Majeed Ekbal Is Setting The Pace For Online Platforms In Chicago

The Tycoon Real Estate was recently acquired by five real estate crowd-funding platforms. The California based platform acquired its popularity after the former chief executive officer appeared on Shark Tank to pitch his idea. The crowd funding platforms that acquired Tycoon real Estate are Patch of Land, Equity Roots, Crowd Franchise, American Homeowner Preservation and Peer Realty.
The acquisition of Tycoon is the first ever purchase of a crowd funding real estate platform in history. The five purchasers did not offer financial details regarding the purchase, which has been said to be an all cash transaction. The Shark Tank Episode that features Tycoon enabled the Californian firm to receive much public attention. Despite the fact that the episode did not grant McDaniel the assistance he needed, the sale of the platform will achieve this objective.
Jason Fritton, is the chief executive officer of Patch of Land, said that he and the four other platforms can turn McDaniel’s dreams to reality. The CEO of Peer Realty added that the purchase would be a knowledge platform, which will prove to the rest of the world that the Sharks views about the industry were wrong. The CEO of Crowd Franchise expressed her excitement in the timely venture with the approval of the Title III. She said that this is an opportunity for anyone interested to invest.
The five companies are all based in Chicago and have shown outstanding community unity by teaming up to create a platform that involves the community. The CEO of American Homeowner Preservation, Jorge Newbery, stated that the collaboration of the five firms shows that crowd funding has a bright future ahead. Tycoon Real Estate, which has been in the crowd funding market for a while, has provided users with investment opportunities in commercial and residential real estate. Kevin O’Leary had initially made an offering of $50,000 for a 50 % stake while the other sharks refused to consider the idea. A few months later, the five platforms were able to get 100 % stake in the company
Majeed Ekbal is a Chicago senior marketing executive. He graduated from the American University in Washington DC. Majeed is the founder and president of Expresso.Inc, which is a service delivery company. The company has an online platform that allows clients to sit down and relax as they receive services with just a click of the button.
The firm buys and delivers groceries on behalf of clients who find themselves too busy to handle such tasks. In addition, the also buys and delivers specialty items from food boutiques and gourmet stores. Majeed has been described as a hard working person with a kind heart. He is always exploring new ways of expanding his business while offering high quality customer service.