lawyers. As an expert in many of areas of law, Sujit Choudhry finds that his services are needed in the public and private sectors quite often. While higher up the chain, his opinion pieces are occasionally used as reference points for handing down a final ruling.

The recent publication from Sujit Choudhry is titled and is comprised of 17 essays discussing some of the most pressing events around the globe right now. He expands on the context behind each conflict and proposes in-depth solutions to solving the issues to the best of his ability. There are peers across the industry who look forward to anything published from Sujit Choudhry, and take his word to heart when formulating the next course of action. As the founder of Center of Constitutional Transitions, his experience in bringing peace of among people is second to none.

Sujit Choudhry is an award winning lawyer who has earned the respect of those far and wide around the world. He has shaped societies for generations to come, and offered his knowledge to the betterment of humanity as a whole.

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How Robert Deignan is Improving Digital Security for Customers

Digital security is ramping up, but one individual who is focused on providing the security for his customers is Robert Deignan. His company, ATS Digital Services, is helping customers improve their security measures. They are a one-stop shop for all digital needs that a customer might have. 

A faulty network connection can break down your business in the course of a day. This can also impact the productivity of the individual that works from home. A network connection is important to ensure that there is no lag time in business. 

Technology has changed the way we do everything in the world, and Robert Deignan was focused on digging into the tech world. Technology has been the very foundation by which whole industries have been created. 

One of the earmarks of Robert Deignan’s passion is that he helps with troubleshooting numerous problems. This is why ATS Digital was at the heart of his business pursuits from day one. Enhancing the customer experience is what the company is all about. 

Everything you see around you can be aided by technology, and it has become the way in which businesses and the largest companies are being run. There are many folks that base their entire careers working in technology, including sitting at a computer for eight hours or more per day. 

Robert Deignan is teaching his customers how to create a relationship with technology. The focus for him is finding easier ways of doing things. Many jobs often call for multiple screens. Condensing them down is one way in which he is able to simplify work for his customers. 

The constant load of social media, apps, and other digital mediums, has set the world to distraction. Rather than avoiding technology, it’s time to learn to embrace it in a proper fashion. 

Your digital habits can make or break how you view technology. The human brain is able to take on a lot of information while continuing to work and function at a normal pace. However, if we train it to learn things in a new way, it can be receptive.

Unroll me- Smart Solution

Unroll me is the latest service which helps others to unsubscribe from the emails which they do not want to collect. It is important to mention that these types of people are having the right form of insight who used smart applications. There are some people in this world who are capable of doing hard work, but they lack the smart side. It makes it difficult for them because one always needs a service which makes things easy for them. It can be done in such a manner that others should try to have the right kind of attitude which promotes their insight. There are some people who make accurate decisions by selecting the right kind of services. If you want to be one of them, you should get this smart solution in the form of this service of Unroll me. 

In order to get the best form of email service, which helps others to unsubscribe from various type of subscriptions, one must use Unroll me. In this use this service, one must try to get in touch with this service so that it could get smart solutions. These smart solutions always help others to become somebody that could make life easy for them. It is important for us to know that smart solution not only help us to feel good about our life, but it also helps one to progress further as well. Therefore, one should trust these type of people who inform you about ways to become stronger in life. It is also important that we try to be in control of our life and should inspire others. The best way to inspire many people in this life is by giving them motivation. 

While talking about smart solutions, one must always remember that there are various services which help others to become smarter. These services are developed by those people who not only act smart but also help others to become the better version of who they are. Hence, it is a great way to help others improve themselves. Unroll me surely helps us to become better in our life so that we can enjoy a hassle-free life. Such a life can be achieved by being a smarter person oneself.

OSI Group Tames the Food Competition

rticle Text:

Partnerships are a common business tactic for two companies that have slightly opposing views, but stand on the same ground. They serve two key roles for the greater economy. The first is that by joining together, neither company alienates the consumer base of the other. This means consumers don’t loss out on any options they can pick from. Secondly, both companies can work together towards a common goal. A Gazette Day article describes a recent partnership between the meat supplier OSI Group and the meatless food maker Impossible Foods and its industry wide implications as both companies have plenty to offer to the other.

Starting with the younger company in the deal, Impossible Foods was founded in 2009 by former university professor Patrick Brown. He saw the harmful environment effects and poor animals practices that were plaguing the meat industry. This made him determined to discover a new food creation method using natural resources with a dash of modern technology. It was a bold task that he undertook as it spanned well over five years. He overcame hurdles such as funds and peer backlash, and the results in 2016 spoke for themselves. Patrick Brown presented the Impossible Burger to the world. The product flew off the store selves so quickly that it was near impossible to keep up with demand.

OSI Group has been in the business over a century, and an industry leader in recent decades. They have a wide range of connections and distribution lines established on a international scale. They noticed a blip on their radar, and thus invited the head of Impossible foods for a meeting. The two leaders realized they were on the same page about nearly everything. In order for OSI Group to continue thriving and for Impossible Foods to meet consumer demand, a dream partnership was forged between these two competitors.

