Marketing expert: Laerte Codonho

Laerte Codonho is a Brazilian entrepreneur known for establishing and operating Dolly, a nationally operating soft drink business in the nation of Latin America. Laerte Codonho at the age of 26, the entrepreneur founded the business in 1987. Although not until the 1990s it would gain domestic prominence, from the outset, the firm was the first soft drink manufacturer to introduce a diet of soda to domestic markets.

A way through which the soda brand could support its growth as a popular product is via Laerte Codonho’s marketing expertise. No-calorie beverages were banned in Brazil before the first diet soda was introduced because of misinformation surrounding the safety of their sweeteners. The founder of the company has a company feeling that appears to cover all fields needed to operate a big corporate operation, and one of his main issues is the need for powerful branding. This has manifested itself in a variety of ways over the years, such as a movement started in the early 2000s to highlight the performance of its products (Everybodywiki). 

The campaign’s slogan, “Dolly: for those who don’t fear to change… for the better,” was combined with a domestic push to teach customers about the company’s high standards.

Laerte´s  mascot, Dollynho, an animatronic soda container, was one of the most commonly known items that emerged from the company’s marketing attempts. The company’s owner’s founder, Dollynho, has achieved recognition not only throughout Brazil but across the globe. Using their mascot in memes and other conversations on the internet, the presence of the company on the global scene has been increased, enabling it to discover a larger client base for its products.

In the present international economy, while for Laerte Codonho rivalry is natural, there are boundaries to what society will deem suitable in the company sector. When a company strives to undermine competitiveness, a particular amount of marketing understanding is needed to combat it. That’s the scenario with Dolly’s CEO Laerte Codonho, who has become commonly recognized not only for the brand he’s constructed over the years but also for the way he’s fighting against adverse writing that’s directed at his company.

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