The Fortress Investment Group : A High End Management Firm

The Fortress Investment Group is known for being compelling investors and acquirers.

Vanin Capital is known for being global professionals in legal finance. Further, they will support and minimize issues in business. They work in successful and commercialized disputes all over the world. They have offices in many areas and are based in London, Paris, Australia and New York. Recently, they hired a former president of Bloomberg law to become their regional director at their branch on North America.

Vanin Capital, launched in the year 2010, they were supposed to pursue a public stock deal but would scrap those plans later. They sold their company to Fortress Investment Group instead.

Fortress Investment Group was their partner since then, they think that purchasing Vanin Capital will greatly help their company as it is well inclined and a natural fit for their business. They’ve commented in the past how it has been a great firm and will continue to act as one moving forward.

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The sale to the Fortress Investment Group was expected to close this month, which will be a liquidity event for another business such as Bramden Investments. The specific firm is a private equity firm that owns the majority of Vanin Capital. Fortress purchased 100% of it, which has been a previously an active investor in the market. The terms of the deal were not revealed.

Fortress believes that purchasing this company will benefit in terms of relationship and leadership in space. Further, they believed that the company helps each other.

Financial Times was the first one to report about the sale and the resignation of both executive and financial chief of Vanin Capital, Richard Hextall, and David Collins, at the closing of the company.

Others seem to continue to respond to the question about their accounting practices as to sales and acquisitions. Burford seems to share its fair share of price fall of more than half since late July, which led to them selling their company.

We hope to see the difference that they can do, and also the similarities that they should do to maintain the companies legacy in providing quality legal finances.

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Agera Energy Services and Contributions to the Society

In modern society Energy is an expense people must incur but without a company to guide you in making significant decisions it’s possible to use also of money to get natural gas and electricity supply for your home and business. Since 2014, Agera Energy a private Firm and independent supplier of Energy was founded with the aim of educating and empowering their clients on the decisions they should consider on energy matters. Each day entails taking about the therms and Kilowatt hours. Agera Energy adopted the consumer-based approach giving a representative to the client to guide them in the path of being supplied with Energy. Geoff Duda is the CEO Agera company hence has the mandate making vital decisions for the company. Watch this video on

There are more than 100 employees devoted and all experts aiming at providing the best services to the clients; the management team works closely with the employees sharing new ideas to expand the reach of the company across the United States. When the company started operating it was during the winter season, and many people demanded change since many energy supplies were not reliable. Agera took this situation to their advantage to provide guidance and protection to their clients. Since the company deals with renewable energy, their services are relatively affordable and reliable.


Agera Energy purchased one of the national energy supply company and then provided extensive training to their front lines ensuring they are equipped with extensive skills and expertise to serve all customers with the best standard services as well as help them in making decisions. Agera believes in honesty and transparency ensuring people understand the functions and implementations made; from the introduction to the enrollment process, there is no bias. Also, all clients are treated the same hence gaining their confidence and long-term relations.

Currently, Agera Energy has increased logistics as they have more than 1.8 million customers; this number grows each day since the company believes in giving the best services and providing electricity and natural gas used in cleaning, cooking as well as working. The company services are reliable and efficient since many customers have recommended others to enroll. Read more about Agera Energy on

$54 Million Private Placement by Sanders O’Neil & Partners, LP

On September 19, 2017, Sanders O’Neil & Partners, LP worked with NexBank Capital, Inc. (“NexBank”) in completing a private placement of fixed-to-floating rate subordinated notes valued at $54 million. The notes have a maturity date of September 23, 2027. The yield is a fixed rate of 6.375% for five years and subsequently a floating rate is applied which is based on the three month LIBOR of 458.5 basis points.


The notes are qualified as Tier 2 capital under the effective capital regulations. Kroll Bonding Agency gives the notes a stable outlook with a grade rating of BBB. As of the closing of this offering, NexBank has raised approximately $283M of equity and debt.


NexBank offers mortgage banking, commercial banking and institutional services to large corporations, institutional clients as well as middle-market companies. As of September 2018, NexBank boasts $8.1 billion in assets. NextBank is headquartered in Dallas, Texas and is the tenth largest bank in the state of Texas. In commercial banking, NexBank assists clients in finding financing solutions that help manage liquidity and optimize cash flow. NexBank Capita serves the mortgage banking sector by offering competitive pricing on wholesale and warehouse lines of credit. The firm provides customized institutional services to help clients with capital raising strategies and to tailor both short and long term lending options.


