Sujit Choudhry and the Constitutional Order of the World

The recent decades of human history have been marked by relative peace around the world. An era of territorial expansion has come to a close, leaving only small scale conflict areas still active. The current global powers have remained steady in their own positions and projecting influence in other regions. Sujit Choudhry is a lawyer from Canada with high levels of experience in international law, constitutional issues, and domestic issues in his home country. As an individual who always traveling around the world, his word is highly regarded among leaders. Yahoo recently published a press release regarding an upcoming publication he wrote.

Sujit Choudhry’s global presence would never have achieved such heights without first becoming a respected figure at home in Canada. On the academic side, he boasts degrees from Oxford, Toronto, and Harvard Universities. This is later used through his device as a clerk with Canada’s Supreme Court Justices. In 2001, he joined the national bar and later went to school to teach a new generation of lawyers. As an expert in many of areas of law, Sujit Choudhry finds that his services are needed in the public and private sectors quite often. While higher up the chain, his opinion pieces are occasionally used as reference points for handing down a final ruling.

The recent publication from Sujit Choudhry is titled and is comprised of 17 essays discussing some of the most pressing events around the globe right now. He expands on the context behind each conflict and proposes in-depth solutions to solving the issues to the best of his ability. There are peers across the industry who look forward to anything published from Sujit Choudhry, and take his word to heart when formulating the next course of action. As the founder of Center of Constitutional Transitions, his experience in bringing peace of among people is second to none.

Sujit Choudhry is an award winning lawyer who has earned the respect of those far and wide around the world. He has shaped societies for generations to come, and offered his knowledge to the betterment of humanity as a whole.

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Nittin Khanna Moves His Skill Set to CBD Oil

Nitin Khanna is the CEO of MergerTech which he founded in 2009. His Master’s degree in Industrial Engineering received from Purdue University saw Nitin Khanna bounced around working for the major players in the industry before he decided to start Saber Tech in 1998.

Khanna enjoyed terrific success in his years at Saber Tech before its growth and sale under Nitin Khanna at the helm. Leaving the company with an impressive bank al from the sale of Saber, Khanna never thought for a moment to rest on his laurels. Instead, he moved his experience, energy, and bank account from the sale of Saber Tech to MergerTech. Khanna founded the boutique M&A firm he presently leads, offering his expertise and advice to companies currently looking to expand beyond their less than $100 million thresholds. One secret to Nitin Khanna’s success is his belief that everyone from him as CEO, to his managers and support staff all, begin their day, with a “to do list.”

Surely, Nitin Khanna’s list included “how to take advantage of the future of medicinal and recreational cannabis.” He served as the CEO of Cura Cannabis before stepping down in 2018. However, before stepping down, Nitin Khanna had led the company to its dominant position supplying consumers and cannabis edible companies in Oregon as well as Washington state.

Nitin Khanna’s past successes with nearly everything he’s touched, including his time at Cura Cannabis sets up MergerTech uniquely to take advantage and invest in this emerging technology, medicine, and recreation as the use of CBD oil spreads across the country and the world.

While Nitin Khanna has shown no reluctance to embrace new products and markets, the CEO believes that it’s his “old school” belief in doing business is what he brings, and his company brings to the forefront of emerging business trends.

“Price is what you pay; Value is what you get.” While this is a quote from Warren Buffett, it’s no surprise when Khanna calls it his favorite.

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Obsidian Energy Has A Bright Looking Future On The Horizon

Obsidian Energy is a Canadian based energy company. It produces natural gas and oil. This is a mid-sized organization that even produces fuel products for the United States. In March of 2018, Obsidian has recorded exception growth and performance in terms of their stocks. Shareholders are expected to have an excellent gain during the first quarter of this year.


Obsidian’s growth is fueled by the reduction of excess oil that has been weighing down the fuel market for a few years now. With the dwindling surplus, energy sellers can now slightly increase their prices to meet the never-ending demand for petroleum-based products.


Obsidian was founded in 1979 and it was originally called Penn West Exploration Ltd. The company has operations throughout Canada and is headquartered in Calgary. The company is headed in the right direction in terms of its immediate growth in 2018 and in the following few years. Investors can not only expect to get a good return on their portfolio; many of the company’s customers can expect to acquire more fuel at competitive prices. See This Article for more information.


The latest cost per barrel is $65 dollars. This price is slightly up for energy purchasing clients. However, it is necessary because of the dwindling oil reserves. A lot of excess oil was lying dormant within the energy market and had to be slowly siphoned off before Obsidian Energy could increase its prices. Obsidian had extra reserves and a few other energy company had surplus supplies as well.


