In Three Steps, Betterworks Improves Employee Management and Motivation


When it comes to improving workplace performance, many companies use embarrassingly outdated practices such as annual reviews. Nowadays, it’s all about continuously engaging and motivating employees.

You can start to reap the benefits of a continuous performance process with  three key strategies:

1. Measure Performance by Looking Ahead Rather than Back

Annual performance reviews dwell in the past. Much of the feedback is based on yesterday’s news. 

Touching base frequently throughout the year is a better approach. Think of performance management as a series of lightweight, ongoing conversations focused on future development rather than past results.

Betterworks software, an innovative cloud-based program, is ideal for setting goals, tracking progress, and marking achievement milestones. 

2. Develop the People Who Manage People

Continually work with managers who retain top talent, motivate staff, and boost morale. Make sure that they’re demonstrating genuine interest in each employee’s career path. Making managers more effective makes everyone more effective.

Betterworks nurtures the 360-degree feedback culture in which healthy manager-employee relationships thrive. 


3. Emphasize Sense of Purpose

Having a personal sense of purpose is a great motivator. Employees should know that they matter and that you’re rooting for them to learn, grow, and succeed. If they don’t, they’re not likely to stick around.

The Betterworks Continuous Performance Management® solution has a host of features such as gamification and safeguards to prevent unintentional bias. It integrates seamlessly with other productivity tools, and it’s completely scalable.

The Successful Development of Betterworks


One of the most leading applications in our industry today is popularly known as Betterworks. Its entire platform works in many ways since the application is focused on performance management. The application was founded six years ago and was created with the primary objective of giving enterprises and people across the world the most substantial data and correct organizational tools that will help you make your organization or company a lot more productive, increase your profits, and keeps everything running smoothly.

The Betterworks App has the power to analyze and let your objectives flow and at the same time keep track of a variety of remarkable data points that will help you and your enterprise to improve as the years go by. 

Additionally, Betterworks has a number of features that will surely meet and exceed your expectations. It has unique features that will keep your entire organization on track which makes more room for growth and new opportunities that await you and your company. Betterworks App knows exactly how to help you reach success since they have the ability to make the entire process for you as simple and as easy as possible.

Set your goals concisely and clearly with Betterworks without any complications and discover a wide range of opportunities and solutions that are beneficial in the long run. Even if it is just new to the industry, the application is already being used by thousands of people and enterprises worldwide because of its reliability, integrity, accuracy, and safety. 

Upwork Giving People the Opportunity to Lead a Successful Life as a Freelancer

For people who want to use their skills professionally as a freelancer, many platforms facilitate it today. One of the platforms that are one of the biggest in this game is Upwork, which has helped the freelancers get a regular flow of work for many years now. Upwork was formed with the merger of Odesk and Elance, two of the biggest freelancer platforms in the world at once upon a time.

Today, Upwork has more than 140 million users, and the count is continually increasing with time. Upwork is helping the freelancers from across the globe connect to the clients from different corners of the world. The idea of gig community and market has become a real thing now, and it is here to stay in the days to come as it seems. As per some of the surveys, around forty percent of the workforce across the globe would be freelancers by the year 2020.

Upwork and Freelancers, which are two of the biggest freelancers platform on the planet today did the collective business of over $5 billion in the year 2016, and the revenue is continuously increasing. It is because of most of the clients, as well as the companies, are recognizing the strength of these freelancers platform to connect them with the skilled professionals who might be in different countries.

Rather than trying tirelessly to find the trained professional in the same city or region and pay them tons of money in a permanent job, it has become more comfortable for the companies to hire freelancers who get the same job done at a fraction of the cost. For the people who want to live the life on their terms and don’t want a boss, the life of a freelancer seems to be the complete fit. And, for the skilled professionals, there are plenty of jobs available at Upwork and other such freelancing platforms.

Upwork also helps the new skilled professionals who are joining their platform to get started with their tutorials and guides. The customer support at Upwork is also one of the best, and their dispute resolution center is always there to ensure that the issues are resolved at the earliest with an amicable and mutually beneficial solution.


The Many Benefits Of Video Visitation By Securus

Securus Technologies is on a mission to let you know about video visitation. Video visitation is a technological innovation that allows prisoners to virtually visit with their families and friends. It works much like a video chat, but it would be shortsighted to equate this technology with a mirror video chat.


This technology allows prisons to set up an ergonomic schedule for visitation. Anybody trying to call an inmate can set up an account at the Securus website. The account is pretty simple and self-explanatory, allowing the user to request a video visitation time to their liking.


The requested time is then kicked to the prison. The prison either confirms, changes the time, or denies the video visitation. Either way, the user is notified virtually immediately. The video chat part of the service starts at the scheduled time when the user logs in to their Securus account.


The applications of this technology are far-reaching. This technology allows a family to bring an inmate into their lives intimately. Since the video chat can happen over any high-speed Internet connection using any capable electronic device, the video visit is portable. Families can bring inmate into their living rooms for children’s birthday parties, introduce an inmate to a new family pet, or allow an inmate to help a child with homework. This can all be done without leaving the comfort of the family’s home.


This technology is already connecting 160,000 people per month. Every year more people choose video visitation, and this year over 2 million people connected. The average cost of this technology is $2.72 per virtual visit.


This technology is leading the industry and making competitors jealous. Competitor companies are busy making up rumors about the technology, saying that families are forced to use it in lieu of physical visitation. The truth is families are choosing this technology over physical visitation.


How Does ClassDojo Help?


Classdojo is an app that was designed for classrooms. It is intended for the success of teachers as well as students and so that parents can have an inside look at what goes on in the classroom. It also opens up a new level of communication between teachers and parents. This app is one of the first of its kind and it is already changing the way that things are being done in classrooms. It has been successful and the classrooms that use it have seen more success since they have started to use it to help their students and the parents.


The Classdojo app was designed so that students can get rewards for when they do something good in the classroom. Teachers can set the application up to do different things depending on what they want to see in their classroom. For example, a teacher can give extra points to students for being kind, having manners or listening at a time when it is important to listen. Students can build up points in the app and can then trade the points in at the end of the month for a special reward in the classroom.


When it comes to the classroom environment, students can also look at the app from their own point of view. They can see the amount of points that they have accumulated and they can see what they are able to do if they continue to do well in the classroom. This is something that has given students a lot of encouragement and has allowed them to be as successful as possible in their classroom. It is a great option for anyone who wants to be able to get what they need from the different environments. Students love the way that the Class dojo app works.


Parents are also included in the Classdojo fun. They are able to see their child’s progress on a daily, monthly and weekly basis. There are also charts where they can see how their child stacks up against the other students in the classroom so they know what they need to work on when their child is at home. If parents have concerns about the classroom environment or anything else, they can use the convenient integrated messaging app to talk to the teacher. This new level of communication means that parents do not need to worry about calling or emailing their child’s teacher.