The results of the partnership were a huge sigh of relief for both parties. However, the real winner is the consumer as they lose nothing, and actually gain easier access to the alternative product. OSI Group shows the effectiveness of joining together.


Unroll Me, Taking Care of Junk Mail

Unroll me is a life saver for individuals with hundreds and thousands of unwanted emails in their inbox. Many individuals have cluttered inboxes and don’t have the time to skim through thousands of unwanted mail. Junk mail tends to clutter your inbox over time, which distracts you from important emails you might need. This tool is great for busy individuals, Several people around the world receive emails for appointments and work, which is why it’s important to make sure your inbox isn’t full of clutter and junk mail. 

It is simple and quick place to sign up and begin cleaning up your inbox for free. You just go to their website and sign up with your email. It works for Gmail, Yahoo! Mail,, Hotmail, MSN, Windows Live, iCloud email, and AOL Mail. When you sign up with unroll me, it will send you a summary of your emails instead of 20 different emails. After you receive your summary, you have the option to roll up, delete emails, or unsubscribe from them. Important subscriptions will be easier to find, and you can even determine how often you want unroll me to skim through your mail. 

The creators of Unroll Me, created the app to help individuals take control of their crazy inbox, along with keeping them nice and tidy. Once the app is downloaded, you will receive a list of emails you have subscribed too, and you can easily go through and unsubscribe and delete all unwanted subscriptions or place them in the Roll Up, which allows easy access to important emails. 

This tool is available online and there is also an app for it as well. This is a simple and free way to keep your inbox clean and free from junk mail. It eliminates you from ever missing your important emails again.

Beal Properties and Chicago Real Estate Concepts

It can be difficult for people to be able to track down real estate properties in Chicago, Illinois that are a strong match for their lifestyles and aspirations. It’s not due to a shortage of exemplary property choices in the Midwestern setting, either. Chicago has a wealth of amazing and remarkable properties on hand to all. What makes property in Chicago so tough to unveil? There are quite a few responses to that. It can often be overwhelming for people to be able to navigate the many choices accessible in Chicago. There are also many individuals who search for properties simultaneously in the metropolis. These factors make taking charge of the real estate market rather hard and time-consuming.

If an individual is looking to make well-rounded real estate choices in Chicago, he or she should strive to team up with professional agents. There are many reputable real estate firms in locations all around the energetic metropolis. People never have to settle for agencies that are not up to par. They never have to settle for agencies that aren’t top of the line in caliber.

Beal Properties works on structures that are in all different parts of the city. People who are searching in Lakeview, Glencoe or Wichita can easily discover Beal Properties offerings. People who are searching in Highland Park, Logan Square and Lincoln Square can do the same. This is a trusted firm that puts its time into properties of all varieties and size categories.

Beal Properties has been simplifying real estate matters for people in Chicago for years and years and counting. People who are trying to identify top-notch apartments often make the choice to lean on Beal Properties and its many capable and responsive staff members. These effective people all have a lot of in-depth real estate savvy.

Jeunesse Global Lands Three Awards For Reserve

Reserve from Jeunesse Global took three awards home from the Communicator recognition program. The Communicator views thousands of production pieces, brochures, and videos looking for quality marketing. The advertising team at Jeunesse Global should feel proud of their work on all of the wellness company’s material, but Reserve shined and showed off this year. 

The first honor was for Reserve’s packaging. The package is a slim 1-ounce holder that looks like a miniature bottle, but it is made of lightweight, thin but durable material. The top of the container looks like a little-flat bottle cap, and it tears away so that you can squeeze Reserve right into your mouth. The well-thought-out container makes it convenient to carry the supplement in your glove box, purse, or backpack. The colors also express the ingredients, which are antioxidant-packed fruits, like blueberries, cherries, and concord grapes. The packet is a purplish-blue with a silver streak across the middle. Fruits high in antioxidants are usually blue or deep purple, so it is a keen reminder of what is in the juice solution.

Next up, Reserve won for its video. Jeunesse Global made a professional piece of entertainment that also gave a lesson about the ingredients that are in the solution. The clip covered the components and displayed colorful pictures, and it included the health benefits of the fruits in the product. Resveratrol is in Reserve, and it comes from nature. It is naturally found in the darker fruits, and the video goes on to explain what it is and how it pertains to wellness.

And last but not least, Reserve took another honor for its brochure. Brochures help the seller’s market Jeunesse Global’s items, and it is one of the benefits the entrepreneurs that work for Jeunesse Global get.

Jeunesse Global has stretched its business model around the globe, and they now have sellers in over 140 countries. The company focuses on more things than just nutrition. They have also created a complete lineup of skincare called the YES system. Plus, there is the RVL hair care line, and a weight management program designed and operated by a nutrition and fitness coach.