According to the Biz Journals website, as a regional bank, NexBank is dedicated to serving the community in Texas. The firm has worked to provide consumer loans and accommodative housing for more than 2,200 Texas veterans. NexBank is a backer of Impact Dallas Capital, the GrowSouth Fund and the Real Estate Council Community Fund. The bank has provided housing loans to over 900 low to moderate income families in Texas. Furthermore, NexBank is a sponsor of financial literacy courses which are given at eight public schools in low to moderate income areas within Dallas County.


The Ultimate Beginners Guide to E-Cigs and Vaping

The decision to switch from traditional cigarettes to electronic ones is no easy task. Beginners often give up before they try them owing to lots of terms, the availability of a broad range of the products, as well as the existence of so much information. Amidst the confusion, O2Pur might just make everything easier. Here is a guide to get you started.


  1. The Desirable Experience

Ask yourself the kind of experience you are looking for. You want something enjoyable, and weighing in all the factors, you need to consider the satisfaction you want, the kind of sensory aspect that appeals to you and the hit. Whether you smoke menthol cigars or the flavored types or is looking for massive clouds as opposed to discreet smoking, should all come first.


  1. Choose the Ideal Device

They are available in a wide array and if, for instance, are looking for a nicotine hit, a device with a heating element and a high level of resistance is appropriate. On the other hand, you can go with devices with low resistance, a coil or a wick if you want cloud vaping.

If you need to try some before picking the right one, O2Pur has some of the tastiest flavors that are smooth and tasty. The vape pens come in various types and sizes with several liquid types to choose from. O2Pur also offers different bottle sizes as well as amazing discounts making them the ideal beginners choice.


  1. Consider the Vape Juice

The humectant, that is what creates the vapor as you smoke is contained in the vape juice, otherwise known as e-juice. Also contained in this juice is the flavor and nicotine you desire. Here what you need to put into consideration is the volume or the content of nicotine. Why this matters is because, with each draw, you are inhaling a specific amount of nicotine. With a low-powered device, you won’t get enough nicotine volume in one inhalation. But again, it all depends on you.


  1. Choose the Right Accessories

Coils are by far the most important parts in e-cigs. They are not perpetual; hence they need replacement once in a while. This largely depends on the instructions on your kit. It is highly recommended that you have spare coils just in case they wear out quickly.

Batteries also play an important part. Get a device with replaceable batteries and have the spare always ready. Also, if your e-cigarette has a built-in battery, a backup is mandatory. You don’t want to be interrupted while you are vaping, do you?

  1.  Always Read the Instructions

Different e-cigarettes have specific instructions to be followed while vaping. You might be tempted to brush aside this idea unaware that the right flavor, the functionality and the clouds you want all depend on using the product as per the laid down instructions. As it might seem obvious, also consider the fact that you are now to the world of vaping and you need to exercise safety.

Once you have all these factors in place, you are good to go. To avoid the hassles of going through countless products available on the market, begin with O2Pur and vape your way like a pro!

Agora Financial Helps Investors Navigate the Market

In the days where it is not common to find financial news that is untainted, it’s refreshing to find a source of information that isn’t biased. After all, how can you trust the source if you know that they received money for mentioning investments?


That’s where Agora Financial comes in. Agora never accepts any money for mentions of companies or people in their publications. And with over 20 publications in various sectors of the market, that’s saying a lot. Agora only has unbiased information based on decades of research. Their decade of serving over 1 million readers lets you know that they’re serious about finding the right investments at the right times and more information click here.


After all, if you invest when the mainstream already knows about it, it’s usually not the best investment. Once most people know about it, it means that the stock or opportunity is overpriced, and your chances for growth are far gone. That’s not to say that you shouldn’t play the index long term, but relying on that for massive explosions in personal wealth is not the fight play and Agora Financial’s lacrosse camp.


And Agora realizes this. That’s why they don’t have their analysts sitting is some old office somewhere. They send them around the globe to find hidden gems before they get big. That way you can invest in a company that’s poised for massive growth, fund an oil well before others know about it, and even invest in real estate in Asia before the bubble pops and Agora on Facebook.


Agora has earned a reputation for helping investors. It is regularly recognized by The Wall Street Journal, The Economist, CNBC, and other major news organizations. It’s an name you can trust in the world of finance and what Agora Financial knows.