The company is looking to steadily increase value for its investors. One thing they plan on doing is to sell the company’s non-core natural gas business. They also plan sell their Alberta Viking and Peace Rivers Operations. In other words, Obsidian Energy will streamline its organization to maximize stakeholder profits. This action will immediately begin to increase the profit margins of the operation and allow it grow in a positive direction.



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Gregory Aziz: National Steel Car’s Revitalization

In 1994 there was a declining company in Hamilton, Ontario that many had forgotten about. National Steel Car had been a booming freight car manufacturer in the early years of its life. Established in 1912, it surpassed initial expectations and began producing supreme rolling stock. The future looked bright for the company, but then the Great Depression hit. The company was not immune to hard times and started to branch out from their normal business to survive. They started producing motors, bus bodies, and boats just to maintain their workforce. World War II helped revive the company a bit, but it was never the same and seemed to be on a slow decline from there when Dofasco purchased it in 1962.


Gregory James Aziz, often called James Aziz, did not know it, but the company was waiting for him. He attended the University of Western Ontario to receive a degree in Economic before he joined a family company, Affiliated Foods. This position was simply the beginning of an education he would need to revive National Steel Car. Affiliated Food grew well over Greg Aziz’s 16-year tenure until he noticed the small haunted company. In 1994, Dofasco had decided to sell the company and started looking for reasonable buyers. From the moment he saw it, he knew that it was the opportunity of a lifetime. He was going to bring the company back to its former glory.


The first thing that Aziz did when he took over was to build the workforce. In six years, he had increased it to almost 3,000 individuals. This was substantial because when he took over there simply wasn’t the manpower that Gregory James Aziz needed to create the change he was looking for. He had a goal to make National Steel Car great once again. Since the workforce was growing so did production. The plant could now pump out over 12,000 cars a year instead of the 3,500 when Aziz became CEO.


Now, National Steel Car has held the TTX SECO quality award since 1996. This reflected the instant attention Aziz gave to quality in the company. They are also one of the very few, and only North American, companies to hold an ISO 900I: 2008 certification. They recertify for this on a regular basis and it is an earmark of their dedication to their work. Since he took over, Gregory Aziz has taken National Steel Car to great heights and they continue to be a major part of the freight car industry.


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Mr. Greg Aziz, A True Success Story

Leader and chairman of Nation Industries Inc., Gregory James Aziz is a prominent North American business man and is currently the chairman, chief executive officer, president and CEO of National Steel Car. Along with being a symbol of success, Aziz has been all over the world and has taken on various philanthropic projects. Mr. Aziz’s company National Steel Car has done its fair share of philanthropic work, but Gregory James Aziz himself is also a driving force in global economic progress. This article aims to provide the reader with information about the life and accomplishments of Gregory James Aziz.


Gregory James Aziz is a native of Canada, and he’s proud of it. Mr. Aziz was born in London, Ontario, April 30, 1949; but he later went on to do business all throughout the world, specifically in North and south America, including many countries such as the United States. Gregory Aziz began studying at Ridley College but then went on to major in economics at the University of Western Ontario. In his early years, Greg Aziz joined a wholesale food business that was owned by his family named Affiliate Foods. With Aziz’s help Affiliate Foods grew very successful. In 1971 the company was over 16 years old and had already become force to be reckoned with globally, dealing with fresh food from all over the world. During the 1970s Affiliate Foods imported foods from Central America, South America, and even Europe. In the late 1980s and 1990s Aziz worked in in New York until he had enough money to purchase National Steel Cars.


Mr. Aziz purchased National Steel Car in 1994; before then it had been owned by Dofasco. National Steel Car prides itself in its engineering capabilities; Gregory James Aziz surrounds himself with some of the top engineers in the world. Greg Aziz’s ambition pushed him to set high aspirations. Gregory James Aziz wanted to transform this classic Canadian company into North America’s leading railroad freight car manufacturer. This was not just ‘talk’, production raised by over 100% just a few years after Aziz took over National Steel Car and the company is still leading the market in new car innovation to this day. Click Here for more information.


Although Greg Aziz is a very accomplished and wealthy man, he still feels it is valuable to take care of the community. Aziz is a philanthropist and has made many efforts to give back. National Steel Car has sponsored many charities including the salvation army and major food drives. To learn more about Gregory James Aziz visit