Highland Capital Management

Recently Highland Capital Management has been working out of Korea on a pretty big deal. They have been working on a private equity fund that is based on healthcare and are finally about to close on the deal. This deal is the first healthcare type of private equity fund that Highland Capital has done in the Korean area. They hope that this deal will draw in some more interests for the Highland Capital Management company to get more work in the Asian area.

Highland Capital Management has some pretty extensive experience with deals that have to do with healthcare, but this one with Korea is probably one of the biggest ones they have every dealt with. When working in Korea They with another equity company called Stonebridge Capital. Highland Capital Management could do a lot of investment work with Korea, because there is a lot of different funds that go back and forth between Korea and the United States.

Michael Gregory is the head worker of the healthcare part of Highland. He is proud to work over a team that is so dedicated to helping people invest in things that have to do with healthcare. Highland Capital Management has a lot of money invested in different private equity businesses across the world. See This Page for additional information.

Highland Capital Management focuses mainly on credit hedge funds, private equity, collateralized loans, and more things like these. Highland Capital Management prides itself in having great customer relationships. They know that building strong relationships with your customers will bring in more customers.

Highland Capital Management hires only the best of the best so that they can ensure their customers receive the best possible services. Highland Capital Management is changing the way that investing once was for the better. They are serving their customers with amazing investment options. Get Additional Information Here.

More about Highland on https://www.highlandcap.com/

´╗┐Empiricus Research

A consulting company owned by three Brazilians named Caio Mesquita, Felipe Miranda, and Rodolfo Amstalden, Empiricus Research seeks to gain customers by advertising political themes on Google and Facebook. A couple of examples include “Where to invest if Dilma leaves” and “What if Aecio Neves wins?

Which stocks should go up if Aecio wins the elections?” One can also subscribe to Empiricus Research’s newsletters, as there currently are 180,000 people who receive these letters. Besides these methods of advertising, Empiricus Research also offers free bulletins, along with different plans for monthly subscriptions of paid bulletins.

Empiricus Research is known to defend what is considered to be politically incorrect and gained a lot of publicity after their 2014 video named “The End of Brazil.” The film was sponsored for social media views and Google Ads. In this video, Dilma Rouseff’s government policies were criticized and it was predicted that Brazil’s economy would meet with disaster.

Empiricus Research is a business partner of the American company The Agora. Founded in 1978 and based out of Baltimore, MD, The Agora focuses greatly on newsletters and operates many publications about finance, health, and travels, among other themes. It is the holding and shareholder controller of Empiricus Research.

Besides being affiliated with The Agora, Empiricus Research owns 50 percent of the website O Antagonista. This ownership is shared with two other companies, Diogo Mainardi and Mario Sabino.


Visit: https://dinheirama.com/empiricus-day-a-mega-promocao/