Whether you want a better life in retirement, want to buy your wife a fancy vacation, put up funds for your son’s education, or foot the bill for your daughter’s big day, you’ll need some more cash. And you’ll need to manage what you have effectively. Luckily, it doesn’t have to be hard or risky. By following Agora’s advice, you can land the big opportunities early on and avoid the usual mistakes that others make and

Fundamental Basics Regarding Securus Technology’ CEO, Rick Smith

Richard Smith is an eminent entrepreneur serving as the chief executive officer of Securus Technologies. Securus is an innovator of technologies known to be leading in societal protection. As such, organizations meant to enhance public safety approach the company for quality services. The most frequent customers to Securus are correctional facilities especially because they also get involved in investigative activities. Currently, Securus has grown to the level of engaging in tech security solutions touching on civil and criminal justice. These solutions play a critical role in countering crimes by incarcerated as well as solving those that have happened already and learn more about Rick Smith.


Richard Smith Airs Remarks Concerning Assenting Emails

There are all the reasons to believe in Securus as a lucrative investment. As it is, the company releases product and service development proposals every once a week. The main reason for the frequent releases is to help corrections and law enforcement organizations to deal with crimes and also mitigate the rate at which such offenses are committed. Following the business’s unbridled commitment, Mr. Smith has been receiving thousands of emails and letters confirming that Securus is a relevant company whose growth is expected to grow even higher. The customers highlight Securus Technologies as a firm that heightens the security of the inmates and that of those in the outside society and read full article.


Securus Technologies, Inc Set to Acquire JPay

Over the years, Securus Technologies has been doing its best to raise the bar in their sector mostly by attaining better business each dawn. Recently, the company brought it into the public eye that they are finalizing an agreement to purchase JPay Inc. As such, JPay company will begin running their operations under the authority and guidance of Securus. Basically, JPay is equally a high-ranking company focusing on provision of unmatched digital services. Their primary focus is on the incarcerated environments, where they facilitate digitized payments. As well, their effort to improve the inmate families has been very successful particularly in the issuance of prisoners’ mobile apps that entertain and educate them. More so, JPay connects the incarcerated with their beloved ones and his Linkedin.


Expect Even More

Undoubtedly, Securus has been a master of their craft. It is time to expect even more particularly with the acquirement of JPay. After the transaction, Securus will be regarded the fastest growing inmate firm. The company’s management is ready to implement more models to accommodate the enormous growth that awaits them. Precisely, they are set to offer anything within their capability to handle their competence. With Rick at the helm and committed staffs around him, no doubt Securus Technologies is the company to watch out for in matters relating to inmate service provision and Rick Smith’s lacrosse camp.

José Auriemo Neto Helped Make JHSF Better Than What it Was

JHSF is a Brazilian real estate development company that has worked with retail businesses, residential developments and commercial properties. They have tried to make sure that they are providing all of their clients with the most premier service possible and this has helped them to continue being one of the top companies in Brazil for real estate development. The company is headed up by José Auriemo Neto who is the CEO and who initially worked as a real estate developer on his own before he started with JHSF. He has a lot of experience in the industry and he has worked to make sure that he can develop all of the properties that people need in different areas. Thanks to the opportunities that José Auriemo Neto had on his own, he was fully prepared to be able to make things better for all of the clients that he had with JHSF.


By preparing like this, José Auriemo Neto made things easier on himself and on the company that he was now a part of. He wanted to show people that he was an expert and that he knew what he was doing when it came to the options that he had in Brazil. He knew that JHSF would be better because of the things that he knew how to do and the connections that he had in the industry so that he could help people with all of the issues that they had and with the real estate development needs that they had and more information click here.


While José Auriemo Neto was working with JHSF, he knew that he wanted to be able to help people. He was trying to make sure that the company was successful and that people were going to be able to get more out of the options that he was giving them from the community that he was a part of. While José Auriemo Neto was working to make things better on his own, he also knew that he needed to have the support that he could get from a company like JHSF and from the opportunities that he had in the real estate development industry and learn more about Jose.

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Why Mike Baur Transitioned into Swiss Startup Factory

Mike Baur is a prominent Swiss entrepreneur and among the co-founders of the Swiss Startup Factory. Mike enrolled at the University of Rochester for his MBA. He also got an executive MBA from the University of Berne. Mike started working as a banker and performed excellently raising from a commercial apprentice to become a member of the executive. Although he spent 20 years in the Swiss private banking sector, Mike decided to make a new venture starting a Swiss Factory. The Wall Street Journal in December 2016 published his profile showing his transition to the investment sector.

