Ara Chackerian Made Sure TMS Health Solutions Helped People

Ara Chackerian believes in using technology in the healthcare field. He saw technology work for other people who were a part of the industry and wanted to use that to make things better for everyone. He also felt his position in the industry gave him the chance to do a lot of work for other people. It made sense for Ara Chackerian to do these things to help others get the options they needed no matter how hard he had to work. He always wanted people to realize they were getting the best experiences possible and they were using these to come up with positive solutions for others who were in the industry. Thanks to Ara Chackerian, others have a chance to see positive experiences and get more from the healthcare industry. He wants people to keep getting better and keep seeing what they can do on their own.


After Ara Chackerian started working to come up with new ideas for healthcare, he realized he had a better chance of helping others with the work he did. He also felt there were things he could use that would help make a big difference for other people despite running into some issues in the industry. He wanted people to realize he was doing a good job and was making the best moves for the company. No matter how hard he had to work, he would keep showing people they had someone who knew what they were doing. It made sense for Ara Chackerian to do all of this for his career. Check out Medium to know more.


As long as Ara Chackerian took his time helping people and gave others the right opportunities, he could show them what they were getting. He also felt good about giving back to different industries while he was working toward a positive experience. There were times when Ara Chackerian had to work even harder than what other people did because he wasn’t as big of a part of the medical community and wanted to make sure he could show people how they could get more out of the situations they were a big part of. You can visit





Keith Mann Lives An Exceptional Life

Keith Mann’s career is one that many career professionals would be envious. Even those whose careers were quite distinguished may wish they have achieved as much as Keith Mann. Mann is the founder of the outstanding executive search firm Dynamics Search Partners. Mann still runs the firm, which is known for placing top professionals in positions at hedge funds among other financial businesses. Previously, Mann served as the Manager of the Alternative Investments Division at Dynamic Associates.

Those who follow the New York City financial scene may be aware of Mann’s work at Dynamics Search Partners. Not everyone is aware he is very active with philanthropic causes. Mann is a person who loves animals and has contributed funds and resources to animal causes.

Mann even put himself at great personal risk to help animals. The Metro news website of the United Kingdom reported Mann, who is also a pilot, flew into the disastrous Fort Murray wildfire to rescue dogs, cats, and other pets trapped in the region.

Mann has also made news in local New York circles thanks to the exceptional work he has done to help charter schools in the Empire State. Uncommon Schools, an outstanding charter schools collective, has been the recipient of Mann’s support. Mann established a scholarship for graduating seniors from Uncommon Schools’ chapters. He has also worked with other financial professionals in the New York area to raise well over $20,000 to help cover various testing costs Uncommon Schools incurs on behalf of students. PSAT tests, for example, do come with expenses. Thanks to Mann and others in the financial industry, a number of those costs are now covered.

Keith Mann is a very active person. Look for more professional and financial news from Mann in the coming months.