Mike Baur in collaboration with Max Meister and Oliver Walzer came up with the idea to start Swiss Factory in 2014.The parties aimed at creating an International firm which come up with products and business models different from the traditional ones. The company operates under a three-month program which entails platforms like office space, access to entrepreneurial and investor network, coaching and early start-up financing. Swiss startup is an independent firm free from any control by the political stakeholders thus exploiting their potentials fully as there are no limits. It is also the first private company in Switzerland to support all its activities at an early stage. Mike Baur ensures all the financing and the fundraising of the enterprise.

Mike is also a motivational speaker and a mentor to the youth entrepreneurs struggling to establish their businesses in Switzerland. He says that his primary purpose of starting the factory is to call upon all the Swiss young people to work with their own hands and enhance production instead of dreaming of white color jobs. He advises startups to work hard and execute their potentials fully. Mike also calls for teamwork and professionalism to parties as it is a basic for a success of an enterprise. He believes the struggle, for anyone, can move to any position in life as he has observed many people in the banking sector start from scratch to a flourishing business.

Mike partakes in the all the partnership of the company since its formation. During their collaboration with ICT, Baur took the position of the deputy director in the investment. He also took the Swiss factory through the accelerator program in 2016 when the company worked with Goldback Group. Mike was an active participant in the Fintech Fusion partnership.



james dondero

James Dondero’s Career Journey and Philanthropy

James Dondero is a reputable financial expert who currently works at Highlands Capital Management L.P., as the President of the company. He joined the company, as a managing partner, in the year 1993. He is known to be the leading collaterized loan obligation in the US, being that he manages the largest CLO in terms of dollars.


James Dondero recently announced that he and his company would be raising $1 Million for The Family Place. The donations will be made through the philanthropic arm of the Highlands Capital management, which is Highlands Dallas Foundation Inc. Dondero pledged to match dollars raised by The Family Place by 50% up to $1 Million. They hope that in so doing, they will help to challenge other donors to come through and donate the remaining $2.8 million, which is required to meet their target $16.5 Million.


Money raised will go towards the construction of a Central Dallas Counseling Center in honor of Ann Moody. The Ann Moody Place will help reduce the organization’s capacity to serve victims of domestic violence. The construction will have 13 bedrooms to shelter the victims. There will also be a dental and clinic office on the premises. It is hoped that the facility will serve 2,000 victims annually.


About James Dondero

James Dondero is a respected credit markets expert. He has been in this industry for over three decades. He is a graduate of University of Virginia’s McIntire School of Commerce. He graduated with the highest honors in Finance and Accounting. He is a Chartered Financial Analyst, Certified Public Accountant and Certified Managerial Accountant.


Since graduating from McIntire School of Commerce, James Dondero has worked for various companies, hold varying positions. He started out at Morgan Guaranty Trust working as an analyst. This was before getting a job opportunity at American Express in the year 1985. Here, he stayed for four years before finding his greener pastures at Guaranteed Investment Contract. He worked with GIC for another four years before helping to co-found Highlands Capital Management, in the year 1993. more of about him in

Equities First Holdings Secure Working Capitals by Using Stock as Loan Collateral

Equities First holdings is a global leader in providing financial solutions and offering loans. In fact, it is tightening its groups and exploring alternative option of financing loans such as stock when most other lenders are tightening their rules due to the difficult economic times today. Equities lending is fast becoming an alternative to traditional credit based loaning. More customers are willing to consider companies such as Equities First holdings to finance their needs.

Most banks and lenders have cut their lending options for borrowers not to mention the tight loan requirements that have been put up. In fact, the problem does not stop there as interest rates have also been heightened. According to the CEO of Equity first holdings, Christy, stock based loans are an innovative way of borrowing especially for people seeking alternative working capital funding. In addition, the loan value for such kinds of loans is higher with fixed interest rates thus offering a level of certainty throughout the transaction.

Christy revealed that in a three-year loan period it is impossible to avoid inflation. However, when the investor takes a stock based loan he or she lowers the risk when the market downsizes. In fact, a good number of stock based loans have a non-recourse trait that gives borrowers an opportunity to withdraw from the stock loan at any time that they want. Margin loan and stock based loans may have the similarities of using securities as collateral they have a marked difference.

For a margin loan there must be a prequalification that seeks to outline the specific purpose for which the loan should be used. Interest rates are also variable and can be anything between 10 to 50 percent. The lender is also allowed to liquidate the margin in case of margin call even without warning the client. On the other hand, stock based lending comes with a fixed interest rate and the loan’s purpose is entirely up to the borrower.

Equities First Holdings

Equities First Holdings specializes in stock based financing solutions for both personal and professional goals. Capital are offered against shares. It is a globally renowned company with the major subsidiaries such as Equities First Holding London office. for more .